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Over 50 Feeling 40 asks Would You Wear It

Happy Saturday, fashion lovers over 50, and welcome to Would You Wear It with me and my sweet, blogging friend, Jennifer Connolly. Jennifer and I look around fashion displays (I am in San Antonio and she is in Palm Springs this week) and we stop at the ones that make us wonder what you think.  We are not looking for beautiful styles…we are not looking for atrocious styles…we are looking for styles that are in stores right now that cause us to pause and  wonder if you, our audience, would or would not wear them.  Often, I look for different designs and different interpretations of trends to see what you think. That is the case today.

Would You Wear Simply Vera Pants

We only ask that you keep your comments personal and explain why the styles do or do not work for you.  Please keep them constructive so that your observations can help other women in processing their decisions.  We learn a lot about clothing on these days and what works and doesn’t work for our ages, sizes, and budgets.

So, please look at my display and give it your discerning, critical eye…then tell us, ladies……………………………………………………………



There was much to discuss in the posts here last week…feeling old….feeling better….shopping tips…how to dress for audiences tips…polka dots…and beauty products.  If you didn’t catch these posts, please make sure you scroll through them and read the posts and comments.   

Loreal lip pencil with Pam Lutrell

I shared about L’Oreal Infallible eyeliner that I am really liking and one reader, Susan, asked for tips on how to put on eyeliner.  For me, it has taken practice and not getting discouraged.  But, let me say, this particular brand goes on very easily.  I cannot do this in a hurry or it becomes thick and ugly.  I take my time.  And use very short strokes.  I think we make mistakes when we try to do eyeliner in one long stroke.  But, I do short, staccato-like strokes…meaning each stroke is tiny, separate and making it appear as if there is one long line.  Then I also put eyeliner above and beneath the eyelashes.  I have never had a problem doing this…like, poking myself in the eye.  I like my eyes to pop since I wear glasses 24/7 so I wear a bit more eye makeup than I might if I was not in glasses.  This eyeliner is very easy, doesn’t smudge, lasts all day…give it a try, Susan, and let me know what you think!  Oh yes, and to get your blue eyes to pop…use a deep brown or navy blue!


Ladies, I am not going to lie…this past week was a really tough one.  Yes, I have energy to do a lot, but when I get discouraged I shut down health wise and that is not good!  The week had a couple of big moments of discouragement…but not from this blog.  You guys rock!  Besides friends and family interactions, my greatest joy each day is interacting with you!  So, yesterday, sweet Connie put a song in her comment to share with everyone.  I had never heard the song or heard of the singer….Kate Edmondson singing Sparkle & Shine.  Besides the fact that her style of music is a style I love, the lyrics of this song could have been written for me for this week.  I love this and had to share it with all of you.  Connie, thank you so much. 

We need to encourage one another any way we can.  So click on the title of the song…listen…and listen while you visit A WELL STYLED LIFE to tell Jennifer what you think of her mannequins.  

Pamela Lutrell with bracelet accessories


If you were not a fan of the mannequins today, perhaps you will like the options I found and placed in today’s slideshow.  If you are a fan, then the display I found is at your local Kohl’s.



By Pamela Lutrell


  1. I prefer muted colors, so these outfits are good in that regard.
    I’d try on both of the tops, to see how they look.
    Not sure about the outfit on the left with the drop shoulder, I’d have to see the fit on me.
    I’m not found of big pockets on the side of pant legs (don’t need more bulk there) so I’d pass on those.

  2. I wouldn’t wear either of these outfits as the colours don’t work for me. Too bad, as I love the tulip skirt.

  3. I’m going to try L O’real eyeliner, brown. I have always used Cover Girl. Eyeliner is my staple when it comes to doing my makeup. Love seeing your fadhion ideas!

  4. I like the shoes. Neither outfit would work for me due to color and cut. This display does not inspire me to stop. But I’d definitely buy the shoes! Thank you for posting the song. Discouragement is tough to beat. When it comes, and it comes for all of us, we have to be kind to ourselves and take the time to process the problem. Having been through it plenty of times, you know it’s going to pass.

  5. The colors of these outfits are rather drab for me. I am so ready for brighter colors heading into Spring. Cargo/utility pants are everywhere this season, but the ones shown are too baggy and loose fitting. (I do plan on finding me a pair) A pleated waistline is a definite no for me with pants. The style of the top also looks rather ill fitting with the off shoulder seam and puffiness. I don’t wear skirts so I would pass on the other outfit. All of that being said, I do like tie dye in a casual top.

  6. I would not wear that top – the print is blah, the sleeves too big and puffy and the waistband no. That type of waistband never hits in the right place. Gathers on pants and pockets on the legs no.
    I own a few Vera Wang tops with colorful abstract prints.

  7. Although I like those muted green/brown colors this is a big No.
    I like the style of pants but I’ve found that I like bottoms that are in a twill or gaberdine material better. It’s a figure and a lifetyle thing for me.
    I am drawn to the sweater with the waist and sleeve detail but the pattern and the neckline aren’t right for me. To me it looks like something bad happened in the laundry room with the bleach.

  8. I would not buy those styles as they are muted colors and I like a little pop of color in all of my outfits. I do like the necklace though! I want to try the eyeliner. I wear glasses but tend to not put on much eye makeup. I scrolled through the slideshow and love the Medina Topper from Soft Surroundings. I need to go to the store and see what all they offer. I look forward to your daily posts as I am approaching my mid 60’s and most of the plus size bloggers are young with outlandish styles. I love your classic looks!

  9. I’m sorry you had a hard week. I love what Karen Anderson commented: “Having been through it plenty of times, you know it will pass.” That’s such a good reminder, but so hard to remember when you are going through hard times. Anyway, on to the outfits…I’m not a fan of tie dye, but I might consider the skirt as it is in a neutral color.

  10. Oh Pamela, I’m sorry to hear you had a discouraging event, issue going on this past week. I’m sending you positive energy and good thoughts to help ease you through it. Hope things look up!

    I really would wear the top on left if it were v neck, but that styling doesn’t look good on my body. The pants there look to be a fabric I’m not familiar with….(appear to be wrinkly?) I really don’t care for the look….might have to see in person. I agree that both outfits are on the drab side , yet the top on left might look good with white pants /jeans? Still would prefer v neck. The skirt and top are a no from me. The color near my face us a distinct no no. The skirt is too long for me….shortened? Not sure….not my favorites!

  11. The colors aren’t pretty enough; with spring coming soon, I’m thinking of blues and pinks. Liked the peacock kimono in your slideshow lots.
    Hate to imagine you feeling down and discouraged because you’re always so upbeat and cheerful. Keep smiling!

  12. Pam – Take care of yourself! It’s the weekend, make it a spa weekend at home and love yourself. Hey, maybe that would be a good article we could all contribute what we do to love ourselves.

    The sweatshirt style top and long tulip skirt kind of look like you splashed bleach all over yourself. Reverting back to 60s tie die with a bit of color would be much more appealing to me. I certainly would not wear both of them at the same time. I do like the cargo pants if they were not ankle length and went to the top of the foot. The pockets allow me to not have to carry a purse, which is a big plus to have my hands free. Funny how something as simple as short pants can take you back to your childhood being teased for outgrowing your pants.

  13. Perhaps the skirt but for the others a definite no due to colour (too drab), style (not for my body type) and fabrics (questionable) even though on occasion I do wear utility styled pants. The latter of which do ‘not’ have an extended front pleat which these appear to have. -Brenda-
    P.S.: So sorry to learn you had a not-so-pleasant week Pamela, but am happy that it is behind you now.

  14. My late, dearly loved aunt used to call this color ‘dead mouse’. She knew how to make a statement even into her eighties. I channel her optimism and enthusiasm when times get rough. Neither outfit works for me color or style wise. I do like Kohl’s for athletic wear; their TEK brand is reasonable.

  15. I don’t like the pants outfit. The pants look baggy and the top is definitely baggy. My rule of thumb is if I have looser on top, than slimmer on bottom–looser on bottom, slimmer on top. Otherwise, I end up looking like a bag! While I like the silhouette of the right outfit, I am not a fan of the colors. I would look too washed-out.

  16. Pam, I’m sorry you had a rough week. I agree with others that things will turn around (they always do). I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers…..

    As for the outfit, too blah for my coloring.

  17. I like the style of both tops but that color palette isn’t flattering to me. Perhaps if it was in a different color….. The pants look comfortable but I have heavy legs so wouldn’t wear pants with pockets that call attention to this body part. Usually I see your posts and think “I would wear that”. Please continue to inspire us “mature” women to wear stylish clothing..

  18. I am so sorry you have had a rough week. I’m sending positive thoughts your way. You have so many online friends who care about you! Neither of the outfits appeal to me….colors too drab, pleated pants draw attention where I don’t need it, the tie dyed top does not appeal. The skirt outfit would be a no also. I really like the slide show with many appealing spring colors. The purses and shoes are really fun. Especially love the snakeskin Steve Madden shoes!

  19. The pants outfit wouldn’t work for me as there’s too much bulk where I don’t need it. The skirt outfit would be possible but not probable due to the color and thin fabric. The colors on both wouldn’t work for me either – too dull.

  20. I am disappointed in many of the spring trends, these looks included. Everything is pleated and puffy, which do not fit my body or my style goals. Sadly, I think we are coming to the end of the long over lean fashion, which did flatter me and many other apple shapes. Hard pass for me.

  21. Sorry, but neither outfit works for me. The puffy sleeves on the left and the bulk of the utility pants are a definite no. I might wear the skirt in a brighter color. That woman’s aunt’s description of “dead mouse” is perfect, and I’m still chuckling. I plan to steal it!

  22. Good Saturday Morning! Pam, I am so pleased the song and video spoke to you. Funny that Kat is looking through her closet early in the song and then settles on a stunning and brave outfit in which to go sparkle and shine her way forward. It’s precisely what you encourage all of us to do, even if most of us will have a slightly more mature figure and style than our songstress! She is an adorable young lady though, and lucky me – I’ll be seeing her perform this Thursday up in Portland.
    As to today’s outfits, I like two elements: the skirt would be quite nice paired with a white top to wear in late spring or summer, and of course on vacation; the cargo ankle pants are not a style I have ever tried, but I am drawn to them for that crinkled texture and what appears to be a lightweight fabric. I could see wearing those in Mexico where I find most slacks or twills simply too hot. I’m 5’8″ so longer skirts and pants with extra “bulk” generally work on my figure. I also like the olive color on the pants and the muted corals and creams on the skirt.

  23. Well Connie…now that you have introduced me to her…I am so jealous you get to go to a performance! I am now a fan. Great comments on the outfits.

  24. I’m not drawn to these outfits. The pant color is OK but pleated pants with a cargo pocket just won’t work on my body. The top has a crew neck that doesn’t flatter my short neck and the colors are too muted for me.

  25. Thank you Dawn…everyone is so sweet. I am fine and will persevere on! Thank you and I also love those shoes!

  26. Hi Susan, I will be fine…the trials I faced were a surprise and took me a little off my game. But, I am determined to persevere on…..

  27. True confessions….I just came back to commenting because I was at a spa!! I got a facial, a manicure, a pedicure and a new attitude! Thanks so much Cathy!

  28. Life is too short to dwell on junk. I will move forward and just need to make some decisions on what moving forward means. Thanks so much Jane!

  29. Thanks for being here, Charlene. A trip to Soft Surroundings is always a treat…right down to the bathrooms. Everything is pretty and make sure you spend time in the beauty department.

  30. I’m sorry your week has been a rough one. You inspire some many of us with your positive attitude. I hope our positive thoughts will help you. As to todays display, I like the look of the skirt & top but wouldn’t wear them. The colors are just not right for my coloring. I wouldn’t wear the other outfit, either. Again, the color of the top is wrong for me. The fabric of the pants looks uncomfortable, & the extra bulk on the thigh is something I don’t need. I do like the J Jill cargo pants in the slide show. They don’t seem to be as bulky. Here’s to a new & better week.

  31. These colors just don’t work for a porcelain skinned, blue eyed blonde. Beyond that I’m not a fan of that style pant but the knit top in a spring color would be a yes.

  32. Good afternoon Pam, I’m sorry to hear about your disappointment, don’t let it keep you down. You’re just too delightful to let anything/one have that power over you!

    As for the outfits, I wouldn’t wear either. The colors are much too drab for me, and I’m ready for some pretty color for spring. Those tones don’t work on me for any season though. The shoes are pretty, and I love the shape and flirtiness of the skirt! Amy

  33. I love the looks, but not the colors. At 65 I prefer something more vibrant that doesn’t wash me out. The pants were okay!

  34. The pants would hide a multitude of sins imo. I’d pair them w/a crisply ironed solid (probably) white top, though and feel great. Do a French tuck and feel like a million bucks. If I see them at Kohl’s in my size this week, they are sold. Glad I saw your blog!!!

  35. Thanks for the eyeliner tips, Pam! I will definitely try this. I suspected one of my problems was the color I was using was too dark. You are so so helpful and I look forward to your blog everyday!😍

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