Fashion Over 50: Would You Wear It with Pam and Jennifer


Pamela Lutrell with Would You Wear It on March 21

Yes! We are still here with Would You Wear It? with me and my friend Jennifer for women over 50.  Many of the malls are closed so let us be your visit to the mall with today’s fashion display! Typically, Jennifer and I go around town and find fashion displays that make us wonder what you would think of wearing the styles.  (Of course, this was before social distancing began, but fortunately I took images of extra displays).  We ask that you look them over and tell us if you would or would not wear the looks and why?  Make it a personal evaluation…Here is why this does or does not work for me.  Help others to constructively learn why you believe the way you do.  Our readers love these comments!  

Pamela Lutrell features spring trends for Would You Wear It

I do not know how long we will be able to continue with the mannequins, but we will be creative and come up with another plan if we need to…nimbleness and flexibility are what life is all about these days.  So, look over my two styles and tell us…………………………………………………………..


Pamela Lutrell with Chico's mannequins on over 50 feeling 40


Several of you are like me and beginning to work at home for now.  It is a more relaxed lifestyle, that I for one, am enjoying immensely.  Linda, one of our regular readers said she now has a need for some workout clothing that is good quality and not paper thin. Remember while you are staying home more to keep moving and be active. And Linda just commented below that today is her birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LINDA!!  There are great workout videos or you could walk the neighborhood…just stay away from others. (so sad!)  Linda, this first slideshow is for you and readers like you….

Pamela Lutrell on the news about exercise for women over 50


I thought it might be helpful to do three slideshows today and show Petite, Plus, and Misses ladies what is our now for spring styles.  I hope to inspire you to do new things and to always look your best despite what is going on around us.  

For the petites……

For the plus-size….

For the Misses….


Now, make sure you go over to A Well Styled Life and tell Jennifer what you think of her display!  Stay hopeful, positive, and in your house!



By Pamela Lutrell


  1. I like the coral outfit. It’s a good color for me & it’s a happy color in these somber times.
    I like the other outfit too. I just think the boxy, loose leopard top would be better if it was more fitted.

  2. I like the coral outfit but would prefer a shorter necklace, like on the other outfit. The leopard outfit is nice too, but looks a bit loose/boxy. It would have to be more fitted to work for me. It’s nice to see outfits that have flattering necklines for those of us who are large busted & short-necked. Keep the series going as long as you can – I know appreciate the diversion.

  3. l IKE THE OUTFIT OF THE lEFT. lOVE ANIMALS PRINTS, IN FACT have several outfits that are very similar. I would not wear the coral. way too bright for me. But would break it up and wear with white for spring outings. The sweater is too clingy for me. But like the necklace. Thanks for for going to the mall to windowshop for us!

  4. Glad to see the mannequins, I was wondering how you were going to do this beloved post. I would wear both outfits but would change the color of the pants with the sweater. I tend to wear dark pants. Thanks Pam! Stay safe. Betty

  5. I like the look of the right outfit but not in those colours. The fit of the pants is not so tight and I like that for me and the fitted sweater shows an outline. Even the necklace is great, but again in a different colour for me. Thanks for still showing us some normalcy on Saturdays. Love, the Would you Wear it even if we can’t go out to look ourselves.

  6. I love the tone on tone coral outfit. It’s a good colour for me.

    I also love the leopard print outfit, I’d lose the necklace thought..

    In both cases I would prefer the pants to be more fitted and straight legged. Especially the brown pair, that would really offset the boxiness of the leopard print sweater.

  7. I like them both! I’ve got several pieces in that olive color already, the sweater would work well, and I like the uneven length. The orange/coral is a favor of mine as well.
    The big necklaces are good in warmer weather when a scarf is too much.
    With the staying at home I am looking at my closet thinking that I shouldn’t just wear what I wore yesterday or the day before, I should look nice.
    So as long as the sweaters are washable and I”m not doing any heavy cleaning — they’d be great for quarantine wear.

  8. I really love the coral outfit! It just works for me and my lifestyle! Very springlike too! Love love it!
    I might gave different feelings on the brown animal print outfit if thus were fall going into winter but I’d steer away from thus right now

  9. Neither one works for me. They look sloppy to me, hanging poorly and wrinkled. They don’t seem to put much effort into the displays. Personally, I’m really tired of animal prints and don’t wear them. The orange/coral outfit, to me, is just too much. Looks more like a costume with that necklace, and then they chose a mannequin with maybe what are supposed to be muscular legs….not in a good way, but something looks off here. Too, too much color.. it needs to be toned down with a neutral. I just find the overall display sloppy and drapey. I do like much of the slide show “for the misses.”

  10. I really like both outfits. Now that we are confined it is getting difficult to think about putting outfits together. Your post reminds me that there is fashion at the end of the tunnel!

  11. Hello Pam, Thanks for keeping us busy with your blog. There is nothing here for me today – I am not a fan of animal prints, coral, orange or large necklaces.
    I like the display plants and the holders. I could use those.
    Happy Saturday from Chicago.

  12. Neither of these outfits work for me. The coral/orange outfit is not a good color for me. The animal print sweater jacket is to boxy, and looks more like an outfit for fall and winter. I do like the necklaces.

  13. Personally, I am tired of big splashes of animal print. I prefer accessories in animal print. I think the coral outfit if pretty, but I am tall and don’t wear monochromatic as a general rule. I would feel like an orange Sasquatch! It would look better on a smaller woman. I am also large busted and never wear a necklace that sinks between my breasts. Thanks for keeping up the blog. Stay safe and don’t forget to put out Christmas lights of hope!

  14. There is Gail…and hopefully we can find some inspiration going through the tunnel!

  15. Actually, Jan, We have a little Christmas tree on our front porch right now. We lit it up last night! I have always loved the twinkling lights past Christmas whether on patios on in homes. This is a good way to remind us to LET OUR LIGHTS SHINE! Thanks

  16. I love the leopard sweater, and might add it to my wardrobe. It looks fine as styled, but I would likely wear a shorter necklace, maybe the thick chains that are popular. I agree with some others that I would change the bottom half of the coral sweater to something more neutral. There are a lot of options to go with that sweater, and it could work hard in my wardrobe. I like the thickness of the cuffs and bottom, and the bit of detail there. By the way, I can attest to the quality of Talbots’ fitness line. I have a few pieces, and they are good quality, comfortable, cut nicely, and wash well.

  17. I love both outfits with the jewelry. I would wear them as is or mix and match with pieces already in my wardrobe.

  18. Thanks Linda…and thanks for giving a testimony about Talbots fitness line.

  19. I like both outfits but gravitate towards the animal print one. I can see me in this. It is definitely my style. I would wear the coral outfit though because I like the color and sometimes, like now, we just need some bright colors to brighten things up.

  20. I would definitely try on the outfit on the left. I like the colour combination and the animal print pattern, but because I’m tall and thin with a very boyish figure, the boxy shape of the sweater and the width of the pant legs might not be at all flattering. The coral colour in the other outfit is one that would suit my complexion, but head to toe in such a loud colour is too much for me.

  21. You and Jennifer both managed to come up with mannequins, lucky us! I like both looks and most of the pieces with the exception of the jewelry (way to big for my frame) and the orange pants are too bright for my comfort level. If I purchased one piece it would be the coral cardigan which I would wear with light wash jeans.

  22. Thank you, Pam, for the links to exercise clothes!! I will be doing some online shopping later….it’s my birthday today so I plan to treat myself!!!

  23. Jennifer and I spoke last night and we both have extra mannequins that we can use for two weeks. We will see what is happening after that. She is in California where things are completely locked down right now, and I am in Texas where there is a partial lockdown. This will be day to day, but we promise to be creative and keep it fun!

  24. Happy Birthday, Linda!!!!! You deserve a treat! Hope you can have a very special day…memorable I know!

  25. I like both outfits. I would prefer the pants in a different color for the coral outfit, white maybe. The outfit I would try to find the sweater in a size that fit better but overall they are nice outfits.

  26. Happy to see “Would you wear it” today. I wouldn’t wear either outfit – neither the colours nor the style suit me. However, I like both of the necklaces, particularly the one one the mannequin in the animal print – it complement nearly everything in my wardrobe.

  27. That mannequin in the orange has muscular thighs. What a difference, compared to the droopy-thigh mannequin. Mannequins made more like real women…like the current times, I never thought this day would come.

  28. Love the outfit on the left — the jacket looks fabulous with those pants. Although I’d probably size down the jacket as it seems a tad too big. I love animal prints and really will never tire of them!!

    I like the coral outfit, but I’d pair the cardigan with a lighter colored pant. The deep coral seems “autumn-ish” to me. It would look wonderful with white pants or even pants in the same shade as the under-shirt.

    The necklaces on both mannequins are too chunky for me, but they do inspire me as to what to pair with each outfit.

  29. Like both outfits, especially the animal print. Thank you so much for the plus size outfits. Put that first dress in my cart.

  30. Overall, these are appealing (the pants, tank and sweater is a 3 piece ‘formula’ I wear a LOT) with a few adjustments. I have narrow shoulders and a small frame so those necklaces are a bit chunky for me. The coral outfit would be a good color for me but at first glance it seems a bit ‘matchy-matchy’; textures might be more different in real life than shows in a photo. The leopard sweater seems boxy but maybe that mannequin needs a small size?

  31. I like the leopard print top & olive pants but wouldn’t wear them right now as they do have more of a fall vibe to them. I would need to see the coral/orange outfit in person to know if it is right for my coloring. I doubt that I would buy the pants as prefer a more subdued bottom & would likely wear the sweater unbuttoned.
    I do have a confession to make. At first glance, I thought the pants were oddly cut in an unflattering way. With a closer look, I realized that the mannequins stopped at the knees & the pants were fine.

  32. LOL…sometimes we have to take a closer look at the mannequins in the display! Thanks for being here, Becky!

  33. I would take the outfit on the left – seems a bit ‘fallish’ for right now. As an aside: I still have my little Christmas tree w/white lights burning. Seems a bit of cheerfulness in such drab times. We in Indiana and in our county are in a semi lockdown. Blessings to all.

  34. Hi Pam,

    I would wear the coral sweater, but with grey or black pants! The orange pants and orange sweater together are just a but too much orange for this lady, (Reminds me of the 70’s colors.) Would wear a shorter necklace that is not so busy.

    Thankyou for the three different slideshows today. I am a petite lg. top and regular misses size 10. You presented me with a lot of different styles!

    I look forward to reading your daily posts as you are so upbeat and your beautiful smile makes me smile! 🙂

  35. Thank you, Sandy! You just made my day! I so appreciate the encouragement…stay safe!

  36. Like both outfits and would wear them both. Denim shirt with collar popped would be my choice under either sweater. With coral/orange (favourite colour) I would wear a couple of different scarves – multi with orange and a blue and white version.
    Ivory shirt under the animal print would be dressy but I think I would nip in that sweater for my shape. I’m short 5’4″ and boxy is not ideal for me.
    Could happily add these pieces to my wardrobe.

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