Pamela Lutrell features cargo pants and the new alternative to jeans

Cargo pants, classic dressing with and edge, and the new toliet paper are all in one post!  Trust me…. First off, cargo Pants are garments I really did not ever see me wearing, but at the coaxing last year of a determined JJill sales associate, I tried a pair on…and…so glad I did.  I really love these pants.  It is another case of “fit” making the difference.  With many cargo pants, the pockets are too large or stick out too much from the pant. Many cargo pants, not all, fit loose and look like they are ready for the camping site.  These are designed to lie flat and you do not even notice them from the front.  This is a nice alternative to jeans.

I wanted to wear these today, because last Saturday on Would You Wear It there were many comments on cargo pants.  I just desired to show that there are brands, JJill being one, where the pant really is a flattering fit.

Of course, these will go with just about anything, but for some reason I style them most often with white.  This is a good year-round casual pant for me.  I think I wore them to the office once when it was casual Friday, but now, I can wear them to my work-from-home office any time I would like. 


Yesterday morning on the news, one of the anchors commented that over Easter weekend, hair color became the new toilet paper Very difficult to find the majority of common colors on the shelves. I get it.  The real Pam has gray sprouting out everywhere.  My normal hair appointment would have been last Saturday.  Sigh! Before I left my last appointment, my hair stylist asked me to try this spray on color.  Glad I have it now!  (Joan Rivers is still my favorite, but this is a very good spray). I think the slideshow below this has my best root touch ups if you have gray hair.

The reason my hair looks so puffy is called South Texas humidity.  I get regular conditioning treatments and I am due one.  I wore a headband today, but it all just seems too much for me.  Now that I am growing my hair back out, I will need to come up with a new non-puffy plan.  OK, Melody (that is my stylist) if you just read that I am growing it out, don’t faint, we will talk later.

Pamela Lutrell recommends bumble bumble hair spray color

I also sat down over the weekend and cut off my nails.  I almost cried over that one.  Without my regular appointments with my nail technician, my toes are hurting, and my nails are…let’s just say…unattractive.    I miss these two ladies tons!  I also consider them friends, so I miss seeing them too.  OK, whining is over!


Maggie, please forgive me.  It has taken me awhile to get back to the list of reader’s who sent five adjectives they would like to communicate with their personal style. I take the adjectives and put together a slideshow of possible garments for them that would speak the messages they desire to speak with their clothing.  Without speaking a word, Maggie wants to tell the world she is colorful, classic, sophisticated, comfortable, and edgy.  She is the second one to put the adjective “edgy” with “classic and sophisticated.”  But, hey, I love a challenge.  So, Maggie this slideshow is for you and other women like you!  Enjoy.

Ladies, if you are in the group that likes to look edgy with your style, please share with us the type of garments you like to wear to achieve it.  Would love to hear your thoughts!


Thank you so much for being here… stay home…stay safe…stay hopeful  and…………

Remember, in our social distancing world, your smile is the way you send hugs!  


By Pamela Lutrell

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