Fashion Over 50: Would You Wear It with Pam and Jennifer

Pamela Lutrell hosts Would You Wear It on March 28 2020

Time for Would You Wear It? with me and my friend, Jennifer.  Somehow, both of us took extra mannequin pictures before we were literally sent  home by officials, so we have this week and next week of taking you to the malls.  After that, we will need to see what is happening in our country and hopefully it will not be too long before we are back to “business.”   I hope everyone this morning is safe…at home…feeling good..and ready to have some fashion display fun.

If you are new to our Saturday event,  we take images of fashion displays that make us wonder if you would wear the outfits as shown.  Then we ask you to tell us and explain, personally why they would or would not work for you.  The other readers love the comments on these posts and learn from them.  So, be constructive…this is more than just about personal tastes…tell us from a constructive point-of-view if they do or do not work with your body type, coloring, lifestyle, etc.  

Look my display over.  You may comment on one or all three of the mannequins…your choice…have fun with it and tell us, ladies….


Macys dress on over 50 feeling 40


Pamela Lutrell searches for warm weather handbags

This past week, I posted a fabulous handbag from Johnny Was in THIS POST and it was loved by several, yet rejected for a high price.  I told Sharon I would look for some fun affordable handbags. I confess, I had so much fun doing this that now I want a new handbag…one, two or three!  Well, here is what I have found so far.  Enjoy this first slideshow today……



Pamela Lutrell on Over 50 Feeling 40

I hope everyone is feeling at peace…grateful…hopeful…and healthy today. I also hope your family is safe and well.  Make sure you go by A WELL STYLED LIFE and comment on Jennifer’s display.  Then return here for some more fun fashion that is on sale…so many sales right now and I do want to support my favorite retailers when I possible.


Remember, in our social distancing world, your smile is the way you send hugs!  Stay safe…stay home…and



By Pamela Lutrell


  1. I love the print on both the blouse and the dress. I would wear both, although I would probably choose the blouse, only for the fact that I could wear it to work and with jeans on the weekend. While it’s perhaps a bit dark for spring, it has lots of great detailing. Besides, it will be another couple of months before I switch to my spring/summer wardrobe (we’re bound to get at least one more snow storm in April).

  2. Interesting display! I like the look of the dress on right and blouse on left, better though, if V-neck. The wide legged pant looks great on mannequin, but not sure on me. (Something I really need to try on.)
    The center dress is cute but I don’t like the color for me. My lifestyle right now doesn’t involve many dresses like this and at my age it shows a lot of skin that is not very attractive. Lol.

  3. Love the blouse. The others nos so much.really likes the purse slideshow. Hard to decide on those!
    Had nice dinner delivered by Carrabbas ,even included bread and dipping sauce. Ate by candlelight(per your suggestion). recommended doing a delivered dinner as a break in the routine during these different times. and don’t watch too much tv. It is enough to make even our President not smile. Best to all. America should have the cleanest drawers in the world,according to what my friends are doing these days!Hope everyone had a productive weekend. I am going to sew!(I think)we;ll see,

  4. Today’s offerings, while pretty and interesting, are not my cup of tea. I don’t wear mustard and the prints are too dark. Enjoy your weekend. Thunderstorms here…

  5. This display seems a little better, not so “rushed.” The top is a definite “no” because of the neckline, and only because of the neckline. That is not flattering to me. The cut is good and the print is something I’d have to try, but the top, NO because of the neckline. I’m way over bell bottoms so no to the pants. The dress in the print is something I’d try because I like the cut. Just not sure about the fabric, but I think I’d try it on. The one in the middle, probably not, though I like the style for summer. I’m just not into all the flounces but can see how it would be appealing to many. I hope things do return to normal very quickly. I’m kind of bothered by the idea that with all the online shopping going on, and being more or less forced into it if we need something, that people will warm to the idea more and the brick and mortar stores will start to drift away. I seriously hope I’m wrong because there is just so much pleasure to going to the actual stores with a friend and trying on clothes. My sister and I have high hopes that our spring shopping weekend will go on as planned, but of course if we have to push it out, we will. Just want stores to reopen and do a vigorous business!

  6. I am with you, Karen…hoping we see our storefronts still in operation. Thanks for being here.

  7. I would surely try on the dress on the right and the outfit on the left. The dress in the middle is the wrong colour for me and the straps just won’t work at this age. The blouse would be better if it had a lower neckline and not sure about the bell sleeves. I do like the embellished shoulders and seams down the front. The floral dress is great with sleeves and fit, so would add a statement necklace in the blue colour for me. I enjoyed the purse slide show and especially liked the red polka dot and the blue circle bag. Great sleuthing for us. I was able to get outside yesterday to work in the yard and that was the most normal I have felt in weeks. Big smiles to you! Oh, and I am not going to start to shop online now, since I never have, so will wait for stores to reopen…fingers crossed, to support them.

  8. I like the print on the dress and blouse. I’d have to see the blouse on me as it has lots of ruffles and elastic. The print dress is the wrong style for me, as is the sundress. I like the color of the pants, but prefer a pair with less flair.

  9. The blouse is pretty but has too much going on for my style … big print, big sleeves, peplum, large seams, -and- shoulder ruffle. The mustard dress is not me in any way, unless I wore a denim jacket or something with it, and even then I don’t care for the deep flounce. The dress on the right looks like a flattering cut and might hide the tummy. Regardless, it is a -lot- of flowers, and even if it turned out to be flattering, I would have to check the flower placement to make sure one didn’t land plop over one of my breasts. Overall, it is probably too distinctive a piece for me, as I like to wear more simple things I can layer and dress up to suit my individual style to get maximum mileage out of my wardrobe.

  10. I agree, the print with all that yellow isn’t my favorite. I like the cut of the dress. The ruching is flattering.

  11. I love the William Morris look of the print. Very pre-Raphaelite. I like the lines of the dress and would try it on if for nothing else to see how the colors looked on me and where the pattern fell on me. I think the looks displayed could be easily incorporated into existing wardrobes–except for the yellow sundress which stylistically looks out of place here.

  12. Far left outfit – I love blue but this print is too big for me. and I’m not a fan of statement sleeves. The top would look better with staight leg white jeans not flared because the top is flowy.
    Middle dress – No to the color, the flounce, the fitted top and the straps. It needs a jean jacket.
    Right dress – I like the cut of the dress not the print. It’s too big. If the dress was navy with tiny white or light blue polka dots I would wear it.

  13. I like the blouse and the print dress, but I’m very petite so the print would be overpowering. The mustard dress is cute, but shows way to much skin for me.

  14. I second what April says. I don’t dislike the blouse, but it is way too much fabric for a petite. The mustard dress is too bare. Of all the pieces I like the print dress the best. Would prefer a straight hem. This one looks like it is clinging to the wearer’s legs.

  15. The cut of the dress appeals to me, however, I don’t care for that print. I recently bought a print dress that has the same lines My dress is a blue and white swirl pattern that says “spring” to me. I have a short neck and a large bust so the blouse wouldn’t flatter me even in another print/color. I think I’ll stick to slim or straight-legged pants! The orange dress is too bare for me.

  16. I love the colours navy and gold in two of the mannequins. I would prefer to have the right one as I like the neckline and the sleeves. I have lost a bit of weight so would prefer a snugger look and trummer arms. I really do not care for bell shaped sleeves now.Might wear the dress over jeans, heggings or navy tights. Love the handbag selection. Stay safe and at home.

  17. I love the look of the outfit on the left and would definitely try it on. Bell sleeves can be somewhat annoying and I’d have to see if the waist fit me in the right place as I’m quite long in the body, but I do love the look. I’m not sure about wearing bell bottoms again… been there, done that… but I like the colour and fit of the pants. The dress in the middle is a no for me. I think it’s better suited to someone younger. I do like the dress on the right and would definitely try it on. The print is louder than I usually wear, but the colours are good for me and I like the style.

    I agree with Karen. I much prefer shopping in person and I’m concerned about how this pandemic shutdown is going to affect the brick and mortar stores.

  18. I very much like the print on the blouse and dress. Not sure the blouse would work for me. I like the look of bell sleeves, but too often they are a hindrance. The style of the dress is quite interesting. I’d love to try it on to see how it looks.

    Although the color of the sundress in the middle is great, the style is not appealing to me. I don’t care for the twisted bodice with the spaghetti straps. The proportions seem off. That color is just fabulous, though!

  19. I love the print fabric — very much my colours — but find both the blouse & the dress overly fussy for my style & round necklines do me no favour. The mustard sundress: I wear mustard well & I like the style even with that wide flounce, but I’m past the age where a lot of exposed skin is flattering. I might wear it with a wrap & high strappy sandals for supper at a nice beach-side restaurant (if we’re ever able to dine in public again). Thanks for this reminder of less crazy times, btw. My husband & I are doing fine — we’re retired with plenty of projects to keep us busy & our (Canadian) government seems to be staying on top of things — but I know many aren’t & every touch of normalcy is helpful.

  20. I like the colors of the outfits to the left and right but that mustard wouldn’t flatter me at all! The size of the print might not work for my small frame (I’d need to try on) and the way the pattern design hits at the bosom on the dress seems ‘off’. The dark top with bell sleeves and gathered waist (added width!) and light pants might not flatter my pear shape. I do like the design features of the top though; it would be worth a try

  21. It’s no to all of these for me. Neither of the dresses would be flattering for me. The sleeves on the blouse are too fussy for me. I could see myself dragging them through my plate or other things. Stay safe everyone.

  22. I do like that dress on the far right, both the print and the style. That being said, I would have to try it on to see if it flattered my body shape as much as the mannequin’s! I like the style because it is body conscious with revealing a lot of skin. The blouse is cute, too, but as others have stated, a little fussy for practical wear. Just no to the yellow sundress. It reveals too much skin for my taste, and that color definitely would not flatter my skin tone.

  23. Unfortunately a no to all three namely because of colours and design. (Too dark, print too busy, just not my style.) Did enjoy the handbag slideshow though.
    P.S.: The necklace looks interesting.

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