Pamela Lutrell with Would You Wear It and Spring 2020 styles

Happy Saturday and welcome to a new Spring 2020 edition of Would You Wear It with me and my friend,  Jennifer.  On this day, we each find a fashion display while out and about that makes us stop and wonder what you would think of the styles.  We want to know if you would or would not wear the garments as styled on the mannequins.  

Please keep your comments personal and explain why these outfits do or do not work for you…be constructive with your evaluations.  It helps other women to understand what might or might not work for them. 

Eileen Fisher Spring Fashions at Dillards

I found this grouping of three and thought…Hmmmm, what would the ladies think of these? You do not have to comment on all three.  If you like just tell us about one…but, of course, I encourage you to evaluate all three if you have the time.

Eileen Fisher fashions at Dillards

So tell us……………………………………WOULD YOU WEAR IT?

Once you comment here, then please go to A Well Styled Life and tell Jennifer and her audience what you think of her display.   Also, I finally located these garments online…they are by Bryn Walker.



I am so sorry that I got busy with spring and paused the reader style messages for a little while.  Today, I am looking to inspire Kathe and women like her.  Kathe wants to communicate with her wardrobe that she is creative, classic, composed, comfortable and colorful.  Love those adjectives so much!  Kathe, I hope your find the selections below will communicate what you want to say to the world about you.  Again, if anyone else needs some inspiration with your spring wardrobe, then email me at over 50 feeling and tell me the five adjectives you want to say with your clothing.  Then I will do a slideshow for you!  Note:  There is a solid white shirt here, but I included it because it is a beautiful shirt and someone with classic style would appreciate it.  Also, I included two colorful, boho type tops only because I know Kathe lives in San Antonio and Fiesta is just around the corner. So I thought she might be interested in seeing what I found!). 



Spring forward your clocks tonight….wash your hands often….and, of course,…KEEP SMILING!

By Pamela Lutrell

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