Reader Inspired: A Classic, Feminine, Joyful Style

Pamela Lutrell discusses classic style

We entered February over the weekend and already Groundhog’s Day and the football season are behind us.  What better way to go into the month of “love” with inspiration from our reader, Amy, who I would describe as classic, joyful and feminine.  

over 50 feeling 40 with inspiration form readers

Amy sent her five adjectives and they inspired this professional look for me today.  First of all, the brands represented here are straight out of my closet:

  1. Jacket: Eileen Fisher originally from Dillards.
  2. Blouse: Past Talbots Paris Collection
  3. Pants;  JJill Ponte Knit
  4. Shoes:  Rockport Total Motion Pointed Toe Flat
  5. Bag: James Avery Craftsman . (You will see the story of this bag later in the week)

Pamela Lutrell for James Avery

Amy’s Adjectives

Let’s take a closer look at the five messages Amy would like to send when she gets dressed each day.  Her first adjective is CLASSY.  Now, I could be wrong, but I believe when a woman says she desires to look classy that she is really saying classic.  Classic stying is timeless, trusted, structured and worn by many of the women we tend to admire so much.  Classics often look expensive (but with proper shopping, can look that way without spending your budget in one garment).  A classic wardrobe is simple and elegant, and often includes:

  1. Texture, structure and quality garments
  2. A strong foundation of neutral basics in pants and jackets
  3. Garments with great fit
  4. Classic accessories in footwear, handbags, and jewelry

Secondly, Amy wants to communicate that her style is intentional.  Intentional says that she purposefully put an outfit together and is not randomly thrown together.  This is really a great adjective for a classic wardrobe because it looks intentional and with a foundation of great neutrals you usually look put together with purpose. I could take the top and jacket I am wearing today and put it with a great fitting pair of dark denim jeans and still look intentional, because the garments are timeless, quality pieces.

Amy’s third adjective she desires to communicate is smart.  There are a couple of ways I can go with this and both work together with her style messaging. I could say that she wishes to communicate that she is intelligent.  When wearing classic pieces which are timeless and presented with intention, I do believe a woman looks intelligent and communicates that she is a powerhouse…a force to be reckoned with.  However, another definition for smart says she Is clean, neat, and stylish.  This says that the garments are not sloppy or wrinkled and that they fit well….they are presented well.  For those of you who are here often, think of the mannequins we have seen over time on Would You Wear It that when we saw them we immediately thought, “That is such a mess.”  Amy wants to communicate the opposite of those type of styles.   

Remember, I do not know Amy and have not laid eyes on her…so I am going simply by the five adjectives she sent to me.

Pamela Lutrell wears classic foundation garments

Amy’s fourth adjective she wishes to communicate is FEMININE.  Femininity is communicated in a variety of ways.  

  1. Feminine details like bows or lace (like the bow on my blouse)
  2. Soft, light, beautiful fabrics
  3. Garments which fit and enhance your figure well
  4. Lovely colors and traditional prints
  5. Dresses and skirts within the wardrobe

Finally, Amy desires to communicate JOY with her clothing.  I personally think that when you wear clothing that puts a smile on your face, helps to exude confidence, and shows you care, that you are communicating joy.  Joy can also be communicated in color and whimsical prints.  For me, the Paris travel prints in this Talbot’s top are joyful and put a smile on my face when I first saw the top a few years ago.  


I love it that Amy wants to communicate joy in her clothing.  I find when I leave the house with confidence and joy, that it is so easy to reach out to people around me.  I love to speak with people I encounter throughout my day whether walking across the college campus where I work each day or standing in a checkout line at the grocery store.  When I feel confident and great then it is much easier for me to talk with… anyone!  I encourage you this week to choose joy and choose kindness with everyone you encounter.

Today’s slideshow is dedicated to inspire Amy and women like her who desire to communicate these style messages with your clothing choices: CLASSY, INTENTIONAL, SMART, FEMININE and JOYFUL.  Thanks for participating Amy…I hope this has given you some inspiration! If anyone else wants their style messages discussed, please send your five adjectives to and I will add you to the list!  

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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. The outfit you put together really does express those adjectives. Since this is my style too, everything about your outfit is something I would wear. Black and white is also a classic combination and works evert time! You look professional, yet approachable and feminine. This is truly an attractive outfit! The slide show is loaded with great options!!

  2. I love the whole look ! This is my go too dressed up look. Will you please give us a link to the pants jjill has several style Pointe kin it and I would like to be sure to look at the ones you have on, they look fabulous!

  3. Hi Beth, go to the slideshow at the end of the post and find the Pure Jill Smooth Waist Slum leg pant and click on the picture. You will be at the pant

  4. Great outfit to start the week! Of course I had to pin it! Love Amy’s adjectives…pretty well sums up how I view getting dressed.

  5. I love your outfit. It is what I think of when I think classic. The blouse add the perfect touch of femininity.

  6. I love your outfit. It is classic but feminine. I have the Talbots “Paris” blouse and I just love it so much. I just need the jacket to go with it! Your posts are very interesting.

  7. This is the style and adjectives that I want to project to he world. I am on the lookout for a good fitting blazer. I love the bag you are carrying, it classic and looks like it’s great quality. Great outfit on you.

  8. Dear Pam, you nailed it, and me. I really worked at thinking of my adjectives before I sent them to you, and thank you for doing these segments. I love all of your suggestions for clothing choices, and your outfit is perfect. What a happy Mondsy to have my adjectives highlighted! Amy

  9. I love this outfit! It really meets all the style adjectives. Also, I’m enjoying seeing the outfits you’ve put together out of your own wardrobe featuring different style objectives. It goes to show, one can have more than one “look.” Sometimes I’m a little bit country and other times a little bit rock and roll. I think what make any style work is the air of confidence felt by the wearer. It’s so fun to experiment!

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