Pamela Lutrell asks Would You Wear It

Happy Saturday, ladies!  It is time for Would You Wear It with me and my friend, Jennifer Connolly.  We go out and about and look for fashion displays which make us wonder (for many reasons) what you would think of them.  So, please tell us what you think of our choices for this week.  Keep your comments personal and say why or why not the looks would work or not work for you.  Keep it constructive …we learn from one another on this day!  It’s about more than just expressing likes and dislikes, it is about understanding why.

Over 50 Feeling 40 with spring fashion display

You do not have to comment on every piece I show, but I selected this display because it was a good way to see how the Pantone Colors for each season pop up in the stores. Can you identify some of the colors in the display?

Over 50 Feeling 40 with Pantone Colors for spring 2020

  So look it over ladies, and tell us…..


Pamela Lutrell with Spring Fashion Display

Below is a close up of the handbag in the display

Pamela Lutrell with purse at Nordstrom


I have followed the fashion design career of Marla Wynne for a few years and have worn several of her pieces.  She Is a huge success on the Home Shopping Network.  Well, I was thrilled to discover that Chicos is featuring a Marla Wynne line!  If you love stylish comfort clothing, Marla is one of the best.  Here is a slideshow of what I found at Chicos….


Make sure you also stop by A Well Styled Life to tell Jennifer what you think of her display.

Reader Inspiration for Four (Not Five!) Adjectives

Today, I want to inspire my reader, Renee.  She likes to put effort into what she wears and writes that it makes her happy when someone says, “You always look so put together!” She wants her wardrobe to say that she is

  1. Chic – wears quality over quantity
  2. Casual – Looks good at home, lunch, Bible Study, running errands, with grandkids, coffee time, and shopping
  3. Vivacious – reflects she is a happy person
  4. Distinctive – She wants to be unique and not look like everyone else.

You can imagine that this was a fun slideshow to put together!  So Renee…this is to inspire you and other women like you!

By Pamela Lutrell

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