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Pamela Lutrell for Gold Mountain Beauty

I am so excited to introduce to you today the foot therapy products available at Gold Mountain Beauty and offer a special discount at the end of this post, so that all of you can have happy, beautiful feet!  Gold Mountain Beauty is a skincare brand focused on providing products that are both good for the environment and our individual health which is why all of the products are composed of all natural, organic, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients.   After reading about that commitment, I knew I would like their brand because we both are encouraging women to be confident, energized and radiant in healthy, sustainable ways.

Here is what they say online about the company: 

“We were founded by women for women like you. We believe that when it comes to our beauty and health needs, we are all in this together, so we used our knowledge and experience in the industry to create products with your needs in mind. Built on simplicity and authenticity, we believe in embracing the positive naturally, without putting our health or the planet at risk. We encourage you to make the switch to clean, natural beauty, and see the results for yourself!”

Pamela Lutrell on All-Natural Foot Care

 I have written often about my funky feet which include hammer toes, callouses, consistent dryness and inherited ingrown toenails.  Because of these issues, I am now a “wear-flats-only-girl” and I honestly go for pedicures every two weeks for pain relief more than pretty toes.  Because my toes are curling, I do not wear sandals as often as I previously did (it is just not attractive), so believe me, going to see my nail tech (now a good friend!) is to control pain.  I love a great foot soak in between visits so this time I took the Gold Mountain Beauty Tea Tree Oil to my appointment so my tech, Anna, and I could check it out together.

Pamela Lutrell for Gold Mountain Beauty foot soak

Love, love, love this product.  Let’s just talk about the inclusion of 100% essential Australian Tea Tree oil which is a blend of anti-bacterial essential oils including peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, and lavender.  It also includes epsom salt, and sea salts for soothing tired feet.  My feet are so silky smooth after using this and the soothing aroma combined with warm water will just about knock you out at the end of a long day.  Then if you add one more step after soaking, your feet are really hydrated and ready for a good night’s rest…so read on!

Pamela Lutrell on use of foot serum

This is the next step…the Gold Mountain Beauty Foot Therapy Intensive Repair Serum.  It is perfect for dry feet and cracked heels and you need to have this on hand as the weather warms.  My feet are ready for sandals and for mules and slides more than they have been in a long time.

Pamela Lutrell for foot care for wearing slides

I reported recently that mules and slides will be big on the fashion scene this year and I love that I will have pretty heels at the back of mine.  This is a serum, so it absorbs quickly, but it looks like a white lotion when being pumped from the dispenser.  For those who experience cracking and scaling, this is the product you want for your feet.  In the past, I have had cracked heels so bad that my nail tech used super glue to repair them (it worked!), but now we will not have to do such extreme measures, because of this serum.  I am determined to be faithful to use it every day before going to bed.  Since it absorbs so quickly I am not required to wear a sock to keep it on.  That is a plus as well.

The brand encourages DIABETIC PATIENTS to discuss this brand with their doctors. Gold Mountain Beauty is doctor-formulated antifungal foot therapy and recommend on their website for diabetics.

Pamela Lutrell for fungal nail therapy

Speaking of fungus, who no one really wants to speak of, Gold Mountain Beauty Foot Therapy Fungal Nail eliminator provides the answer to a difficult problem.  My poor husband suffers from toenail fungus.  He is an avid trail runner and has been for years and his toes have suffered for it.  He was beyond thrilled to have this product after reading about it.  He did not deal with it immediately as it recommended, so we will see where this goes.

Here is what Gold Mountain Beauty says on their website:   Toenail fungus is really persistent, and if left untreated, it can easily spread on other toenails. It is very easy to spot it; your toenails will change their natural color and turn much darker. In some cases, it can lead to a serious complication, and your toenails might start falling off.

On their website, they have several blog posts on toenail fungus with good information in them and worth the read.  One states, Toenail fungus is a dermatological issue that appears on top of your nails. It can also go underneath them, making it much harder to treat. While most people refer to this condition as nothing more than an aesthetic problem, it can lead to some serious ramifications. For example, fungus loves dark, damp environments, which is why it can easily spread to the surrounding nails. If you don’t take this condition seriously, you might have to treat your whole foot!” 

The Fungal Nail Eliminator is created with a unique blend of Tolnaftate and Puredia, and natural Seaberry Oil grown in Tibet. They believe in most cases you will see visible improvement in seven days after beginning this treatment.

Pamela Lutrell on foot soak with essential oils

I am so much happier when my feet are happy.  Not only do they look youthful and healthy, but if they feel good, I can accomplish more.  When my feet are dry, cracked and hurting, then I am not motivated to do my walking and workouts…much more likely to sit, and sit and sit.

I am very impressed with this brand and would like to offer you a special discount for February…this is a great Valentine’s gift to yourself or a friend or significant other.  Who doesn’t like hearts, flowers, candy and happy feet!

All you need to do is place this discount code: PAMELA15 for 15% off in your checkout basket  at Gold Mountain Beauty. #ThinkCleanThinkGreen. #beautyinanutshell

I am excited to discover this all-natural brand to help my funky feet be happy feet.  Give them a visit……..and……


Disclaimer:  I was compensated for this post, but the words are my own 

By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Great products for those of us with foot issues of any kind! Your health insurance should pay for your pedicures, don’t ya think? ha! The toenail fungus definitely needs to be addressed as soon as possible. I have seen women wearing sandals with a missing toenail and the nail bed is painted also. Not sure I’d wear sandals in that case… You find such fabulous products for us! Now if I can slow down my hair loss, which has extended to my eyelashes. I have been using a castor oil and vitamin E mix on the lashes and eyebrows, which are basically non-existent.

  2. I always spend February basically sandblasting my feet in preparation for sandals in the spring. Horse hooves are not a good look. I’ll be ordering this system.

  3. Great information! I think most of us have feet issues and cracked, dry heels. Age takes a real toll on our feet.

    1. Sue, they do not ship to Canada and did not tell me that so it could go in the post. Sorry it is not available there.

  4. This is certainly interesting. I’m going to look into these products because I do want to take care of my feet. I have used lavender on them with success and I see lavender mentioned here. Thank you for sharing this information. Summer is coming, and while I don’t wear sandals very much, I have some open-toe shoes and that’s at least a tiny bit of exposure!

    1. I have been using the serum on my feet in the morning before I put on socks and boots and they are soft at the end of the day!

  5. I PLACED an order for the tree tea soak and tried to apply the PAMELA15 discount & it would not apply it. Kept asking for valid code. I ordered it anyway, but wondered if amount ordered had to be a higher amount.

    1. They believe they fixed the problem if you would like to try again. So sorry it wasn’t working when you ordered.

  6. Pamela,
    Let me just say that if I were to be wearing flats only, I would want the flats you show in your posts. They are gorgeous. I’ve never seen anything like the ones you are wearing today. Thanks also for the foot advice. I get regular pedicures because my tech can reach my toes way easier than I can and she knows so much about feet. As someone else suggested, you may be eligible for health insurance to pay for those pedicures. Foot health is as important as dental or any other kind of health.

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