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Pamela Lutrell for Goodwill SA

Casual Friday, YAY!  So, I’ve got my jeans on and an Evan Picone jacket I discovered on a recent Goodwill SA treasure hunt.  Goodwill SA provides me with sustainable, affordable fashion that makes it possible for me to have shorter jackets in my wardrobe now.  Goodwill SA affords me a place with quality merchandise I can feel great about supporting while they support our community in San Antonio. 

Pamela Lutrell finds treasure at GoodwillSA

  Shorter blazers and jackets are my biggest need right now to wear to work. I need the ones which are more flattering now that my body is beginning to tightened up and get back to where it should be.  My closet is full of long, oversized items and it is time for a change.  But, to get quality garments requires some serious budget.  Unless you have in your town, a great place like Goodwill SA to find quality, low cost items.  This is sustainable fashion at its best and our Goodwill organization in San Antonio has actually won awards for all they do for the city.  I feel good when I spend money there. (By the way, if it looks like my teeth are chattering…they were….it was so cold the day we took these pictures!)

Pamela Lutrell accessories Goodwill Jacket


There were several reasons I decided to bring this jacket home with me:

  1. Evan Picone is a great brand and designed with a good fit and detail. You should see the three long seams in the back of this jacket making it a better fit.
  2. The purple and blues of the print are pretty and in-style at this time (you know how I love purple!)
  3. It has that classic, feminine message that we discussed on Monday with Amy’s style messages.  That is why I added feminine jewelry to it with the pin and bracelet.

This fits my style messages of creative, current, approachable, chic and strong!  But, it also would fit Amy’s messages from Monday….classy, joyful, smart, intentional, and feminine.

The first thing I do when I purchase at Goodwill SA is take the garment to the cleaners.  Then I can wear it right away after that.  This jacket does button though I did not pull it closer, and it looks practically new.  In it’s day, it may have had pants or a skirt with it, but I am happy to own the jacket now.  Goodwill is giving me more options at a time I really need them. I noticed that there are more and more major retailers selling gently used items.  I bet I can find items that are the same quality and for far less…plus it helps my community to shop Goodwill SA!!

Is anyone planning a thrifting trip soon?  What need are you looking to fill or is it just for fun?  I love to show you my treasures from Goodwill in San Antonio and I love being one of the Goodwill SA Bloggers.

I will see you tomorrow for Would You Wear It and the announcement of the two winners of our SHEEC SOCK contest.


Disclaimer:  Goodwill SA provides gift cards for shopping, but the words are my own. 

By Pamela Lutrell


  1. You look great in this outfit. The short jacket is a nice find.
    I love thrifting! I usually look for scarves, handbags, summer dresses and mismatched china and sliver. You should see my Chanel silk scarf from Salvation Army!

  2. I love thrifting as well. As a matter of fact, there is a 50% off sale today and I will be there. It is so much fun to find a new item as you are looking through the racks. Still can’t convince some friends to try it out. After it is washed, it is the same as the rest. Just think of all the people who have tried on a piece in a regular store. Thanks for putting more light on sustainable fashion.

  3. Such a pretty jacket and looks amazing on you, not to mention what a great find. Wishing you a beautiful day, Pam.

    P.S.: I suspect two of the seams in your jacket are Princess Seams and are used in fitted garments. Not to be confused with darts; they are often located in the front or back, extending from the shoulders or armhole to the hemline whereas the 3rd seam is the center of the jacket (sometimes placed on the fold of the fabric prior to cutting).

  4. You look fabulous! Your jacket is a great find and I love your jewelry selection. I prefer to buy at thrift stores as many folks are helped by my purchases. Also, I can have some better quality and classic items at a good price.

  5. That’s a great jacket, and I do like how you styled it. Adding the pin to the shirt looks fabulous and is an idea I’ll be borrowing!! I’m going to see if my mom has some vintage pins in her jewelry box when I’m there today. She doesn’t wear her jewelry any longer and I know would gladly pass on the pins. Thank you for that inspiration! I’m always looking for ways to add a feminine touch to the things I wear that are more tailored. Evan Picone is a brand I have in my closet. I’ve combed through the sale racks at Penney’s for the items they carry. They are typically single items without the skirt, but no matter as you are showing here. I’ve been happy with both the fit and quality. Our Goodwill is not very good, but I do love going to consignment shops. It’s the thrill of the hunt.

  6. As I type this, I am in head to toe thrifted from Goodwill. I found a new, with Nordstom tag, cashmere sweater on a recent trip – $9.99. Last night I bought a bright raspberry cowl neck sweater. Thrifting is a great way to test drive a new color/style. My friendly, local Goodwill clerk tells me they are striving to put better quality merchandise on the sales floor. I should add that the racks are neatly sorted by style, size and color for easy shopping.

  7. Love Goodwill….my grandson, who has some challenges, is doing a second high school work placement there. The stores are clean, organized and bright. I was thrifting before it was a “thing”! I find designer purses, wallets, jewellery, scarves, fabrics….sometimes clothing….I love upcycling. Your jacket is beautiful and I love how you’ve styled it!

  8. Love your new jacket and the way you have styled it! You look fabulous! I love thrifting and have two wonderful consignment shops close by. I have bought many items with tags still on them. Recently I got a brand new, never worn pair of Ralph Lauren boots for $50. Such fun to get a great bargain!

  9. That’s a great jacket. I got a Bill Blass denim jacket at our local Goodwill. Short cut and snug fit. I love it. Left it at a local restaurant and was so relieved (and happy) when I figured it out and retrieved it days later. That’s when you know you’ve found a five dollar treasure.

  10. i love Goodwill. i wish ours carried better merchandise. i guess it’s limited by our donating public here. i too support the notion that recycling our clothing is the right thing to do. your outfit looks lovely. that jacket is very nice indeed.

  11. Fantastic, and very helpful. Thank you for such great help and guidance. You made something impossible possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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