Spring Flowers on Over 50 Feeling 40

Happy First Full Day of Spring, everyone!  I know some of you may not be looking at sunny, warm, flowers blooming days, but try to bring spring to your state-of-mind and put all of the anxiety and fear behind you!  It is time to think with blossoms of hope. I mentioned Wednesday that I purchased a pink cardigan.  I did not have a pink cardigan and this one is perfect for our weather because it is lightweight.  Even in the summer, I like something like this to wear in the air conditioning.  

I was met at JJill with this mannequin at the door.  But really liked it when I tried it on with outfit I wore Wednesday with the red top……

Pamela Lutrell shows JJill light purple cardigan

So, I narrowed it down to this lovely purple and the pink, but decided pink was a color I had targeted for my spring wardrobe.  I will style it many ways with white, light grey, and black.  Today, I am wearing it with black because I also purchased a JJill tank with pink polka dots.  I like this better than the black and white polka dots I traditionally see in stores.  JJill temporarily has closed their locations to protect the health of their employees and customers, but they are still online.



Over 50 Feeling 40 on Spring 2020

I saw this quote online and thought it could not be more appropriate than for Spring 2020.  The world has changed rapidly in a short time and we will be experiencing changes for who knows how long.  While sitting here in my home office, a baby cardinal keeps coming up to the window to peck on the glass.  It is as if she (brown cardinal, not red) is saying, “It’s nuts out here, let me in!” 

My day and night job both require reading a lot of social media. I have seen and heard mass quantities of fear and whining, but it is time for a renewal of thinking.  We will have to do some things in new ways, we will have to think differently, and we must get over feeling like it will be tragic or devastating. I do understand though if you are a loved one are dealing with this awful disease how hard it would be to keep spirits up. Many of you were already navigating cancer and sickness and now this has doubled the fear. I do understand and know your journey is harder. 

For those who are healthy, we must be the leaders and examples to find new ways to reach out and help others…small businesses will be in trouble.  Some of us may just possess the creativity to look at business a new way…or look at nonprofits a new way…or help our families a new way.  Many families are already in childcare crisis as so many schools are closing for a long period of time.  The working moms need help… will some women who are retired step up to serve?  it is not a time for weeping, or whining or lamenting…it is a time for renewal of thinking…thinking in new ways and making life work.  I have to smile and think of Tim Gunn on the old Project Runway when he would look over the most devastating design and say, “Make it Work!”    I hope you will join. me on this first full day of Spring 2020 to commit to a new way of thinking in a new world so that we are part of solutions and not problems.

Also, I am pondering doing some posting a bit differently, but I promise to be here…there may be fewer fashion posts and more lifestyle posts to assist us as lifestyle changes. 

If you have ideas of how women in the second half of life can be the leaders, encouragers, and helpers during this time, please share here.  Enjoy the springtime slideshow with some inspiration included.(two books I read from every day)……………keep hoping and


By Pamela Lutrell


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