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Welcome to What Should I Wear? the week of Valentine’s Day…so it was perfect to think about what I should wear to work this Friday!  I am starting with my hands up in the air because all of the pictures this week have been fuzzy-yucky!  My photographer (that would be Mr. B, my husband) and I do these photos every Sunday morning and it is difficult to reschedule because of our busy schedules…so this past Sunday the weather was humid, fizzly-drizzly YUCK.  So all of the pictures this week have reflected that…felt like I needed to explain.

Over 50 Feeling 40 in Valentine's outfit


Last week, I stopped by Macy’s to check out their fashion displays for Would You Wear It (our Saturday posts) and this top by their Alfani brand caught my attention.  I was looking for something for this week over Valentine’s.  The attributes of the garment are:

  1. The vibrant color and subtle heart print
  2. The elastic on the sleeves allows me to pull them up for jackets with shorter sleeves
  3. It flows away from the middle section
  4. The flattering V-neckline

Pamela Lutrell with Feminine Details

Because the weather right now may be a little cooler, I have chosen to pair it with a feminine Chico’s jacket which has been in my wardrobe and a pair of black JJill Quinn Pants.  I also like it with the ballet slippers.

I will definitely wear this top again.  I do not believe the “heart print” limits it and pink is going to be in style all year. 

Home Decor for Valentine's at HEB


The adjective “feminine” is not one of my five messages for the majority of my looks, but Valentine’s week and other special days are great times to add it into the mix.  Normally, I am not a lace and flowers lady, but every now and then it is nice.  For this style, I have pearls, a subtle touch of lace in the jacket,  pink, white, and the subtle hearts to add to the femininity of the style.

How do you feel about adding feminine touches to your style?  What are your favorite ways to pull that off?  I would add that great fit in your clothing also communicates feminine for those who desire to do so.  Now, remember this type of look would be for work, or a Valentine’s Dinner with friends, or Galentine’s with the girls…for going out with my husband, I would probably go a different direction…more classic, strong, and interesting…than the “cute” I have going here.

Pamela Lutrell shops Valentine's treats

I have been asked to bring a treat to work as well to add to a treat table.  Come back tomorrow and I will share with you what I decided to do!  


By Pamela Lutrell

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