Friday Fashion, Food, and Fun!!

Pamela Lutrell for Chicos

Finally, it is Friday and time for a little Fashion, Food, and Fun.  We have had a great week here on the blog with good conversation and comments.  Thank you to all who participated.  I want to enter the weekend feeling confident and casual in a recent Chico’s purchase I made during their after Christmas sales.  I really like this little topper and I know I will wear it often in our warmer climate.  I am still shopping down a size than I usually wear in an effort to get a better fit.  It actually has a band around the bottom and is designed to fit closer to the body and not as boxy as many of the toppers are…so when I tried it on, I said, YEP, this is a keeper!  I can also wear it with color for the other seasons….but I do love this black and brown combo.  The copper ballet flats are by Cole Haan and I have owned them forever.

Depending on how cold It is on Saturday, I may wear this exact outfit to the mall to do a little blog work…my husband says that when I want to shop, I say I am working on the blog or running errands!  He’s got my code down.  I have this jacket in the slide show below and some of the reviews are not positive.  I have had a great experience with the jacket…it fits well, but if the buyer wants a boxy, larger fit, then they will not like this.  The fabric feels great. 

YUM, YUM, and YUM!

Pamela Lutrell's Taco Salad Recipe

Here is an easy recipe that my husband and I both like a lot…we will call this one Gigi’s Taco Salad.  First, put about a tablespoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a frying pan, and I cook a cup of chopped onion, a minced garlic, and a 1/2 cup of mild chopped green chilis until the onion is clear.  Then I add a pound of grassfed ground beer and cook until it is brown.  I add a package of taco seasoning to this mixture and let it simmer while I prepare the rest of the salad.

In a large mixing bowl, I put chopped greens (we like Romaine, with some red lettuce, and a little baby spinach), I add a drained can of black beans,  a drained can of corn, a full jar or container of our favorite Pico de Gallo (sometimes we like the one with Mango in it), and sprinkle with a little ground flaxseed.  Then after the meat mixture is done, I stir it in.  Next I stir in about a 1/4-/2 cup of light Ranch Dressings.  On top, I serve it with sliced avocado and with chips that are gluten free.  My husband likes his chips crumbled up over the top of the salad.  It is easy and oh so good.

Over 50 Feeling with healthy Taco Salad


Pamela Lutrell and Accessories

One of the best ways to have fun with a new season is with accessories.  My fun collection has come from so many places:  Goodwill, garage sales, consignment shops, our favorite stores, talented jewelry designers, boutiques, and gifts….I often go straight to accessories first.  Think of ways to refresh your standard wardrobe with new accessories.  I actually bought this fun necklace at an education fundraiser and I have always loved it…such a statement piece.  

Also, I have worn the dark colors I love so much all winter long, so when I went to see my nail technician last week, I decided to get a refreshing French manicure.  This is another easy way to begin thinking spring is to go ahead and lightened up your nails on hands and toes.  It is fun to begin to think of the new season since March arrives this weekend.  I cannot believe that Spring Break and the Time Change are almost here.

Pamela Lutrell recommends a French Manicure

Does any way have exciting plans for the weekend?  I hope you will have fun on the horizon, and will take time to be here for Would You Wear It? tomorrow. Next week we will enjoy some more Reader Style Adjectives…see some fun handbags…and who knows what else will be here.  So please plan to return and always, always…………………………………………………………




Over 50 Feeling 40 Stays Strong


  1. What a great jacket! I like the abstract design and how it is a neutral that will go with so many things. When I looked at it in the slide show, right away I thought of how nice it would look over a knee-length dress. Very versatile!! I’m traveling this weekend, leaving in just a few minutes. A change of pace and scenery is going to be wonderful! Taco salad is a favorite of mine too! My youngest son came up with a fantastic one when he was in high school and I’ve been making it for many years. I’m with your husband, I love the chips broken over the top, and black olives!

  2. Really cute outfit — I don’t do brown and black but I like it on you. Maybe I’ll give it a try.

  3. Sometimes I try on new combinations just to see what I think, Jean. I like black and brown because it is my best colors to wear and I can pair it with lots of other colors. You might try the combo on and see what you think!

  4. Great topper, Pam. The color looks great with your hair!
    We love taco salads, and yours looks delicious. I am ready to lighten up with everything including meals!

  5. Love the black/brown on you, Pamela, as I always consider the “total look” which means from hair to shoes…(think of it as “a package”).

    When I did styling I would ask clients to consider “their” colors…what lifts & brightens; helping them see themselves with new eyes. The test: the clothing pieces & colors should all be in harmony…(i.e.the person does not “disappear” while the clothing stands out nor the clothing disappears while the person stands out.) Terrific necklace too.

    P.S. this outfit on you is one terrific “package”…top to bottom.!!

    And no question: that taco salad is going on my “fave” recipes asap..((: )

  6. Thanks so much! And especially thank you for sharing how you worked with clients, Marlene!

  7. Happy Friday! 🌼 You look lovely in today’s outfit, as always. We are up in the Portland area for four days – looking at apartment possibilities as my sons prepare to become housemates. Went out for a nice meal of sushi with the boys last night, and we’re looking forward to something called a “punjabi pizza” later today (it features deliciously marinated chicken, fresh veggies, cilantro and hot peppers!). As for taco salads, we make them at home quite a lot. I skip the Ranch dressing in favor of a splash of rice vinegar and lime juice for zing. I also like to add chopped up hearts of palm and sprinkle a little Tajin over it all.

  8. When I saw that jacket, I fell in love! I am busy sewing kimono style jackets right now and I have a very similar pattern to try. Your necklace is stunning and so perfect for your outfit. Just wondering how tall you are? I feel that being 5’ 2” (and shrinking) that something that large might be too much on me. But I do wear “statement” necklaces!

  9. I am 5’8”….I love large necklace but can understand your concern about height. Happy sewing!

  10. That jacket looks like it would be great for traveling as it could be worn with jeans, a dress, jumpsuit or slacks. I keep trying to stir away from black, but love the black/bronze combo. My test for a good jacket for me is if it will go with jeans. If not, I wouldn’t get much use out of it. You look stunning in it!
    I do love a taco salad and am going to keep your recipe handy, as I usually have most of the ingredients on hand.

  11. Pam – you look stunning – hair to toes! That outfit really works for you – if I saw you on the street, I’d stop you to say that!

    The taco salad is motivating me to go grocery shopping.

  12. Love the chicos jacket ,I was wondering about the fit but seeing it on you helps ,I love the colors as I have lots of black, brown . Chicis has great necklaces too and when on sale great prices,. I find chicis pretty overpriced but when the sales halogen I swoop because I looove their jackets and their travelers crepe ankle pants .they fit so great and are pull one .look dressy or casual

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