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Pamela Lutrell asks Would You Wear It

Happy Saturday, ladies!  It is time for Would You Wear It with me and my friend, Jennifer Connolly.  We go out and about and look for fashion displays which make us wonder (for many reasons) what you would think of them.  So, please tell us what you think of our choices for this week.  Keep your comments personal and say why or why not the looks would work or not work for you.  Keep it constructive …we learn from one another on this day!  It’s about more than just expressing likes and dislikes, it is about understanding why.

Over 50 Feeling 40 with spring fashion display

You do not have to comment on every piece I show, but I selected this display because it was a good way to see how the Pantone Colors for each season pop up in the stores. Can you identify some of the colors in the display?

Over 50 Feeling 40 with Pantone Colors for spring 2020

  So look it over ladies, and tell us…..


Pamela Lutrell with Spring Fashion Display

Below is a close up of the handbag in the display

Pamela Lutrell with purse at Nordstrom


I have followed the fashion design career of Marla Wynne for a few years and have worn several of her pieces.  She Is a huge success on the Home Shopping Network.  Well, I was thrilled to discover that Chicos is featuring a Marla Wynne line!  If you love stylish comfort clothing, Marla is one of the best.  Here is a slideshow of what I found at Chicos….


Make sure you also stop by A Well Styled Life to tell Jennifer what you think of her display.

Reader Inspiration for Four (Not Five!) Adjectives

Today, I want to inspire my reader, Renee.  She likes to put effort into what she wears and writes that it makes her happy when someone says, “You always look so put together!” She wants her wardrobe to say that she is

  1. Chic – wears quality over quantity
  2. Casual – Looks good at home, lunch, Bible Study, running errands, with grandkids, coffee time, and shopping
  3. Vivacious – reflects she is a happy person
  4. Distinctive – She wants to be unique and not look like everyone else.

You can imagine that this was a fun slideshow to put together!  So Renee…this is to inspire you and other women like you!

By Pamela Lutrell


  1. I love the handbag shown with the white summery jumpsuit! I’m not sure at my age and smallish body I could wear any of these outfits with any success….maybe the white ju,psuit but I don’t gravitate to it, personally. The outfit on left might work if the sleeves on the top were not so full and if the pant were a slim leg not full. I’ve tried this pant style on and it looks awful on me. The dress is a no no. I only wear shorter, slimmer dresses so as to not overwhelm my frame. I could see this dress on my taller friends…..
    I would buy that handbag…..love it!

    1. Thanks for starting us off today, Paulette. I tried to find the handbag on the Nordstrom website. I will keep looking and let you know if I locate it. Have a great Saturday!

  2. In my younger, dress wearing days, i would have loved this dress, the flowery, fluttery, stuff…with some pretty high heeled sandals. the other two arent for me..that length pant on me is just a no-go…

  3. Nothing for me here. The colors would wash me out and the styles I wore in the 1980’s. The purse is cute but I would run from the handles. I need straps to wear on my shoulder or cross-body length. I occasionally use a clutch when I’m dressed up but that’s not often. It’s super annoying to have to hold a purse like this one.

  4. Definitely no to all. The colors are not good for me and I don’t like any of these styles. If those puffy sleeves are trending, that’s one I’ll be sitting out. The wide cuffs on the pants break up the line and don’t seem to flatter someone who is not tall. I’m kind of surprised that jumpsuits have held on. I love to wear dresses, but the neckline and color really detract from this one, for me. They should have taken time to steam out wrinkles. Definitely no for me.

  5. That’s a nicely done display. I love that the manequines coordinate with the colors, and the shoes. I want the shoes on the middle gal. Their poses give the appearance of motion. Note how they all lean left, but the gal on the right is anchored with a bag.
    Those really aren’t my colors, but I like the jumpsuit. I bought one last year, never having had one. Once I adjusted to the look of the dropped crotch I liked it. It’s very comfortable and gives a long column of color. This one is a lighter fabric than what I have and I think it would be cute layered under something; unlike my twill jumpsuit it looks like this one wouldn’t require a lot of ironing! Always a plus.
    I always wear a cami and petti-pant slip with it so undoing the whole thing to pee doesn’t leave me naked in some public bathroom 🙂

  6. The white jumpsuit reminds me of a temporary garment you might be asked to wear while having some type of “procedure”,
    then toss in the trash. Or maybe for work in a place that provides those procedures. I theoretically like jumpsuits, but I bought two last year which have already been donated. They are always short waisted on me. I have very little space between my barely discernable waistand my large bust.The bag with it is incongruous,
    but I like it otherwise..
    I like the pants with the wide cuff and the sandals with it, but the blouse, not so much, with those puff sleeves. The pants would probably work better for me with a striped tee shirt. The dress is just OK, just a a little flouncy and fluttery and girly girl for me.

  7. Oh dear, I wouldn’t wear any of these ensembles. All bla no color neutrals with sleeves that I can’t wear in my senior years! Just no, no and and a definite no to the snake skin handbag (have a serious fear of snakes). The second slideshow gives me hope for more color, especially the cobalt blue blazer!

  8. None of the outfits would be my style. The sleeves on the print blouse would only add bulk to my bust area, I’ve grown tired of cropped pants. The high low hemline reminded me of my first year Home Ec project, and jumpsuits are not at all practical for me. I do, however, like the prints and color.

  9. I like the outfit on the left, and being tall, I think it could work for me. I’d try on the blouse-I like it, but have a feeling a black and khaki stripe t shirt would be better on me. I’ve tried the pale pinks and just look horribly washed out in them. Lots of cute clothes in this color but none are for me. I can do a touch of pink but the whole outfit, plus the girly floral, are too much.for me. And a white jumpsuit on a woman of a certain age who might have to use the bathroom urgently or unexpectedly? Oh no way!!

  10. No to all the outfits for me. The colors would wash me out.
    The puffy sleeve blouse isn’t my style, and I’m not fond of the pants. I might have worn the dress 25 years ago (in a cool tone color) and the white jumpsuit is not practical or appealing to me. I do like the purse, but probably wouldn’t carry it enough to justify the cost.

  11. No. Sad to say that I don’t think any of these three looks are very attractive. I do very much like the white coat in the Chico’s slideshow.

  12. I love all of the looks but not necessarily on me. I love the dress and would definitely wear it depending on how long it would be on my 5’4 frame. if it would hit mid shin it would be a winner

  13. The blouse might have possibilities if it looks good with the top couple of buttons open. I have a short neck and prefer v-necks. It looks like the pants actually sit at the waist which I like but the color is a no and the style is questionable for my current body. The dress looks very summery but I’m not s big fan of asymmetrical hemlines. I’m not sure if the color would work on me. If I liked the color, I’d at least try it on. The white jumpsuit is a definite no. for me. It just doesn’t suit my curvy body. The purse is cute but I like handles that are long enough to go over my arm or my shoulder.

  14. I do not find any of the outfits appealing. First off, the colors are not suitable for me at all. Second, the necklines would not be becoming to my body style. Third, I do not wear jumpsuits, crops with wide legs, florals, or dresses. It is interesting that you pointed out the use of the panetone colors in the display. I would not have noticed that. The bag is cute, but I do not like the handles.

  15. I would not wear any of it. The white jumpsuit is blah and would not flatter. The dress is lovely but would not flatter my figure or coloring. The beige pants are boring. I am so over statement sleeves. I love the handbag.

  16. My first impression was that the colors here are kind of blah … which is unusual for me because I really drawn to neutral colors.

    But after looking at each individual outfit, I have to say that the blouse on the left really appeals to me. I’m not sure if I could pull off the puffier sleeves, but I think it’s quite stylish. That bag would definitely add a lot of fun to that ensemble, too!

    I like the pose of all the mannequins, too, as someone else mentioned.

  17. I like the overall look of all 3 outfit but not the length on the pants (both right and left). The beige pants on the left show every little bump of fabric underneath (on that slim mannequin!) so I suspect it’s not a fabric I would purchase even if the pants were long. The white jumpsuit seems boring, needs something (jewelry? other accessories? colored shoes and bag?) Personally, I’m not a fan of snakeprint but, otherwise, I like the design of the bag.

    1. I like the blouse on the left – not keen on the camel pants but it’s not a colour I wear. The dress is totally my style and colour way. Perhaps a bit dressy for work but good for special events. I like the shape of the jumpsuit but A white jumpsuit is An invitation for me to spill coffee or salad dressing on it.

  18. I would notice the purse and then walk right by these outfits. Nothing works for my height and build, as well as my coloring. The round necks and puffy sleeves would make me look too roundish. I need v-necks or boatnecks or scoops, to elongate me. I am short and have a short neck. The colors are also not for me as I need brighter shades around my face. I do own a black jumpsuit and I love it but it is styled differently. Back to the purse: I love it and would use it for special outings, like date night or a dinner or lunch, for as mentioned before it would be difficult to carry around all day.

  19. I’m still waiting for the week when one of you find styles your readers would actually wear. Only once have I seen one I really like. Are the stores so out of touch?

  20. These are all a no for me. The puffy sleeved blouse would make my chest look larger than it already is, & the high waisted cuffed crop pants would make me look shorter & wider. While the dress is pretty, it is the wrong length for me, & my jumpsuit days are in the past. I don’t always have time to undress when I need to use the ladies room.

  21. #1 the shirt looks like something Dorothy would wear, I hate fake cuffs.
    #2 wrong color for me.
    #3 it doesn’t look like it is made very well.
    Sorry, nothing impresses me this week.

    1. No apologies…I don’t look for displays that will generate mass approvals. I look for interesting displays that are different and then go to the audience to see what you think. No need to apologize!

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