Pamela Lutrell for Soft Surroundings Leggings

Our current experience has some struggling with a slower pace, and others embracing it. My husband is literally climbing walls and missing the interaction with co-workers. However, quiet is just what I needed.  San Antonio had a cold front move in over the weekend…rare for April…but actually I loved it.  I have been so busy for so long that I have not taken time to sit on my back patio and enjoy a little peace. It was nice.

Every now and then, I walk out the front door just to breath deep the fresh air and listen to the birds.  During this time, it is refreshing to be home for these quiet moments when in the heart of a city, you can hear only birds and the breezes wafting through the trees.

I needed to slow down and I fully needed to de-stress from a heavy work load.  I understand it is an overall stressful time for everyone, but I do feel safe and at peace in my home and the slower pace has been exhilarating.  As we go further down this road, I may change my mind.  But, again, for now I am going to embrace the silver linings and pray for those experiencing extreme difficulties. It is so crazy and nonsensical how one event can deliver blessings, and yet so much tragedy at the same time.   I feel awful suggesting there are silver linings, but there really are for many who are practicing social distancing, staying home, and building on relationships that need time to build and had been set aside in the busyness of life.   The slower pace also gives us time to remember and ponder what is most important, so that when the pace returns we will restructure our priorities. Perhaps.  I can hope so.

Sitting here, I found myself bathed in gratitude.  So thankful to be healthy, be inside with a caring husband, to have family I believe is taking care, to have a home I love, to be blessed with friends and family, and to be thankful for even the small things…hummingbird feeders, roses in the garden; flowers on my desk and food to prepare.  Taking moments to count our blessings is also a silver lining.


Cozy on the back porch on over 50 feeling 40

In this picture on my patio, I am cozy at home with Soft Surroundings.  It was cold the morning I took my coffee to the patio, so I brought with me my cozy throw from Soft Surroundings (Love it and protect it! It is only mine. Many family members including the cat have tried to take it from me!)  My loud legs are the Have to Have leggings from Soft Surroundings.  Ok, I know this print could wake up the neighborhood, but these are great leggings and they come in so many prints.  They fit well and are very comfy.  Another fun option for more time at home.  I can easily walk the neighborhood in them and these speak to my artisan, creative side.  I like to wear them with a long grey tunic I own.

I have to also give a strong recommendation for the Soft Surroundings Bamboo bedding. I purchased our bamboo sheets at Soft Surroundings a few years ago and we will not ever sleep on anything else.  They are so comfortable and magically warm in the winter and cold in the summer. I am looking at some of these lovely prints they have now in Bamboo and wanting to perhaps mix things up a bit.  Will let you know if I do.  This is a brand that says COZY, COMFORTABLE, RELAXED luxury at home from clothing to bedding.  They just say AHHHH!

You might have guessed by now that all of these items are featured in my Fabulous Finds Slideshow today….and tested by me!

Enjoy looking them over

So tell me, are you are Team Pam, or Team Mr. B.  Team Pam likes the slowing down of life for right now.  Team Mr. B is going crazy and missing his active work and workout life?


Now… stay home…stay safe…stay hopeful, (be cozy) and…………

Remember, in our social distancing world, your smile is the way you send hugs!  


By Pamela Lutrell

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