Spring Fashion 2020: Would You Wear It with Pam and Jennifer

Pamela Lutrell asks audience if they would wear clothes in display

Anyone else exhausted after a very intense week (with a time change thrown into the midst of it)?  I know I am, so let’s have some fun and lift our spirits with a little spring 2020 fashion on Would You Wear It? with me and my friend, Jennifer. Also, look farther down for some inspiration from a special woman over 50.  Let’s think on the bright side of life today.

For any of you new to the blog, Saturdays are when Jennifer and I select fashion displays we have discovered around our communities and bring them before you (our own unique fashion board of advisors) and ask what you think.  We want to know if you personally would or would not wear the looks in the displays, and then constructively tell us why or why not they work or don’t work for you.  Please do this with an effort to help other women understand what you think…yes or no answers do not help anyone understand and there are many who love to read each and every comment.

Pamela Lutrell with reviews on Alfani Spring 2020 at Macys

As always, I do not go looking specifically for fabulous style or awful style….I just look for a display that makes me stop and wonder what you would think about the looks and garments.  You can comment on all three in this display or on just one…whatever you like.  I encourage you to think about your body type, your style messages you want to send with. your clothing, your personal colors or color needs this year and age appropriateness.  Those are good benchmarks when deciding how you feel about an outfit.  Maybe. you want to step out of your comfort zone into a new arena…tell us if that is the case…. So, ladies, look my group of three over and tell us……………………………………………………………………………………


Alfani dress and skirt on over 50 feeling 40


Project Runway Designer

This is the third time I have written about Nancy Volpe Beringer.  She is the first over 60 fashion designer to be in the finals of Project Runway and present a collection at New York Fashion Week this year.  I personally believe she should have won, but I am still super proud and inspired by this woman.  After a long financial career, she decided in her late 50s to follow her passion and she went back to school to study fashion design.  She asked herself, “What would I want to learn if I wear young again?” and the answer was fashion design.  Her NY runway show was so inspiring, because she designed high fashion to include everyone… even those who are wheelchair bound and with prosthetics.  Her collection theme was SUS-TAIN-OUR-ABILITY and it was a zero waste collection.  She lives in Philadelphia and I predict will be very busy from now on…her creativity is amazing.  You can read her inspirational story here. 

Or watch the final show of Project Runway Bravo Final Part 2.

Nancy shows us that it truly is never too late to chase a dream.  Does it take dedication and hard work…YES!  But, possibilities are endless for those who are willing to work hard and dream big…even in your 60s!  Thanks Nancy…you go girl!

Now, after you comment on my mannequins, then head on over to  A WELL STYLED LIFE  and tell Jennifer what you think of her look.  I have a fun  slideshow below which includes items from today’s display for those who like them…so I hope you will take time for that as well.  Be hopeful, everyone, and


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. I’m a sucker for a heart motif & I like the heart-patterned top a lot. I don’t wear much black near my face, though, so I’d prefer it in another color.

  2. I don’t like prints too much and the prints here scream “here I am”. I like subtle clothing.
    I’m tired of animal prints so NO to the dress and the skirt. The top is cute. I would wear it in navy, kelly green or cream with the pants.

  3. I actually just bought a top like the heart top (mine has flowers) and I love it. I giggled all day when I wore it. I would definitely try on the dress. I’m intrigued by the pattern appears to flow.

  4. No to the heart print only because I don’t like the sleeve length. Those type of sleeves are bothersome when I’m trying to work on something. The print is fine though. The dress and the skirt are a yes. I love animal prints for spring. I think I’d pair a different blouse with the skirt though. Something more neutral. I’m a dark ginger and that shade of pink wouldn’t suit my coloring.

  5. Yes to the heart top, no to the others. Just do not have any appeal for me But on the right person,who knows! Something for everyone!
    Happy Spting. Hope everyone stays safe and sensible!

  6. I do like the two looks at Center and on right….I would tweak the skirt on far right to hit at my knee. Otherwise, yes would wear this! I might add a chunky necklace!
    I like the dress center too, though I’d have to try it on to see that it’s flattering!
    Unfortunately, the blouson top in black and white isn’t a cut that looks good on me. For somebody else, sure.

  7. Happy to start off the weekend on a cheery note. I like the black and white heart too but it looks like it’s elasticized at the bottom which never works for me. The dress is my style but the wrong colour. I like the skirt and would wear it with a shirt in a different colour – maybe red.

  8. These are definitely not for me. These items don’t have much shape to them, the only piece that has color is not a pink I can wear, and the display looks tired. I’m not wearing animal print, but even if I was, that dress just hangs. So this is a big “no” for me! I’m really not inspired by what I’ve seen for spring.

  9. These animal prints are very depressing to me (including heart print) since they are all in black/white (except the peach top). I want some bright, vivid color in my world and this isn’t it! I like this brand and have have some colorful and striking designs in Alfani clothing, but this is a NO. Alfani you can do better and I’ll be waiting!!

  10. I like the print on the skirt, and I would purchase it, but the other items are not to my taste. I have enough black and white items in my closet to open my own store :-).

  11. I am beginning to get tired of all the animal print so I find myself just accenting with it. The dress and skirt would then be a no for me. I can’t wear blush because of my skin tone so I would choose a different accent color. I personally feel blouson tops add weight to a person and since I am losing weight, this is a style I would not purchase. I am ready for brighter spring colors and this display is rather drab for Spring. Stay healthy everyone and keep these posts coming…we all need some cheer.

  12. I was thinking of you while watching the runway show, knowing Nancy had a great showing. She was inspiring the whole season. As for the clothes, I like the skirt, and could wear that with many styles of top. The heart top would be better for me if the lighter part was at the top and the darker part around the waist to make it appear smaller. Perhaps even tuck it in with a belt instead of the elastic bottom. The dress is nice, but not in a colour that would flatter me. Thanks for all the positive thoughts in your blog, and we appreciate it.

  13. I’m looking for cheerful spring colors so I would pass right by this display.
    I’m sure a scarf or statement necklace would make the dress & heart top spectacular but I’m too exhausted to think about it right now.
    Instead I’ll pop on my brightly striped Talbots sweater w/yellow vest & head out for a few things so we can hunker down at home for awhile. 😊

  14. Yes, the past two weeks have been completely exhausting for me! My father passed away in a different province on March 1. Thankfully, I was able to get there in time to be at his bedside when he went, but the week that followed was very intense and the trip home involved changing time zones at the same time as the time change!

    I really like the look of the heart outfit, but black and white are not flattering for me, especially close to my face. I like the animal print, but a whole dress of it looks a bit overwhelming. I’d pass on the third outfit as well. I like the colour of the top, but I’d prefer a more fitted style.

  15. I often have a black/white outfit in my Spring/Summer closet, that skirt would fit right in, but not with that pink blouse. I am not a big animal print person but I would try the dress on because I think the cute looks like it would be flattering – suggesting but not attempting to hug a waistline. My waistline isn’t much to show off but I like to look like I have one.

    I hope everyone is enjoying Spring weather and staying healthy.

  16. Actually, this season I’m finding the design of the prints themselves very refreshing as different from the norm however like a few other of your readers I have enough black ‘n white and/or animal prints in my closet so would pass on them. As for the bisque (pink) top do love its shade but not its style too much. (Namely its cap sleeve as prefer set-in ones plus not a fan of band necklines unless they are (its sister) the mandarin type.)
    P.S.: Do like a lot of the fashions you have in your slide-show today, Pam.

  17. Love the animal print dress and would definitely wear it! Looking forward to watching the link you provided for Project Runway. I love inspirational stories and your blog! Betty

  18. I live in Florida- it’s a very casual lifestyle here, so I would likely bypass this display in favor of one with more color. I do love the animal prints but prefer to wear it as under layer or as a Tee. I still have fun leopard prints in my closet from LAST time it was in! 🙂

    I am a new member to your site and want to tell you how much I am enjoying it! It’s fun to have a place to go for inspiration for women in our age group! Thanks so much!

  19. None of the outfits today appeal to me because of the colors and styles. I would not be tempted to try on anything, however I did enjoy the slide show. 🙂

  20. All that print is attention grabbing! I would stop and look. My favorite piece is the black/white heart top – very unusual print. The sleeves would drive me crazy though, bunching up under jackets. The dress seems to hang awkwardly. If I worked in an office the skirt would look very modern and professional. Everything is a lot of print however. My mantra for print/bright colors is “just one piece”. Everything else has to be very basic.

  21. Nancy’s joy and her final collection just made me smile! It also makes me smile Diane that you thought of me while watching it. Thank you!

  22. The heart print top is fascinating!!

    The placement of the pattern size and color change on this top would narrow the look of a woman’s shoulders and widen the look of her hips.
    That’s a perfect recipe for my body silhouette but I’m not a fan of the print for me so I would pass on it.

  23. Be safe out there, Lois. The grocery situation was shocking to me…but when people were made in line, I just put a positive spin on it. I will be cooking more…but it’s healthier…right?

  24. So, so sorry to hear about your father, Elaine. I hope you are doing well now that you are back home.

  25. Thank you, Betty. Whenever I find a woman over 50 who is really making a difference and inspiring the rest of us, I will bring her story here. I loved Nancy’s overall story.

  26. Hi Maggie! Welcome! I am so happy to have you join us here. Thanks so much for participating today!

  27. I think I’m in the minority today, because I love animal prints. I really like the animal print dress. The style is flattering and I think I would wear it often.

    I recently purchased a skirt similar to the one shown today. I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of it because I can wear it year round.

    The style of the top is not something that would work for me. It would emphasize my middle and since I am short that would not be flattering.

  28. I absolutely love the b&w heart-patterned blouse (I wear black and/or white 95% of the time) but the neckline is a deal-breaker for me. I’m embarrassed to admit how many years it’s taken me to realize how unflattering a round neckline is on me — I need a V or a collar, anything but that bare round line around my throat. The leopard dress: same problem — I really like leopard prints & the dress is flattering except for the neckline. I very rarely wear dresses now I’m retired so one has to be perfect to get me to buy it. I do like the b&w skirt, though! I’d pass on the blouse (too fussy for me) & would wear it paired with a loose, silky black jacket, white cami, black strappy sandals & lots of silver jewelry 🙂

  29. I would wear the black & white outfit. I’m glad you put it in the slide show for a closer look. I don’t wear many dresses, but I might try it, although I’m not crazy about asymmetrical hems. The pink blouse I might consider under a jacket, but the skirt is a no. I think it would widen my hip & thigh area, & I don’t need that.

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