Pamela Lutrell in new Chicos Jacket

We all have our days. You know, the days we need to go from “feeling old” to FEELING GREAT!   These are the days when we rise, look in the mirror, and perhaps, feel much older than we actually are.  On those days we see only the wrinkles, dark circles, or bags… and somehow, these days come more often right now, during the winter. Actually, I get the bears. Sometimes hibernation makes perfect sense.  Bears get to escape the cold weather which makes us feel achy, cranky and just plain old.  How many times do you want to run back to bed because you do not like what you see looking back at you.

Pamela Lutrell in rhinestone cuff

Well, I hope to help you escape some of the winter doldrums, because like it or not, this is on you.  We must decide not to allow negativity to control our days.  It is a decision.  So, look in the mirror, shake your head and say out loud NO WAY! Feeling Old doesn’t win today.

I do not often agree with Jane Fonda, but I did agree when she said this…

As I started getting older, I realized, ‘I’m so happy!’ I didn’t expect this! I wasn’t happy when I was young.”

Over 50 Feeling 40 Chooses Joy


This time of my life has been a time of great joy, and I want you to feel it too.  So, here is what I recommend if you have the “I feel old-blues:”

  1. If you are not already going out for work or another reason, then make a reason now. Make sure you decide a way to leave the house. Go shopping, call a friend for lunch, go to a book store, treasure hunt at a thrift store…. just get out!
  2. Dress with fun in mind. Select a vibrant color or print and be bold with your style.  (Like I am wearing today)
  3. Sing and dance while getting ready…Alexa is perfect for this! (Alexa, play Rockin’ Robin!)
  4. Either start your day or end your day with a workout of some type…gets those happy endorphins going.
  5. Call someone who makes you laugh just to say hello.
  6. Give yourself a treat that makes you feel younger…a fun accessory, a new fragrance, a great book, an anti-aging facial or a massage.

Over 50 Feeling 40 with workout friends


I asked my workout friends what they do on the days they “feel old” and you can see that exercise makes a difference:

  1. I make myself suck it up and go to the gym. Our workouts really clear my mind.
  2. When I wake up and look in the mirror and feel old, I tell myself there are people half my age that cannot do the things I can do!
  3. When I wake up I feel old, but when I look in the mirror I feel younger because I know I am ready to workout.
  4. I honestly just see old, but know inside there is still a kid.
  5. I feel younger after coffee. But agree with the group that our gym habits help be to feel good, and feel mentally better about myself.

Just do not allow the doldrums to win. Do not climb back in bed and put the covers over your head.  Why?  Because life is short and we need to turn each day into a special moment!  You can do this…it is a decision and so worth it


I kind of went crazy at the Chico’s sales since Christmas.  This jacket first caught my eye in black, but since I am trying to wear a little less black (though I adore it), I decided to get the jacket in red and I really like it.  This is fun and it does put a smile on my face.  With the round collar, I thought it would go so well with a recent blouse I purchased at a Macy’s sale.  Now, here is the funky information.  

Sometimes we have to do what it takes to make the clothing work for us.  I am actually wearing this DKYN top backwards and as long as I wear it with a jacket, no one knows.  I like the way the bow ties better when I turn it around and I like the fit of the top better.  I have on my Quinn Pants from JJill, and in the spring I can wear this with khaki pants or white.  There is a thin black line which outlines the designs so the black works well.  My accessories are my Clark Ballet Flats, and an old rhinestone cuff bracelet.  I could bracelet for me to wear to work is actually one that I forget about and does not bother me while I am on my computer (almost 24/7).  This is one of those bracelets. 

 Today’s slideshow is about shaking off the winter doldrums to feel vibrant and fun…enjoy!




By Pamela Lutrell

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