Would You Wear It? with Pam, Jennifer, and a touch of spring fashions

Pamela Lutrell with Would You Wear It at Anthropologie

Welcome to Would You Wear It? with me and my friend, Jennifer.  This is the last one for February, and I think tomorrow is our official permission to dive into springtime…even though some locations may not feel like spring just yet.  But, why wait one day!  Let’s go ahead and dive right in!

If you are new here on Saturdays,  we welcome you to the day that Jennifer and I find fashion displays we have seen and wondered what our audience would think of them.  We want to know if you would wear the looks as styled; if you would style them differently;  or if you have advice or kudos for the fashion display designers!

Over 50 Feeling 40 and would you wear

Please be constructive with your assessments and answer with personal reflection…tell us if these styles are for you and why they do or do not work for you personally.  This is the day that many women read every comment and learn from each other…so please be kind and constructive in an effort to help everyone in discovering what works best for them. I truly try to find displays that make me stop and wonder what you would think.  I am not looking for the best or the worst…just the most interesting which make me contemplate if women over 50 would wear the styles and what your buying process is like.

Pamela Lutrell at Anthropologie

Let’s get started…shall we, ladies!  Look my display over in the three images above.  You do not have to comment on all three mannequins, but if you want to, of course, you may!  Tell us………………………………………



I know we have several fabulous plus size readers so I wanted to share with you that Anthropologie has released a new collection for plus size.  You can see a few of those styles in this first slide show.

Next headline comes from Lane Bryant and, guess what?…It’s about mannequins!  I am going to see if I can hunt these down.  This news about inclusive excellence was featured this week on ABC News: Lane Bryant introduces mannequins with diverse body types and skin tones.

So, what do you think?  Would you like to see more retailers go this direction?  In the meantime, here are some new plus size looks from Lane Bryant.


Pamela Lutrell finds first blooms of spring

I actually found this tree in San Antonio on a morning last week that it was freezing………..but it is nice to see some blooms beginning to pop out.  And all of you are blooms as well.

Make sure you go over to A Well Styled Life and tell Jennifer what you think of her fashion displays.  Can’t wait to hear from you!  Now, back to more spring fashions in the slide show…..


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. I like the style of the dress, but none of the colors here suit me. My days of patches ended in my childhood. It’s a no this week.

  2. Of all these pieces, the only one I would wear is the blouse on the left. I like the color and the pattern is subtle but pretty.
    Yellow is a terrible color on me and I don’t wear dresses anymore, so that’s a no.
    The turtleneck sweater is perfect for the climate here in Colorado, but I’d have to see what it’s made of. If it’s itchy, then it’s a no for sure!

      1. I love the dress!
        This is a very popular shade of yellow….mustard.
        I don’t like the jeans , no patches @ our age.
        The red sweater is cute, just a bit short.

          1. Not sure about the handkerchief hem of the dress or the color or the waist. Lol. That’s almost all of it.
            No on the jeans – long torso and short legs don’t work well with lengths past knees.
            That also kicks out the pink top (besides the problem of my kangaroo pouch).
            Love the white top!

  3. The yellow dress is cute but not for me. I don’t wear yellow or dolman sleeves. If this dress was in navy and sleeveless, I would wear it with a jean jacket. I like the defined waist.
    The jeans with the patches are too fussy, and the front pockets too distracting. I don’t wear shirts like that.
    Outfit no. 3 is not bad but I would prefer the sweater in navy. Hot pink is too hot for me.

    1. These three outfits….the dress I like, but not in yellow. I have never liked the torn, patched jean’s look. In fact, this style along with saggy butt pants needs to go far, far away. Never liked the style, never will. I will now step down from my soapbox.

  4. The straight legged cargo/utility pant, with the patch pockets seems like it’s going to be all over the place this Spring. I like them because they don’t have a waistband, and they always have belt loops and they’re higher waisted. I don’t think I’d go for these b/c they’re in denim and I like a more chino weight material.

  5. A yes to the shirt as know I would get a lot of wear out of it (as shown) or paired with a camisole and worn as an overlay for protection against the sun or for warmth in a cool environment. As to the sweater; do not care for its color however do feel I would otherwise get a lot of mileage out of it since its style is suitable for my body type (cropped and has a mock turtle neck) plus also presume it is a cotton blend which would take me from early Spring into late Fall. Re the dress; though do like its pattern and color (yellow is difficult to find) I do not care for its design being the Dolman/¾ length cut sleeve and its accented elasticized waistline making it difficult if one wished to even add a skinny belt as an accessory. (All said though, I can see it appealing to someone else. ) Last but not least I do not care for patched jeans and in both cases I question their length as prefer longer. -Brenda-

    1. I like the dress, even tough it is not my color I would wear a statement necklace or scarf in my color palette to help. I am trying to wrap my mind around the patch Jean’s. I know Pam, how you feel about patches and distressd/torn Jean’s. I always think twice! But the are everywhere right know and they are growing on me.
      I’m so excited to see Anthropology’s new plus size line! I was a plus size most of my adult life and styles and clothing are very limited.
      After pancreatic surgery I am now a size 4! It is so much easier to find stylish outfit everywhere. For instance, the square neck Ann Taylor blouse you have featured, I found at Walmart for $13.88! Minus the beautiful sleeve detail on the Ann Taylor blouse. But now that I’m retired, I’m all about the look for less!
      Happy Saturday!

  6. The jeans with the patches bring back memories of Mom pulling out her scrap material to “fix” jeans with holes. Jeans that are then not worn unless you want to be made fun of. The jeans and the paint spattered blouse are a hard “no” for me…unless I am painting at home. The lighter wash on both pair of jeans is definitely a nod to Spring. I don’t wear dresses but this one definitely brings Spring to mind. I love the smocked waist for definition, but for me the neckline is too low and the sleeves too big (the length of the sleeves is good for my “older” upper arms.) So basically not a fan of these mannequins today.

  7. Floral dresses seem to be everywhere this spring but I haven’t gotten in board with the look. I love it on other women but feel overpowered by the pattern. Almost any pattern.
    The yellow is a bad shade for me too.

  8. Anything with a band of scrunched elastic at the waist would only accent my bulge. I don’t wear cargo pants especially in denim. I do like the shirt; it looks like chambray with painted dots. It’s tailored but fun. Spring is already here in SoCal and I’ve been enjoying the mountain side blooms.

    1. Our mountain laurels are done… wish they stayed out later so I could enjoy the aroma…it is spectacular. Thanks so much Linda!

  9. I wouldn’t wear the dress because it is the wrong color and the shape would overwhelm me. A big ‘no’ to the patched jeans and paint-splattered shirt as they look like things I would wear to do work around the house. It doesn’t get cold enough here in the south for turtlenecks, but I like the color.

  10. The only piece that looks vaguely “styled” is the dress…..,the jeans ensembles look like just grab and go from the closet. They’re not messy looks, but are very casual and easy to wear—just not really a styled look. The dress would take a very certain someone to pull off…..from the elasticated waste to the color it’s pretty much a no for me.

  11. I really like the style of the dress – loose and long. However, I don’t find shirred waists very comfortable and thus shade of yellow does me no favours. The jeans with the patches would be cute on my nieces (both in their early 20s) but I would feel silly wearing them. I like the blouse and the red sweater. Although I tend to avoid turtlenecks, I would consider it as lib as it isn’t itchy. Thanks for an interesting selection this am.

  12. No to the dress, not my color or style. I would not be comfortable in patched jeans and have enough denim shirts in my closet. The sweater and shirt are cute, but since I have a long waist the sweater would probably be too cropped for me.

  13. I like the blue shirt,would wear that, but the others are a no-go!Thanks for sharing. It does help to sharpen the eye when we get to see all your picks.

  14. I don’t like the worn, patched, torn jeans, especially at hundreds of dollars for worn out jeans. I’m 6 feet tall and the first thing I check is the length, the second thing I check are the pockets. At some point, the fashion industry decided we don’t need real pockets, and I usually put my car fob and lipstick in my pockets, so I don’t have to carry purses all the time. There really isn’t anything there I would wear.

  15. The yellow dress is a no. Yellow is a difficult color for many people, myself included. And i don’t wear dresses. The other two jeans outfits yes definitely. They are the style i live in.

  16. Love the yellow dress style, but can’t wear yellow. In the slideshow, I covet the daisy print sweater from Talbots….now that is a wonderful take on floral! The placement of the pattern is so flattering.

  17. These outfits are really not me. I do like the jeans at back of the picture paired with red top, but not the patched pair. The blouse with the patched pair is an okay look, but not exciting. The dress is a no. I would be swallowed up by it.

  18. At first I was turned off by this display — I didn’t understand why these particular outfits were paired together. But, looking it at again, it seems to me that it is a play on primary colors!! Very creative!

    The bright colors to do not appeal to me, but I have to say that I do like the style of that dress. I’d wear it in a different color — a soft coral or soft turquoise for spring? The same with the sweater — much too bright. But the style is cute and I’d wear it in a more subtle color.

    1. I went back and looked after your commend, Beth…and you are right. Gave me a new perspective into the design of the mannequins. Thanks!

  19. The only thing I would wear would be the blouse. It would fit right into my wardrobe & lifestyle. I don’t care for patched or distressed jeans. I think they are a bit too young for me. I have a rule that if my 18 & 20 year old granddaughters would wear it, I probably shouldn’t. The same goes for the cropped sweater. The dress is just not my style.

  20. Yes to the pale blue floral shirt, bu that’s it for me. It would fit into my wardrobe just fine and the print is subtle. No to the jeans with patches, I prefer solid colored jeans. The yellow dress is not my color and I don’t wear dresses. That dress would look great on my 15 year old, thin red headed granddaughter., but not on me.

  21. These looks would inspire me to try them all on. I wear some version of the skinny jeans/white shirt/raspberry pink sweater combo a lot and would wear it as is a casual, polished look with sneakers or boots. I am intrigued by the patchwork jeans and would try them on to see how they look. I can see them making a casual look. I do not think I would pair with that shirt, but might do a simple sweater or tee for an around the house look or to run errands. I like the style of the dress, but yellow is not my color. I would love it in black and white or raspberry and white.

  22. As a plus size, I like the dress. The shirted waist gives you a waist but doesn’t cut you in half. The v neckline draws the eye up. I would probably prefer it in another color but the small print in yellow doesn’t bother me.
    I also like the patched jeans. I see so many people wearing distressed jeans with the gaping holes. I like that these look like old loved jeans that have been repaired. The shirt is cute too. I don’t wear turtlenecks so that one would be a no.

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