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Pam Lutrell features headlines for women over 50

Welcome… it is time for Today’s News for Women over 50.  First off, isn’t the idea of French macarons with morning coffee elegant?  Makes our donuts look pretty drab! Now, here are headlines just for you to go with whatever you are having for breakfast.  I look around the news headline world and curate stories I believe will be of interest to you…the amazing women over 50.  I always remind you that if you read something here that makes you want to make a health-related decision, to please consult your personal doctor first and make sure they are in agreement that the change is right for you. 

As long as we began with cookies, let’s listen to an inspiring cookie-related story……

Pamela Lutrell shares inspiring stories

This amazing woman is 98 ad still doing something she began in 1932…just a hint, it is not baking cookies.  See this inspiring story on ABC News. Is there anything you have been passionate about your whole life and done it every year??

Pamela Lutrell on new retirement age

This world is changing so much and so fast. Recent changes are the rules in retirement and what the benchmark age may be now.  From CNBC, read This Age Could Be A New Benchmark for Retirement.

Pamela Lutrell on living longer

However, the other side of that coin is that we are living longer these days.  If you want to make that happen, then read on the World Economic Forum, this article called YOU CAN LIVE UP TO 10 YEARS LONGER BY DOING THESE 5 THINGS.

Pamela Lutrell with secrets about oranges

I worked with another high school teacher who always handed out orange slices to the student’s during finals.  She told them to sniff the slices during the test…now I know why!  Read WAKE UP AND SNIFF THE ORANGES.

Pamela Lutrell discusses boosting metabolism

When I saw this headline, I immediately assumed I know the answer…you know what they say about assumptions.  Read THE ONE SEASONING DOCTOR SAY YOU SHOULD ALWAYS COOK WITH YOUR EGGS TO BOOST YOUR METABOLISM AND LOSE WEIGHT FAST and see if you are right!

Pamela Lutrell in art honoring women over 50

Though this is a small local story, it put a smile on my face to know that this exhibit is happening.  Would love to see it curated form more places.  From Paso Robles, read LIKE FINE WINE, 50 OVER 50 EXHIBIT SHOWCASES BEAUTY IN AGING.

That’s it for today in headlines.  Please comment on one or all of the articles.  This is a three day weekend for some, and there are many President’s Day Sales going on…so here is a slideshow featuring sales items only.  Hope to see you back tomorrow for a post I hope with encourage some of you with the winter doldrums.  Thanks for being here and as always………


By Pamela Lutrell



  1. I wasn’t able to watch the video on the 92 year old Girl Scout, but loved the story….you go girl ? Do what you love and love what you do!! Speaking of love, I am a big mustard fan and just may have to try it with my scrambled eggs. Thanks for the articles.

  2. Great informative articles as usual, Pam. Thanks for all that you do for us! My husband eats mustard with everything and he’s the healthiest senior I know!

  3. Wish I could see the 50 over 50 show. So often sexuality remains the way women over 50 are portrayed, the primary examples being J-Lo and Cher. I appreciate that aspect of women over 50 but am much more interested in ordinary women who are leading ordinary lives. Perhaps the exhibit will find a broader audience. Thanks for curating these stories.

    1. You are welcome Jane! I would love to see that show and hope I can inspire someone in my city to do the same.

  4. I wish I was close enough to see the 50 Over 50 show and would love to have the opportunity to participate in something like that! As for retirement age, I’m so grateful that my husband and I were able to retire young. If we’d waited until we were in our 60s, we would have missed so much of what were able to do in those first few years. Me being diagnosed with an incurable cancer at 61 would have robbed us of that. I know early retirement isn’t for everyone, but for those who are able and who have solid ideas of what they want to do and accomplish in retirement, I highly recommend it.

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