Pamela Lutrell in ZOZO jacket from Dillards

Welcome, Spring Chickens!  It is the time to think about spring renewal for women over 50.  Spring is the best time for a refresh of your style…brush off…brighten up…and look to something new for uniquely you.  I am not just talking about shopping for new clothes, but this week will bring you some ideas of how to refresh your current style.  If you have been contemplating a reinvention like I did when I turned 50, then now is the perfect time to dive right in.

Everywhere I went this week, there was new planting going on.  Flowers are replacing dried up beds of foliage, retail windows are displaying bright colors and groceries are pulling forward the healthy colorful produce.  Though you may be cold or wet, it is time to let the sun shine inside and put a spring in your step.


Pamela Lutrell in Winter 2020 look

 Here is how I looked the last week of February…this is a typical work style for me.  I love a strong neutral column of color underneath a topper. In March, I was ready to lighten up a bit, but it has still been cool (forecast next week goes up to the 80s).  I am still wearing my column but changed it up a bit like this.

Over 50 Feeling 40 in Spring Style by Dillards

I am wearing the scarf and the topper together in order to show you both, but when I wear this topper this week I will go lighter with a necklace that has pink in it.  The ZOZO topper and the Eileen Fisher silk scarf where both on clearance racks at Dillard’s when I visited recently.  This topper can get a lot of mileage.  One of the ways to transition from one season to another is to shop the sales and use those pieces for going into the next season.  I was surprised to find the EF scarf on clearance but it is lovely and springlike and will work so well when I begin to drop off the third piece in the heat. 

You can see that it breathes and has vibrant red and pink in it.  It will look great with a casual top and jeans…and I wish I had owned for the rodeo.  For the price I paid, I will have an amazingly low cost per wear oh this.  I can still feel colorful but not get cold while waiting for the weather to warm up.  The tip is to just add a touch of color whether in a scarf, necklace or topper to begin moving toward spring…it will brighten your spirits as well….though it may be awhile before you see a change in the weather. Also, last week we discussed going to lighter neutrals and this year, navy is everywhere…so we can all lighten our black to navy.  I must confess I love black all of time, but have made a personal goal this spring and summer to wear more blue.

Renewal requires opening yourself up to new ways of thinking

This is also such a fun time to think about stepping out in something new and refreshing.  The best way to do this is to hit a store you love and take into the dressing room some new items which will stretch your boundaries…try a lot on and do not be worried if you walk away with no purchase.  (Just help the sales associates hang up and return the clothes to stock!). But this is a great way to learn.  Take a friend or family member to offer their opinions too.  

This first slideshow is from the display yesterday.  The clothing is Bryn Walker at Dillards.  I only found the pieces after the post had been live a while, so here are some of the items for those who loved them.

Another Woman Decides to Refresh

Last week, I heard from Christa who had found me on Pinterest.  She landed on an old post I had written for another site and was frustrated, because in that post I warned against wearing horizontal stripes, yet in other posts she had seen me in them.  Probably a look like this…..

Pamela Lutrell with What Should I Wear

I explained that I have been blogging for ten years, and learned so much.  The fit of the garment is more important than anything.  If horizontal stripes are designed to compliment and fit well, then they are a go…Like this top I am wearing from The Loft. But, I really felt bad that I had confused her.  I have learned so much over the years and would caution against many of the early posts!!  I wanted to help Christa because she is ready for a refresh.  her challenges are her petite size and she was as horrified at looking over Spring Trends as many of us were.  I explained my Foundational Five/Style Messages to her and she was intrigued.  So, Christa would like to see ideas for a refresh for a wardrobe that communicates that she is practical, classic, youthful and fun.  Today’s slideshow features looks for Christa and women like her…patience for some of you because this is a petite focused slideshow!



By Pamela Lutrell

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