Our Own Monday Meeting to answer more of your questions

Pamela Lutrell discusses makeup for women over 50

It’s Monday of what is predicted to be a difficult week in our nation, so let’s just start the week with our own Monday meeting and focus on other things while hoping the predictions are wrong.  I am going to attempt to answer some of your questions and see if I can make you smile, have hope and some inspiration on the other side of all of this.


Pamela Lutrell's work chair from Marshalls

I posted an image of my desk last week with my flowers and one of you asked to see the entire workspace.  That is what you are looking at above.  I love my desk chair so much! I was walking through Marshalls a few years back and there it sat…I think with my name on it.  It makes me smile every time I enter my office. Now, that I spend so much time here, I like to have a scented candle glowing and flowers on my desk. 

Over 50 Feeling 40 recommends White Barn Candles

I still need to hang my pictures and once I do that then I can photo the rest of the office.  We have a four- bedroom home, and once our three children moved out, we moved in to take over two of the bedrooms and make them into offices.  Right now, my husband works in the office next door and we like to “pretend” we are co-workers in an office building with a cafeteria down stairs.  It is a fun little scenario that adds some laughs to our “new normal.”  We are convinced that Madeleine, the cat, is annoyed that we are now here so much.  She is the manager of the office building!


Bobbi Brown Serum Foundation recommended on Over 50 Feeling 40

Yesterday, I was asked which foundation I use that gives my complexion such a smooth, youthful glow.  I am going to answer, but first I must once again say that I credit my complexion right now to Chamonix Skincare I just believe that with good, healthy skincare products your makeup goes on and looks better.  My skin is so much better since I have used Chamonix-Genucel products for over a year.  Now, I can actually go without foundation some of the time.

Pamela Lutrell recommends Jane Iredale Mineral Powder

Nice transition…I began using Bobbi Brown’s serum foundation two or three years ago and I really like it…though it is a bit pricey, I believe it to be worth the costs.  I wear it for all occasions outside of the home.  Right now, I am in the home.  So, I have found for my video meetings that my Jane Iredale Powder looks great.  I do the same makeup routine, just leave off the foundation.  I will probably wear the serum foundation as long as it fits in the budget, but I am also pleased to know that Chamonix has my skin in a healthy, glowing condition where I can also go without it.

This first Fabulous Find Slideshow today is for the makeup products I love the most…..



Many of you know that I taught high school journalism for 16 years.  One of my fellow teachers, Dr. Ron Bracy, stopped by to bring me a copy of his latest book, Walk On, which was written for those in the valley of despair who need hope to rise to the mountaintop.  It is a study of the Old Testament Prophet, Habakkuk. Ron and his wife, Judith, have experienced incredible loss and pain, but maintain their faith and work diligently to help others.  This book may be exactly what some need for this time in our history.


Fajitas from Chuys on Over 50 Feeling 40

Remember to support your local businesses as much as possible while social distancing.  I was so pleased last Friday to know one of our favorite neighborhood eateries was busy when I phoned in our order.  If there are places you want to see on the other side of this, then give them some business if possible.  They need support.  This is also a great way to tell someone you are thinking of them and send a gift card in the mail to be used at a local restaurant. 

In honor of shopping local and supporting our neighbors, I would like to feature one of my favorites in today’s Fabulous Finds Slideshow….

Those who have been hear for a long time will remember my friend, Marilyn, who owns a consignment store in San Antonio...The Garment Exchange.  Marilyn is an amazingly strong over 50 woman.  She has fought and endured so much to keep her store alive over the years and was a single mom when she began.  Whether or not the storefront will remain open is yet to be seen, but she has a full EBAY store with top of the line designer pieces.  I have created a slideshow here with just a few, but if you click through and stay on her sight, you will see some great items.  Marilyn is very picky and does not represent garments or items that are not in top condition.  You can trust her as a businesswoman. Enjoy meeting her through her EBAY shop here…..

Then… stay home…stay safe…stay hopeful, and…………

Remember, in our social distancing world, your smile is the way you send hugs!  


By Pamela Lutrell








  1. You found that chair at Marshall’s?????? Wow! Great find, it’s gorgeous!! I’m definitely going to check out that book, Walk On. We all go through valleys if we live long enough, some deeper than others, and it sounds Ron is in a position to help others when they walk through valleys of their own. Thank you for including this in the post. God bless Ron for his service to our country. I have been supporting small, local businesses as much as possible because I definitely don’t want to see them go away after this is over. That’s really good advice. One of the aides where my mom lives has stepped up to take care of her cat since the pet sitter (who we are still paying, another thing that is important IF you can afford to do it at this time) isn’t allowed into the facility. My sister and I are giving the aide a nice gift card to a local restaurant to thank her and to also help the restaurant. It’s always nice to see when they are busy!

  2. I was so glad to see Mr. Bracy, a service academy graduate!!! Our son is a West Point graduate (2015) and now a captain in the US Army at Ft. Bragg. Also, I teach the Bible and our current 2-year course on the Kings and Prophets of Israel included Habakkuk, so yes, Mr. Bracy’s book is PERFECT for what is happening right now. Thank you for all you’re doing, Pam, to spread joy!

    1. Thank you, Michele. We would have alot to talk about if we could sit down for a visit. Thanks for the comment on Ron’s book.

    2. I was so glad to see your foundation ticks so quickly. I use the Jane Iredale mineral powder… but I get too matte of a finish for me. It does look great in pictures! Perhaps the Bobbi Brown? I worry because my skin is super sensitive with a light case of rosacea mixed in! I think I’ll have to wait for an in person shopping day. Right now I’m only seen in videos anyway.

  3. Of course your cat is the building manager!Please keep sitting in that great looking chair and blogging. Nice to keep in touch with such a positive person. Your clothing friend certainly has some lovely items. Wish they were in bigger sizes. Go air force, up up and way!. this is supposed to be a bad week for the nation. Hopefully it won’t be too bad and we turn the corner. Keep smiling and keep posting. I look forward to your daily smiles!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Susan! I just wanted to add that Marilyn has all sizes on her website. You only to need to click on one of my pictures and then spend some fun time looking at all she has and she will be adding much more.

  4. Good Morning!
    Your chair is super cute! Our cat actually “herds” us in the direction of his food bowl and snack drawer, so we think of him as the sheepdog and we are his sheep.
    Hope you have a lovely week at home.

    1. Hi Connie…so funny about the sheepdog reference…ours does that as well! I had a lovely weekend…first time I have relaxed in a long time. Thank you!

      1. I can’t believe that I don’t personally know you! I taught high school journalism for 17 years in the Houston suburbs and was very active across the state! You are in the same age range and we probably crossed paths! Did you ever attend the San Antonio convention?

        1. Hi Nyla, I was in private education. Our newspaper won state for three years at the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools. The closest I got to public education was to do summer workshops at Holmes High School in San Antonio! I loved teaching and miss those days!

          1. Ok! That makes sense; I could not imagine how I would have not known you. I taught workshops for teachers around the state and some on the national arena so I knew lots of teachers! We are kindred spirits!

  5. I laughed about the title you have given your cat. I have two but one is the household manager. He lets me know I should start dinner and when it is time to get out the throw and snuggle on the coach. I so enjoy your blog and it lifts my day. Will Mr. Bracy’s book be sold in book stores? Have a lovely week.

    1. I am only aware of it on Amazon..the link I provided. Thanks Claudette. So glad you are here!

  6. I love your reference to your cat. I think most cats are disturbed about their owners invading their space. Dogs, on the other hand, are delighted with the company. I love your chair. I so appreciate your being here to brighten our day. Smiling & waving from a safe distance.

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