Pamela Lutrell wearing quality over quantity

I have been called the blogger for the every day woman over 50.  I have to smile because I really think all women are every day women doing what needs to be done from one day to the next.  But this label has been given to me because I am not wealthy…I am not skinny….I am not young…and I am more suburban than urban.  I work hard at two jobs and I am constantly going, going, going…. (not complaining one bit, move over Ever Ready Bunny).

Yet, I happen to believe that the every day women are extraordinary women.  We are working hard…serving where we can…caring for large, growing families…enjoying every drop of this life we have been gifted.  If saying that I am the every day woman blogger, means that I can identify with your life, then bring on the label. I want to be able to identify with you, the reader and bring encouragement to enjoy each day, one day at a time.  It’s called positive aging.

Over 50 Feeling 40 in Ming Wang White Blouse

From the donation baskets of Goodwill SA to the stylists of Neiman Marcus, I bring to you fashion options of all price points.  But, I try to always bring to you quality…even from the selected affordable brands I represent.  When I am at Goodwill, I am seeking out treasures of top brands someone decided to pass along.  There is a lot to be said for the value of quality over quantity.  So often I talk about cost per wear.  If I am going to wear an item that I paid a higher price for more often because it looks and fits better, then my cost per wear will be lower than the cheaper item that may sit in my closet because something is just not quite right.

A great example of this would be white blouses.

Pamela Lutrell blogs for every day women

I actually just donated away about eight white blouses that have sat in my closet and perhaps were worn once.  I searched and searched for a white blouse with a perfect fit and design to go with my jackets and blazers.  Many were boxy or bulged in all the wrong places.  Then I met this blouse at Dillards by Ming Wang.  It is much more expensive than those others I tossed, but I love the fit and chic styling of this top.  I have already worn it often.  I wish I had found this prince earlier and not wasted money on the frogs.  But, there are times (especially on foundation pieces) that it is worth it for the every day woman to spend a little more on quality.

Pamela Lutrell in Aerosole Snakeskin Mules from Macys

My outfit today is pretty simple, but an extraordinary woman should wear extraordinary shoes!  These are another recent sale purchase…Aerosole Mules from Macys.  I love these and will be wearing them often as well.  Since I get a pedicure every two weeks, my heels will stay smooth and lovely to wear a mule shoe often.

Please don’t allow anyone to call you every day, ordinary women.  You are extraordinary.  Made as unique as each snowflake you have seen this winter.  There is not another you…any where.  I am proud to say that there is not another blogger like me.  I will never be a model…but that is not why I am here.  Be encouraged…take heart…and




Terry is a reader of this blog and she wishes to tell the world that her style is updated classic, casual, sophistication, engaged, intelligent, and approachable.  That’s six…but it still works and I hope to encourage Terry and readers like her with today’s slideshow.  When a woman wants to project that she is engaged, I believe Terry wants to be seen as current and someone involved in life. So, I really tried to take in each adjective when making selections

It just so happens that this Ming Wang White top and the shoes fit into these adjectives!  Those two pieces are above….just in case you scrolled by them!





I had a fun slideshow posted on Wednesday with items I would consider great pieces if you are going to speak in front of a audience.  Somehow, that slideshow and my comments disappeared from the post.  So I thought I would put it here again in case anyone was looking for these items.  Got to love technology, right?


Thanks so much for being here…do you feel ordinary or extraordinary!!  Hope it is the latter!  See you tomorrow for Would You Wear It?


“Know that you are the perfect age. Each year is special and precious, for you shall only live it once. Be comfortable with growing older.”  ~Louise Hay




By Pamela Lutrell





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