Today’s Positive News for Women Over 50

Pam Lutrell features headlines for women over 50

Good morning, ladies.  Let’s turn off the television and set aside the newspaper and focus on Today’s Positive News for Women Over 50.  These are headlines I curate from many sources in order to bring to you the most positive, helpful, and hopeful news during this extraordinary and difficult time around the world.  I so hope all of you are safe, virus-free, and have family members who are safe.  I want to first thank the medical professionals on the front lines of the war and those who are serving in their communities.  Thank you for coming together at a time when so much assistance is needed.  One of the biggest headlines is to see how citizens young and old are helping and encouraging one another.


Bake away your stress on Over 50 Feeling 40

Who knew baking could be so beneficial?  This story ran throughout the United States and I am proud to say the faculty member is from the university where I work.  So enjoy the findings of Dr. Mary McNaughton-Cassill in this report Experts confirm: Baking really is the best way to alleviate stress…then get out the chocolate chips!!  We need that stress relief…right?


Helping women remove gel polish

Each day that goes by, there are more cries from women who miss their salon appointments…nails are a mess and hair is graying!  Good Morning America decided to help us out with a lesson on How to Remove the Gel Polish at Home.  Some of you, I know, may need to check it out. 


How potato soup helped heal from COVID-19

Here is some encouragement from the field of those fighting COVID-19.  A 90-year-old woman in a nursing home in Washington state has beaten the virus.  She gives credit to GOD AND POTATO SOUP!  I believe that’s one powerhouse team!


Coffee is the answer on over 50 Feeling 40

Most of you are aware that I drink and love my coffee…so this headline jumped out at me from INC, a reputable publication,….SCIENCE PROVED DRINKING COFFEE HELPS IMPROVE BRAIN FUNCTIONING AND SLOW AGING.  NOW RESEARCH SHOWS COFFEE CAN ALSO HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT AND BODY FAT.  YASSSSS! is all I have to say!


Today's News for Women over 50I know some of you are passionate about supporting brands who assist others during this time.  Here are three articles which mention fashion and beauty brands you may want to say thank you to with your business.

From Forbes: Fashion and Beauty Brands helping during pandemic

From InStyle:  Fashion brands helps during COVID-19

From Allure:  29 Beauty Brands Giving Back with support


From Instagram for Today's News

There is nothing to click on here…I have been doing online meetings all week, so when I saw this on Instagram @tx_laney, I thought it was so true and so funny.  This is for those of you working at home.

Laughter heals on over 50 feeling 40

Now, I love Christian Comedian Chondra Pierce…she is very funny.  So, if you need a laugh go here: Christian comic hosts event in her living room:  People could us some laughs.   That also is true…laughter is especially healing at a time like this. It may just be you in the room and chances are, it is just you in the room, so you may laugh even louder!

Feel free to add you own positive news stories here or comment on any or all of these.  It helps so much to look for the silver linings!  Stay hopeful…stay home…and 

Remember, in our social distancing world, your smile is the way you send hugs!  Stay safe…and


Yesterday, the slide show featured affordable fun handbags for Spring…how about shoes?  Let’s do it………


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. I do have an upbeat story. I was listening to the news this morning on a local station, and a factory in our area is working on a specialized sterilization method to sanitize hospital masks to be able to reuse up to 10 times. Hospitals in the area are already to try as soon as ready. This would help tremendously for our front line workers. Fingers crossed this gets up and running fast. Manufacturers are already changed over to produce the plastic face shields as well. There is always some good out there. Also, how do you find the Zoom meetings when there are more than 6 people trying to get in the conversation? Good sleuthing today Pamela.

  2. Your collection of upbeat stories is always welcome. Brenda Coffey had a post the other day about Ralph Lauren’s company providing masks and doctor’s coats. The American people are pulling together, except for the trolls who are hoarding toilet paper. tx_laney is my oldest daughter who lives in McKinney, Texas. She has been spending her workdays teleconferencing from home.

  3. I had a cut & highlight appointment scheduled for last Saturday. On Thursday my stylist called & said there was a rumor that the governor of our state was going to issue an immediate order to close all salons.
    She said that if I could get there asap, she’d still do my hair. I raced to the salon but it is a 45 minute trip. The governor issued the shut down order but I got into the salon.
    It was the first time in my life that I wondered if I was going to be hauled off to jail with foils in my hair!

  4. Love all you slide presentations. Somehow I will buy from a trusted source rather than hearsyay So please continue curating the various tiems. Also where is that potato soup recipe. After you mentioned soup awhile back, I bought some chiken soup packets,maybe it will cure this virus too. Started sewing today, the puzzle was getting boring-too hard,too many pieces. Best wishes for all out there,it has to get better!

  5. Thanks for sharing, Diane! This is positive news. We had a video conference on Friday that had about 10 people in it. Someone has to be the moderator so people don’t step all over each other. Otherwise, it is chaos!

  6. Wow, Donna…I just now connected you with your Instagram handle. Sorry about that…but I loved this graphic and you sent it to me. I did LOL when I saw it.Now, I know who you are on IG.

  7. So funny…but I would have rushed into there as well. My salon is in a Fitness Center so I am hoping they will open both back up soon. My appointment is in two weeks though.

  8. I was especially interested in the articles about what fashion and beauty brands are doing to help during the pandemic. Perhaps I’ll share some of this information on my own blog and encourage my readers to support these brands.

    As for positive stories, here’s one I’d like to share: Robin Thorneycroft is my daughter-in-law.

  9. I heard a story this morning about some young people who are volunteering at a local food pantry so the older volunteers can stay at home & the pantry can still function. One of our automotive factories will be manufacturing ventilators instead of car parts. We need to focus on the positives at times like these. Thank you for doing your part.

  10. There really have been a lot of positives and I am happy to share those stories! Thanks Becky!

  11. Good, positive articles! I can personally vouch for cooking and baking being good for the soul! The whole creative process is therapeutic! Good to hear about coffee! Even if it wasn’t true, I’d be pretending it is! Potato soup is a winner every time! Wonderful comfort food! I went for a very long walk outside today and noticed how friendly and upbeat the other walkers were. Fresh air can be very uplifting!

  12. Fresh air can be uplifting. I also think people want to be friendlier and kinder right now. That is refreshing as well. Thanks Karen!

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