Editor’s Note: 10 responses women over 50 should have to coronavirus right now

Pamela Lutrell, Editor of Over 50 Feeling 40

Get your coffee, sit down and let’s have a talk about 10 important responses women over 50 can have to the coronavirus situation right now. In just a short amount of time, our world has been rocked and our security shaken.  I work for a public university for strategic communications so I am well aware of monitoring coronavirus constantly and how fast changes are happening.  In fact, by the time this post goes live, who knows what all will change with travel, the economy, medical care, elder care, panic, and anxieties. Many are being stressed to the max and my heart goes out to those who are sick or have sick family members.  

Pamela Lutrell on Over 50 Feeling 40 says let's think differently

Since I dwell in the target group of highest concern, I personally am constantly asking myself…should I be doing this?  Should I be going to the gym, the mall, church, evenings out….work? Things I do everyday and take for granted I am now second guessing if I should do at all.


  1. Stay informed on local, national, and international news. For those who say “I don’t like to watch the news”, it is time you do. Listen carefully to what local, state, and national authorities are recommending.
  2. Prayerfully use common sense after learning what is happening daily. (I know it is tough to cancel trips, but maybe you should)
  3. Stay active – even if that means walking and working out at home. It is important we stay healthy even if we cannot go out to the gym, or classes we usually support. Keep moving and eating properly to take care of your good health if you are blessed to have it.
  4. Stay calm and do not panic. Panic can actually hurt your health.
  5. Be understanding. My grandchildren are not coming to visit as a protective measure for me and my husband.  I am sad about that, but also appreciative.
  6. Be understanding of all leaders…city, state, national, and business. They are in a very difficult place right now and few have experienced anything like this before.  They don’t need naysayers or critics.  They also do not need to be pressed for answers to questions they may not know.  Don’t waste time criticizing…if you can do it better send an email.
  7. Proactive planning. What do I need to have on hand to be in my home for a long time, or if I were to get sick?  (My husband pointed out that we currently do not have a working thermometer or humidifier)
  8. Be checking on people in your neighborhood or your community who you know to be alone. They may simply need someone to help process information with them or show up with a spring flower to brighten their day.  To say “I care about you,” can go a long way for mental health.
  9. Stay positive and patient.  I loved what Tom Hanks said once he found out he and his wife tested positive for the virus.  “Not much more to it than a one-day-at-a-time approach, no?”  Living one day at a time is a positive and healthy way to live….live that one day to the fullest possible.
  10. I will stand on my faith and pray without ceasing. 



We talk daily here about shopping and most of our favorite retailers have already sent reassuring messages that stores are constantly deep cleaned, and hand sanitizer sitting throughout.  If you want to visit a store and you did not get an email from them, then contact them to make sure they have done these things.  But, remember, they are online… and keeping our economy healthy and robust is very important.

Just use YOUR best judgement when it comes to who you will patronize and when.  Tell us…How are you deciding what you should do and not do?


This virus is a moment-to-moment, evolving situation.  We have not been here before and we are all processing it together.  Here on Over 50 Feeling 40, I will keep life status quo as much as possible.  There will be mannequins to look at tomorrow, for Would You Wear It? and more fun posts for next week.  I do not believe I am to be anxious or weary on this site, but confident, hopeful and joyful.  Remember to


Pamela Lutrell for Omron Healthcare

By Pamela Lutrell


  1. You’ve got very positive advice there. The note about a working thermometer is important.
    My husband has been informing me of his temperature every day now (he’s not sick and hasn’t been exposed to anyone who is) for a week!
    I am not someone who shops at Costco and I don’t keep a lot of extra inventory around my house, so this has been a bit of a challenge, having to think about what I might need.

  2. It is a challenge. I reacted to what to stock much slower than everyone else! Lol…about your husband! Thanks for sharing, Rose.

  3. Thank you so much, Pam, for this wonderful advice. I am going to print your list of 10 responses and keep it handy. I will share it with friends and my sisters!

    Sending good thoughts and positive vibes to you and your readers!

    Take care everyone!

  4. In the midst of all that is going on in our world today, you are a voice of reason. The Urban Farmer has always advocated “being prepared”. So many folks shop for a few days and don’t have any extra supplies or a place to put them. We made Costco and Trader Joe’s runs before people started getting sick in our area. One of your readers pointed out the plight of the homeless. To my eyes, being homeless would be stressful enough, but add in this virus and it multiplies their problems. Being in poor health would not be a good place to be at any point and especially now. My heart goes out to folks in those circumstances. I thank our Elohim that He has blessed us with good health, common sense and the ability to care for ourselves. Prayers for you and yours, Miss Pamela!

  5. Extremely worthy advice, Pamela. We (am a Canadian) are being told to contact our Municipal Public Health Dept. in event we suspect symptoms and in the area I’m in, am receiving continuous updates from my Health Care provider instructing us to do the same. As a result; many of the hospitals have now set up ‘outdoor segregated’ screening and testing for those who have contacted either and in turn have been advised to go to the hospital Emergency Ward. To conclude; to ALL your readers and those in particular who reside just south of my country’s border (as always have felt blessed to have you as our neighbour), stay safe and healthy.

    Footnote: I live in a metropolitan city with several large hospitals and we are still in winter mode (cold and still wearing gloves) so perhaps to a small degree that is helping to contain it as to date have had four cases in the past three days all of whom were returnees from hot spots.

  6. So glad to have you as a neighbor, Brenda! Thanks for giving us the Canadian perspective. Stay warm!

  7. Will check on where our thermometer is right now! AM staying home most of the time anyway as I am recovering from a round of surgeries for non life-threatening issues!Have enough food,sanitizer, toilet paper, paper towels, wipes, etc that we can survive. In Fla we prepare for hurricanes and this isn’t too terribly much different! With the exception of cancellations. I am used to shoppiing on line for most thing(not groceries,yet). So if everyone uses common sense about what you are doing and where you are, we should be fine.Praying that it is so.

  8. Had to cancel an upcoming trip to Seattle for my husband’s sake (71 & lung issues) but I know there will be lots of future trips to more than make up for this small sacrifice. A good friend of mine has cancelled a spring break trip to Cancun, not because anyone in her group is at excess risk but because the state department has cautioned they may be unable to return on the back side of the trip without possibly ending up in a quarantine situation. Meanwhile, my exercise buddy and I have been meeting in town for lovely walks, and that’s been a nice change of pace actually. I will appreciate a return to the Y when prudent. My parents, in the most independent “cottages” within a retirement/nursing community, are quarantined to their place and have meals being delivered for the time being. I drop off groceries, mail and whatever else they need and so far have not been restricted from visiting with them. We live at some distance from town, on a small ranch. As such, I have a very spacious and well stocked pantry, so feel well supplied in that regard.
    Sorry you’ll miss the visit you were planning with the grandkids. Hopefully summer will bring a return to life as normal.

  9. As always, you are right on target. We are a bit apprehensive as my husband is facing imminent health issues and are wondering how our Canadian health care system will cope with all the extra burdens. Other than that, we are living our lives and staying in touch with family.

  10. Thanks so much ,Pam, such a calm read after yesterday’s disaster of of a day! I am also a Canadian neighbour . We are all cancelling our vacations, Hawaii,UK,Disneyland,France. So we will have time to stay in our neighbourhood & I will make a point of checking on our elderly frail friend.
    Looking forward to seeing your manakin tomorrow.
    Hand washing & exercise !

  11. San Antonio just rescheduled our biggest two week event. Fiesta will now begin November 5…everyone here is in shock but glad it will still happen. Interesting times!

  12. Thank you for the timely tips as we face these challenging days and weeks ahead. We have canceled trips and hopefully are well stocked with essentials. We’re trying to avoid large crowds. The grandchildren here are getting at least a second week of spring break, and everything seems to be shutting down. The ski areas here in Colorado are especially hit hard, and those over 60 have been advised not to go to the mountains. Pam, please stay well, positive, and I look forward to your “would you wear it” tomorrow. We all need some fun diversions!

  13. What wonderful, commonsense, logical, down-to-earth advice! I haven’t panicked or gone around either professing gloom and doom or running down our government because “somebody needs to do something!” Neither of those things help and actually can make it worse for everyone! What we can do is be mindful and take precautions to hopefully avoid becoming sick or causing others to be at risk. And Pam, I agree 100 percent – Stand on faith and pray without ceasing!

  14. Great and Down to Earth advice! Thank you. Just listened to a woman quarantined in Italy and her advice got me thinking too.
    If SHE had to do it over she’d have Prepared better by having 3-4 weeks if food and household items in her home. She did not do this and wishes she had. Not a years worth mind you, just 3-4 weeks worth. Your advice on thermometer is very good! Luckily we gave these items!

  15. My tip would be to listen to the experts. There is a lot of false, misleading and inaccurate information out there, unfortunately. Your county/state health departments are hopefully disseminating timely, accurate information. Listen to the experts.

  16. Thank you Pam for your good advice and always I can feel the spirit of your faith in a post like this. I agree completely with your list of things to do. May we all stay well.

  17. I teach junior high school in Ohio, and we are under orders to shut down. I had upped my classroom sanitization prior to this, which was all I could do. I haven’t really worried about it, as I felt I had done all I could. We had to cancel an Alaskan cruise, which was supposed to be our fortieth wedding anniversary trip and a bucket list wish of many years. That was hard, but we felt we could not look forward to the trip with anticipation. I am practicing the serenity prayer, quite successfully. There are a lot of things out of our control. We need to be grateful for each day and kind to one another.

  18. Hey just throwing this out there…if you don’t have the almighty Clorox Wipes or Lysol, you can make disinfectant by combining 4 teaspoons of household bleach with one quart of water, according to CDC. Make sure you clean the surface first with soap and water or other cleaner, then spray disinfectant and let it air dry. Hydrogen peroxide 3% is good to use as well, but not ammonia. I have a husband with lung issues and diabetes, so gotta say I’m on high alert. I’m a teacher of young children and I’m glad to say we are closed for the next two weeks, minimum. Thanks Pamela for all your good advice!

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