Pamela Lutrell discusses her progress for 2020

Six weeks ago, we began 2020 with a discussion of Style Goals for the Year.  Personally, I desired to 

  1. Wear clothing with better fit (retired many of my oversized pieces)
  2. Wear lighter colors and styles; plus add bright colors more often
  3. Wear shorter jackets

With 6 weeks into the year, I am pleased with the changes I am making.  Though I confess, the weather has set me back a little with my walking and gym attendance, and I can feel it in my clothes (NOT GOOD!  I will get a handle on this, but will be glad when the weather is consistently nicer).

Over 50 Feeling 40 in Macy's blouse


I do like what I am seeing, but saying good-bye to the oversized toppers has been difficult.  There have been several beautiful pieces on sale that in the past I would have purchased, but now that I am mindful of how they make me look larger, I have declined.  You may know by now that I do not change easily. I held on to my long hair until the past year and have been wearing oversized toppers for at least three years (when stress resulted in too many added pounds).  But, it is easy for me to see how both shorter hair and fitted garments look better on me!

Wrap tops and dresses are traditionally more flattering for us curvy gals.  I like this top for the design, the print, and the lighter color.  It looks good with a jacket or without.  This outfit is true to my style messages.  I want the world to see that I am intelligent, strong, approachable, current and creative.



“Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be.” ~Robert Browning

Pamela Lutrell in Rockport Snakeprint Ballet Flats


Also, in the last year I think I was becoming a little boring during the week with my looks.  So, I vowed to myself for 2020 to be more interesting…especially with accessories.  I have so many great ones …they need to be used….right?  Like my Rockport Snake Print Ballet Flats…so in style this year and I love to mix prints like this.  I also own purses and necklaces that were neglected for awhile…but no longer.  For the past six weeks,  I have begun to mix things up more and be more interesting…it just makes my day more fun!!  Complacency is over!  Where I work, if I get super styled up, then I stand out.  I have decided to stop being in the background for 2020 and stand out!

So, please share…those of you who set style goals for 2020, how is it going?  If you wanted to set the goals, and haven’t, then what would it take?  Let’s talk…


Let’s call this week, Pam-week!  Only because this blogger, Pam, is going to feature the style adjectives of two readers, both named Pam!  Our first Pam would like to communicate with her style that she is sophisticated, comfortable, polished, dramatic, and classic.  By adding in “dramatic” she leaves the door open for a little more creativity than the typical minimalistic classic style.  I love this, Pam, and it was fun putting a slideshow together just for you and women like you.  I hope this will inspire those of you who desire to tell the world this is YOU when you leave the house each day…..



By Pamela Lutrell

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