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Pamela Lutrell listens to birds during COVID-19 Isolation

I’m learning so much about time during the work-at-home requirements. If I take the time to pay attention, then I receive so much inspiration from nature for my fashion choices, my rest, and my writing.  I commented to my “cell mate,” Mr. B, that we had so many more birds this year and how I loved to listen to their singing.  He laughed and pointed out that the birds have always been here, but in my very busy schedule, I had stopped feeding them and listening.  So true! When I take the time to fill the bird feeders, stop and listen, there is so much peace and inspiration which flows from me during those times.


Fashion Inspiration on Over 50 Feeling 40

After one such time of sitting on my back porch and listening to the birds, I noticed a rose petal on the ground just near my feet.  I thought what a lovely picture of a brilliant color on top of a textured neutral.  The color reminded me of an older raspberry colored Eileen Fisher tunic topper I own and I had a desire to make sure I wear it for one of my work-at-home outfits this week.  It will look lovely for an online meeting. Here is how I styled it…..


I have never worn it with this polka dot top, but since I also have more time to decide what to wear, my eye fell upon this top.  I liked the idea and how it came out. The top is an older Marshalls purchase and has gold buttons, so I selected a gold cuff with a crab on it just to add a little fun and play off the buttons.  All of these pieces have been in my wardrobe of awhile.  

Pamela Lutrell in gold cuff with a crab

Back to the roses and the rocks…I am going to keep this image in my inspiration folder because I still want to try styling these colors together closer to fall when the browns begin to return in a big way.  You may see it again.

Are you listening on Over 50 Feeling 40

So, I want to ask you today…are you listening to what this time is teaching you?  I hope that if I go back to a “work-in -the -office” situation that I will remember to take the time to relax and be inspired by nature around me.  I want to keep hearing the birds and seeing the rose petals.  What lessons do you learn from nature where you live?


Something else to watch and listen for right now are the beautiful designs coming from some of our favorite retailers.  I do hope we will be able to celebrate Mother’s Day with family, so my slideshows will begin to give you some gift ideas.  Today, I would like to show you Fabulous Finds for different sizes.  I hope you enjoy…..

For Plus Size Ladies

For Petite Size Ladies

For Misses Size Ladies

A note about yesterday:  Thank you to everyone who commented here and on my other social channels.  Each sweet note is precious to me.  And for those who said they needed to hear the message or are searching, please know I am praying for you.

Thank you so much for being here… stay home…stay safe…stay hopeful  and…………

Remember, in our social distancing world, your smile is the way you send hugs!  


By Pamela Lutrell



  1. This is such a pretty outfit – the Eileen Fisher topper is a beautiful color and your polka dot top will go with so many things! I love how you took inspiration from the rose petal. The birds singing in the morning is something I didn’t hear much of due to arriving at work while it was still dark outside. It’s still cold here so windows can’t be open, but maybe in May or June it will be a real joy to open the windows and just sit quietly and listen to birds. The colors in nature can be so inspirational, and they always look right together. I will be more mindful of color combinations after reading this post and pay more attention to the colors I see together in nature. Being outside in nature has been my peaceful place for as long as I can remember, even when I was really little. It’s become even more necessary lately with stress levels up. Your yard is beautiful Pam!

  2. Happy Monday, Karen. I am glad you are going to begin to look around at nature’s color combinations. I find so many that influence my style. It is fun. My yard needs so much work, but thank you for the kind words. We hope to get more flowers planted soon.

  3. I am inspired everyday from my twice daily walks through our many interconnected neighborhoods here in Warwick. The siring rush if colors us clearly underway and I just love it all! Yellow forsythia bushes , magenta azalea , tiny purple and blue flowerettes (nameless) and
    pretty tulips in a rainbow of colors ! I return home feeling so relaxed and refreshed and ready to tackle some hone projects.
    You look so beautiful in today’s outfit. Love the polka dot blouse and that topper is gorgeous!

  4. Your walks sound is beautiful. Paulette! I love azaleas and tulips! Warwick must be lovely! Thank you for being here!

  5. I love that outfit! I must confess that I absolutely adore polka dots, so that blouse is perfect and can be matched with so many brighter colors. I feel like I’m really noticing things that I think I probably already knew but never really paid attention to. We have a bird feeder, too, and I’ve been watching the goldfinches turning this really vivid yellow. The cardinals are so red and the robins bright orange. The birds, along with the flowers, are reminding me how everything in nature bursts with color in the spring. I’ve spent the winter in grays and blacks and now feel like I need to take a lesson from nature and see where I can add some color.
    Today is a rainy, dreary day here in the northeast, so the perfect day to go through my spring clothes and see what I have that will perk me up!
    Thanks again, Pam!!!
    Have a happy and safe Monday!

  6. The thing I have noticed since being at home more and having time is that our world is quieter now. There is not as much traffic and I don’t hear many planes. So I hear the wind, the birds, the wind chimes…I like this quieter world and am trying to enjoy it because it will end one day and we will be back to ‘noise.’ Happy Easter, Pam!

  7. As I have mentioned before I have been spending alot of time in isolation-home, hospital, rehab,etc. so things are not so much different. However, spring is finally coming to our part of Florida-azaleas and dogwoods have already bloomed out, but(my fav) the jasmine and agapanthas are coming into bloom. The air is heavenly with the fragrances of the jasmine and i am waiting for the agapanthas to pop out. Not too much styling here although I did put on white jeans yesterday for dinner (Just the two of us). I am tired of dark colors-time for color! I am reading the new book about Churchill,lots of funny little stories and my sewing is coming along. The puzzle not so well! Amazing what we will do for entertainment! Keep your smiling posts coming. They do help!

  8. That hot pink/raspberry/watermelon pink color is one of my faves and I have several pieces in it. Never, ever thought to wear it with brown, though I’ve worn it with khaki successfully (with leopard shoes). It looks great with your neutral look today (I often wear it with black and white). Does your EF jacket have a bit of russet in it? On my monitor, it appears to and may make it mix better than the tones in my wardrobe. And …me thinks you might be looking at downsizing and retiring sooner than you planned? Or negotiating something different at the office? I bet a lot of people will attempt that when this is over.

  9. You look wonderful, Pam! I’d add a small scarf, a kerchief perhaps, to the neck, and swap out the flats for a pair of ankle boots. I love Eileen Fisher too. She’s timeless and ageless. Stay well!

  10. I love your polka dot shirt and think it would look great under any color sweater or jacket! Your’ yard is gorgeous! Enjoy the peace and calm of this new lifestyle!

  11. Your outfit is lovely and what a great way to find inspiration! If I was to take inspiration from our surroundings right now, I’d have to dress in bright sky blue and white. Yes, we’re still surrounded by snow, but it’s a beautiful sunny day. Spring is later than ever this year, so we’ll be waiting awhile for colourful blossoms and petals.

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