Would You Wear It with Pam & Jennifer with Spring Fashions for Women over 50

Pamela Lutrell with Would You Wear It and Spring 2020 styles

Happy Saturday and welcome to a new Spring 2020 edition of Would You Wear It with me and my friend,  Jennifer.  On this day, we each find a fashion display while out and about that makes us stop and wonder what you would think of the styles.  We want to know if you would or would not wear the garments as styled on the mannequins.  

Please keep your comments personal and explain why these outfits do or do not work for you…be constructive with your evaluations.  It helps other women to understand what might or might not work for them. 

Eileen Fisher Spring Fashions at Dillards

I found this grouping of three and thought…Hmmmm, what would the ladies think of these? You do not have to comment on all three.  If you like just tell us about one…but, of course, I encourage you to evaluate all three if you have the time.

Eileen Fisher fashions at Dillards

So tell us……………………………………WOULD YOU WEAR IT?

Once you comment here, then please go to A Well Styled Life and tell Jennifer and her audience what you think of her display.   Also, I finally located these garments online…they are by Bryn Walker.



I am so sorry that I got busy with spring and paused the reader style messages for a little while.  Today, I am looking to inspire Kathe and women like her.  Kathe wants to communicate with her wardrobe that she is creative, classic, composed, comfortable and colorful.  Love those adjectives so much!  Kathe, I hope your find the selections below will communicate what you want to say to the world about you.  Again, if anyone else needs some inspiration with your spring wardrobe, then email me at over 50 feeling 40@gmail.com and tell me the five adjectives you want to say with your clothing.  Then I will do a slideshow for you!  Note:  There is a solid white shirt here, but I included it because it is a beautiful shirt and someone with classic style would appreciate it.  Also, I included two colorful, boho type tops only because I know Kathe lives in San Antonio and Fiesta is just around the corner. So I thought she might be interested in seeing what I found!). 



Spring forward your clocks tonight….wash your hands often….and, of course,…KEEP SMILING!

By Pamela Lutrell


  1. These are definitely not working for me. The green reminds me of pajamas and looks too bulky overall. The wide crops are something I don’t wear because I don’t like the proportions, and that top with the belt seems much too large, bulky. The striped pants are also a no, and the black top looks too big. I like things that are more fitted. This display looks haphazard, like they had to get it done in a hurry without much thought. Or maybe it’s just that I’m not impressed with what they have rolled out for spring. I think that’s it.

  2. I’m excited that full leg linen crops are trending! YAY! I just splurged on more of them! That said, I would wear all of the crops pictured. Paired with a semi-fitted top, to me it balances the silouette. Loose + Loose is a tricky look. Sometimes heels can make it work?

      1. I wear navy and other deeper blues often and it’s one of my go to colors! Yay. I gravitate to the outfit on the right, navy top, stripe pant. Live it. It’s me! I would add a long necklace, something casual.
        The other two outfits are just not me!

  3. I actually love all of these looks. Love the colors, love the belt. All of the tops and bottoms could be used independently, and with different styled accessories, to provide many different looks.

  4. I like the striped pants, but I would pair with a different blouse. The one pictured is too boxy for my body type. The green outfit for me is a no go. No structure doesn’t work for me anymore. The crops are not for me either or the belted tunic. That outfit and the green one would accent every thing I’m always trying to disguise.

  5. With the exception of the striped pants and only because of their fabric; a definite ‘no’ to all three as too unstructured for my liking and body type. Also as a hobby sewer feel at best, with a little patience a first time sewer could easily and successfully whip up all three outfits due their simplicity and minimal fitting. With that said; I do however like several items in your slide show today . i.e.: Soft Surroundings — particularly the Work of Art Shirt and the Carrera Dunes Dress.

  6. I would wear each & every one of these looks! They all spell COMFORT to me!
    My favourite is the chartreuse outfit, bold & beautiful! All are very versatile & adding accessories definitely will change the look. Bold, chunky jewellery would accentuate each of the outfits! Thanks for the inspiration Pam.

  7. I like the blue striped pants. I would wear them with a white or navy vneck tshirt. The top pictured is too full for the full pants. The hot green outfit is too much for me — too much fabric and too much color. I would not wear the striped top or the wide capris shown. I avoid belts like that. If a top is so flowy that it needs a belt, I would not wear it.
    Happy Saturday!

      1. Love love love the green! I’d wear the top open over a cami, it would go with go with many things. I’d have slits put it so I could belt it front only. Lots of fun as a topper. The navy cropped top and pants would be the first outfit I’d try on first because of the colours. (But I don’t need any more wide-legged pants, have enough lol) Perfect colour and cut. The other look is ok but generic, just not my style. This was a fun one. Ty. Happy weekend!

  8. I am not a fan of wide pants paired with wide tops. If the bottom is wide, the top needs to be more fitted and structured. Of course that means the opposite is true. Skinny pants can be worn with a wider more flowing top. The striped wide-legged pants are a style I would like to try. I think if they fit properly, they would make your legs looks so much longer. I am definitely on the lookout for a pair of full length wide legged pants since they seem to be a fashion trend for Spring.

  9. I love that green! No, I would not wear the entire outfit at once, but I can see myself in the top or the pants with white, blue jean, or even grey.
    I also like the striped pants and agree with Sheryl that the top is too boxy to go with those pants. I’d go for a slimmer top.
    Normally I don’t wear two linen things together, I’ll mix with a slim knit so I’m not looking wrinkled from head to toe.

  10. I love these. The stripe is not my favorite but they all look good. This look is so much more classic to me then the tight, precise look that is not pretty. I love loose linen, especially in the South.

  11. If I were to venture away from my present style of more calm, put together looks, it would be to these vibrant ones. I’m tall and slim and can carry the volume. The chartreuse outfit would be perfect for summer events when going for a creative vibe. I especially like it because it is playful and would allow me to be creative in my choice of accessories. In this case one time I might wear it with a large, dramatic, multicolored scarf picking up a contrasting color from the scarf for my sandals. Another look might be to wear my largest dramatic earrings and bracelets. Or a simple straw hat and flat, leather thong sandals. These are fun looks.

  12. I’m not a fan of the big floppy unstructured look. It’s just too much fabric that would get in the way of doing anything – get caught on door knobs, stuck in car doors, etc. Don’t need the vertical stripes either.

    The slide show has some styles I’d wear – the yellow blazer paired with dark wash jeans is nice, the red V neck with long sleeves looks good, although I’d like it better in the coral color of the next blouse in the slide show. That’s usually what happens – I like a style, but not crazy about the color, and I like a color but not the style. The bedazzled jewel sandals are nice, as long as the heel height is not extreme. Anything over 2″ feels extreme to me anymore.

  13. I love the striped pants.I think the top is short enough to let you still have a waistline rather than seeming too voluminous.The green I would admire on others.The black and white outfit is like so much that I already have

  14. I would wear the striped pants and the top, but not together. I would put a more fitted shirt with the pants. The green outfit, not my color at all, and as others have said look more like pajamas. I like the crops, but would have to try them on, the top maybe with leggings or pointe pants.

  15. i wore outfits like this back in the 70’s! Now I’m not a fan of full tops with full pants, so I wouldn’t wear the outfits pictured. I think the striped pants paired with a chambray denim shirt tied at the waist would work for me. Big chunky jewelry and wedge sandals would complete the look. Love the slideshow today! 😎 Enjoy your weekend, Pam!

  16. Okay . . . I really like the striped pants, AND, I would like to see it paired with the cute white linen blouse tied at the midriff shown in Jennifer’s slideshow this morning. I also like the wide-leg crop pants and feel they could be worn with so many different tops (but not the overly long striped one shown).

  17. A bit sassy and summer ready! The off the body cut would be cooling to wear on the hottest of days. The navy crops deserve a better top than the belted tunic—the length of the top is disproportionate to those pants, but would be lovely with something else. Grab a big sun hat and you’re ready to go with these.

  18. I really prefer the long over lean silhouette, which is better for my body type. However, I know the wide leg pant is trending. I could not wear it with such oversized tops. When I finally buy a pair, they will be full length, a dark solid fabric, and I will wear something more fitted on top. I like the green color and the stripes, though.

  19. I like the colours and fabrics of each outfits but the shape isn’t flattering on me.. Happy to see lots of green for this spring – one of my favourite colours and has been hard to find the last couple of seasons.

  20. I would wear the striped pants, a totally I DO wear the striped pants! I have a pair very similar. The black top is a little too bodied for me. I would want something a little longer. The neckline is good though. I wouldn’t wear the green, although I like the color. It would just overwhelm my small frame.

  21. It’s a no for all of these for me. Though the green outfit looks comfortable, the color would look absolutely awful on me, & there is too much bulk. The wide legged cropped pants with the striped tunic would be very unflattering on my short chubby frame. The short top is too short & wide for me, & I’m just not ready to jump on the wide leg pants trend.

  22. While these look comfortable, the tops would overwhelm my frame and the proportions seem off to my eye. So, no to all three for me.

  23. I like the striped linen slacks, stripes elongates the leg which I like even though I’m tall. Dillard’s doesn’t give the length of the leg so I’d have to try on to see if it would work. Crops can make the the calf look heavy depending on where it hits.
    The crop top seems a bit too oversized for me, more fitted would be better.
    The green outfit if you’re super svelte could be smashing but I like more fitted clothes, maybe because of my height.
    Statement belts are a favorite of mine & I think I could work with striped mini, belted with tights & a long necklace or scarf to breakup the horizontal stripes.
    I found these mannequins more to my liking than many, thanks Pam.

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