Over 50 Feeling 40 in JJill Top for Spring 2020

Welcome to Wednesdays with What Should I Wear?  I was planning for a little luncheon reunion with my closest girlfriends from high school…yes, I said high school…but sadly, we had to put it on hold until after the COVID-19 pandemic calms down…especially since all of us are well into our 60s!   But, before it was cancelled I stopped by the JJILL’s 30% off sale to see if I could find something fun.  I walked away with a bag of fun!

Over 50 Feeling 40 in red top from JJill

I gravitated immediately to this red floral print, because it has a bit of an Oriental vibe to it and I have always loved that style of prints. It is offered in different options, but I liked the long tank the best.  The print has red, cream, black and khaki in the design so I tried it on with this tan cardigan and immediately loved it…I was even wearing one of my oriental-style necklaces that day.  This lightweight cardigan comes in many colors, and I knew I had the jacket in the first picture in my closet, so I opted for another spring color I will be wearing on the blog tomorrow for the first day of spring.

Pamela Lutrell for What Should I Wear

I haven’t seen these awesome ladies in several years, so I wanted a look that was “me” and communicated my style adjectives.  I believe this does it.  I feel youthful and current in this look, and can also wear it for work…which I will do this week. (Yes, for all of you who think I am working at home now, that is not the case.  I am still working in my day job office!) I tried on another jacket that I liked, but chose not to bring it home, because I believe I would not wear it that long as the temps heat up and because I liked this look better. This jacket is really cute and I sized down on it in order to get a better fit.  You can see the store manager above has hers on with white pants.

Over 50 Feeling 40 in JJill Plaid Jacket

I also tried it on with the Luxe Supima V-neck easy tee and I had to take home two of these…the feel of this material is amazing.  I took home a white and the light pink I am wearing with the plaid jacket above.  Awesome feeling tee shirts.  The fit and the feel of the garments I purchased were what made the sale for me.  Of course, 30% off the bottom line was a great attraction as well.  

Oriental style jewelry on over 50 feeling 40

These pieces are in my personal collection of costume jewelry, so I wore the necklace and the bracelet (which my son brought to me from Mexico City) and believed they went well with the overall style.  The pants I am wearing are the Quinn Pant from JJill that I added to my wardrobe last year. 


Over 50 Feeling 40 High School Friends at WEDDING

Here I am with my friends at my wedding rehearsal thirty six years ago!!  We may not look the same, but we are a rocking group and no matter how long the time is between visits we just naturally act like we have been around each other the whole time.  We fit together.  Whenever this reunion happens now I will post pictures so you can meet them…but I may wear something different! It just depends when it happens.  Wow, time does fly!  By the way, our high school is planning the 50th Reunion for our Senior Class this summer.  I will have to think about that one!  Hopefully, gatherings will return to calendars soon.  But, I love to meet al of you here, online, every day!  You are great group of friends.

If you were to meet up with old friends, what would your go to outfit be for a lunch?  Please share….enjoy the JJill Slideshow I have for you (I could not find the red floral top online. So sad!)…and always




Hello Spring on Over 50 Feeling 40

By Pamela Lutrell

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