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Pamela Lutrell for AARP Benefits

The other day I was on location conducting an interview for my blog and as I explained to the woman being interviewed that I write a blog for women over 50, another woman shouted out from far behind me, “I love being over 50! It’s so much fun!”  I had to laugh and call out to her, “I agree!  It is a lot of fun.”  Of course, the fun is all about if we choose to partake and create our own celebratory moments.

This is why I love my @AARPMemberBenefits, which help me celebrate more moments each and every day. I receive benefits for health and wellness, flights and vacations packages, and even restaurants. 

AARP Benefits are for restaurants

It’s time to celebrate life.  Mr. B and I recently enjoyed playing tourist in our hometown of San Antonio, TX.  San Antonio is a destination for many and we often forget to go out and have some fun in our own city.  But, every year, we go downtown to the San Antonio Riverwalk, check in to a hotel, and enjoy being a tourist for a moment. These are memories I will always cherish.

Pamela Lutrell plays tourist in downtown San Antonio

Over 50 Feeling 40 in downtown SA

Pamela Lutrell for AARP Member Benefits at Hotels

We love eating at our favorite restaurants using our @AARPMemberBenefits. The last time I spoke with you about the benefits, we were eating at Saltgrass Steakhouse and it is still a favorite. I need to tell a group of my girlfriends that Corner Bakery is on the list…they meet there often.

Over 50 Feeling 40 for AARP Benefits

I know I tell you over and over again to remember that Life Is Short, so enjoy each moment. You just need to make the decision to get out more and have some fun.  Celebrate!  This is a new year with new possibilities…go find them!. 


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by @AARPMemberBenefits, and I was compensated. The words are my own. #AARPMemberBenefits

By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Ummmm……..what the heck is AARP? I don’t see any where that there is a description of what this is….did I miss something?

  2. For your non American readers, a quick explanation of what AARP is and what it does would have been helpful, but I realize that this post was sponsored and specifically targeted American readers. We don’t have AARP or anything comparable here in Canada, but there are many, many discounts available to seniors and we take advantage of them whenever we have opportunity.

    You really do make me want to visit San Antonio!

  3. We have the same thing in Canada. It’s called CARP, Canadian Association of Retired People. I am a member and receive Zoomer magazine and there are also discounts available.

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