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Spring Window Shopping on Would You Wear It on over 50 feeling 40

Welcome to Would You Wear It with me and my friend Jennifer…spring window shopping style during the time of social distancing.  If you are new to this two-blog-Saturday-event, then please know that we usually feature mannequins from inside malls and stores.  However, we can’t go to those places right now, so we are bringing you the “window shopping” version of what we do. It works ok…though I do look forward to going back to the malls and looking for mannequins to place before your discerning eye!

Spring Fashions on Would You Wear It Over 50 Feeling 40

Again…for those new to this…Jennifer and I find fashion displays that make us wonder what you would think of the styles on the mannequins.  We ask that you give the looks careful scrutiny and from a personal point of view tell us if you would or would not wear what you see and why.  Please give a constructive explanation that might help another woman who is “on the fence” about the looks.  The comments on this day are read by many with a desire to learn from others.

I have three different mannequins above from the same retailer (Chicos) and you may comment on all three on one or two…whatever you like.  But, please look them over (ignore my reflection in the glass!) and tell us, ladies…………………………………………….



Over 50 Feeling 40 in Chicos for work from home

Yesterday, I placed this image on my post and a couple of the readers said they wished they could find kimonos that worked for petite ladies.  So, I decided to do a little shopping for them and here is what I found…..

Now head over to A Well Styled Life and tell Jennifer what you think about her display!  Then I hope you will return for the next slideshow below…we can’t talk kimonos without talking necklaces!  See you back! 




Note…while shopping for necklaces, I saw a ruana that would work for petite ladies…so it’s at the end of the necklace slideshow!

Pamela Lutrell's Chicos WishList


Thank you so much for being here… stay home…stay safe…stay hopeful  and…………

Remember, in our social distancing world, your smile is the way you send hugs!  


By Pamela Lutrell





  1. The long cardigan outfit is s yes for me! I love everything about this outfit. The green top and Capri outfit would be a no, only because of the length of the sleeves and pants. Tops that have elastic or a gathered closure at the wrist bother me for some reason. They seem to slide up and get stuck on my arm when I’m working. The Capri pants are at a strange length for me. I’d rather have Bermuda shorts end above the knee or capris that end below the knee. Right at the knee seems bothersome when I sit. I’m not sure about the green on me…I’m auburn and I think the shade is just wrong for me. But give me that long cardigan outfit for sure!

  2. That fabric necklace from Soft Surroundings is so unique and beautiful….I might have to consider that one! I really like the white pants on the first mannequin. The absence of hardware at the waist is what I look for in pants thsee days, so yes to those. I like the color of the top so would wear that. The cardigan wouldn’t work for me due to the length. The floral top is a little bland for my coloring so would pass on that. The teal and white does appeal to me. I like the slim cut of the shorts…and the top is pretty. I’m definitely going to add another kimono or two so will be spending more time looking at those and that fabulous necklace!! Thank you for continuing this fun feature. Hopefully, stores will be opening soon!

  3. There are so many pretty necklaces out…love the creativity they bring to simple looks. Thanks so much Karen!

  4. Thanks for the slideshow on petite kimonos! I would wear the capris and aqua top outfit. Spent some time scrolling through the necklace slideshow…and drooling…ha!

  5. I really like the long cardigan outfit, but I’m not sure about the color of the tops, plus there would have to be a petite in there somewhere. I don’t care for the outfit next to that mannequin. I like the top and clam diggers. They look cool and comfortable.

  6. Love the long cardi outfit but would style the top differently. Rather than tucking in, which is not a good lu k for my shape, I’d leave it out, perhaps with a loose belt. Don’t really care for the flowered top/sweater.
    Like the teal top too, but would style it with either white long or angle pants.

  7. No to the top 2 ensembles; kimono/cardi is too warm toned and other pieces would wash me out. Yes to the blouse in 3rd pic but wish it were actually turq. or aqua instead of teal. Would wear my new turq long necklace with fringe with it.
    Would prefer the pants to be cropped or ankle length. Also, my eye goes right to the items on rack to the right with the summer berry items. I LOVE that color and am waiting for my peasant style blouse to arrive! Thanks for the slide of kimonos, need more (boho look from Anthropologie is catching my eye!)

  8. I like the look of the long cardigan but not the color. I would wear it in navy with straight jeans + tshirt and simple neclace or scarf. Chico’s jewelery is way too big for me.
    The aqua top — I like the color not the poofy sleeves. If the sleeves were straight 3/4, I would wear this blouse. I like the long shorts and would wear them rolled up a few inches. The lenghth here is a bit awkward.
    Stay safe + Happy Saturday.

  9. Thank you for continuing to put out “Would you wear this?”. It has to be an effort! Yes, yes. I would wear all of these. I love the duster look and white pants. Coral is one of my favorite colors. The watercolor floral design looks fresh and current. The bottle green top and the petal pushers are typical everyday outfits for hot summer days for me. The pants are almost as comfortable as shorts and still hide my bony knees. I am surprised that petites have trouble finding a ruana. I am tall and have trouble because so many hit just below my waist and need to hit below the hip. We all have fitting problems, don’t we? Thanks for the bright spot this morning.

  10. I love the idea of a ruana but I am at the short end of petite (4’11”). I wear midi length cardigans, but ruanas often have too much material. And the short ones are then too boxy. If you just trace the outline with your eye, the short ones are square. Long narro versions IMHO are better for eveyone because you get the two long vertical lines .
    I would wear the cardigan and top in another color but not the second or third tops. Because of their lenth that truncates me. And I only wear full length pants also because of being so short.. I need the proportions that make my legs look longer – 1/3 on top, 2/3 on bottom.

  11. I love both outfits. However, I would have to try on the pants, I have short legs and a long torso, and pants are difficult to fit.

  12. Thank you for thinking about us ” Petites”.

    We come in many different sizes and it’s a daily struggle to find clothing to fit , whether it is a dress, jeans, shorts, or pajamas!

    ” Smiles from Pennsylvania!”

    Lisa L. Brown
    Hanover, PA

  13. I would definitely wear the long cardigan outfit and the capri outfit. The colours are perfect for me and I think they say classy, casual, and comfortable which are three of my style adjectives. I don’t care for the other top though. It looks rather bland and boxy, so I don’t think it would be flattering on me.

  14. I like the top and the clam diggers, however for me they would have to be crops. Loved the slide shows especially the gorgeous necklaces! Thank you Pam!

  15. Thank you for the petite kimonos and the necklace slide show. The fabric necklace is unique, but there are so many I like. Necklaces are an easy way to brighten our outfits.

  16. I would wear these outfits. I like the soft and subtle colors and the print on the one top shown is just my style.

  17. I like the longer sweater and the matching shirt – an updated version of the twinset. Not sure how the colour would look in me but I would try it on. I love the teal shirt and would definitely wear it. Thanks for the necklace slideshow. Lots of pretty choices.

  18. I like the concept of the long duster but the tucked in under-top (on the mannequin) doesn’t appeal to me (and that’s not my color). The untucked one in your slide show seems to be a better proportion. I like the turquoise top (one of my favorite colors) and white capris (those would get a lot of wear!) but why the black tank underneath (maybe top is sheer and needs a tank, but if you choose black, tuck it in so the bottom isn’t a strong line against the white) While I would admire the necklace on others, it’s a bit large and bold for my frame. Thanks for sharing multiple ideas!

  19. You are welcome, Cyndi. For everyone who like this topper but not the color, if you click on it in the first slideshow, you will see it comes in other colors!

  20. I like the long cardigan and the matching top under it. I think the color is really sophisticated and would flatter many complexions, but I just got a tee shirt in from JJill in that color and was surprised to find it actually washed me out. I have a similar combo in many other colors, so would not buy this one. The capri pants are in that terribly unflattering length, but on me (5’5”) might go to mid calf and be more flattering. I can’t tell if they are opaque enough. I have no white pants because they are all too sheer. While I do wear white jeans, they get hot.

  21. Thanks Linda…this top does come in other colors too. Several are saying this color doesn’t work.

  22. love the first colors..although the cardigan would overpower me, i did like the necklace but it might be a little too much for me too…the two bottom necklaces had too much going on for me, but i did like the string necklace on the turquise top, that top i liked except the bottom of the sleeves…wasnt much for the 1st white top with designs only on one side, i tend to avoid those…for a purely in my head kind of reason. i had BC in 79 with a reconstruction, and i always feel like those type of prints draw your eye right there….husband assures me that no one knows but me, but its just a thing.

  23. Love the coral tank with topper from Marla Wynne. But coral is not my choice of colors. The white top is just not me. The turquoise top is pretty but again not really my style. The short white pants with it are not a flattering length…I prefer ankle pants. It’s all about proportion.

  24. As a short plus size, would wear the long cardigan outfit. Especially like the smooth shoulder and sleeve length. Instead of a dropped shoulder that adds bulk at the bust line, the seam is well below the elbow, pulling the eye down. The sleeve length allows the slim wrist and hands to be seen. I agree with others who would not tuck the top in. The slim pant offers nice proportion with the cardigan. The outfit is classy. If feasible, I’d remove the buttons on the pockets. This would allow more colors to be worn with the cardigan and the eye wouldn’t be stopped at the pockets.

  25. I like outfit #1 but I wouldn’t tuck the top. I suspect that color would not work on me. The top on the right is pretty but probably wouldn’t look good on me. I’m big-busted and sometimes flowy tops make me look heavier than I am. I love the turquoise top. The bishop’s sleeve is pretty. I would not wear the knee-length pants. I love Chico’s Brigitte ankle-length pants so I’d wear those instead.

  26. I know…I laughed when I saw that…I need to find more options this week! Stay safe Jennifer!

  27. Pi see myself in the turquoise topper with white Capri pants as shown. Really cute! It snowed here today (weird?) but tomorrow Spring is back in the Hugh 50s–heavenly!
    I do like the three piece outfit with duster and tee , but what is the color? It appears to be a copper color? If I did purchase it I’d leave the tee out not tucked in. I might change the necklace too.
    The other top is difficult to see, or to envision so I’ll pass on commenting.

  28. Outfit number one is the one for me & interestingly enough what I put on this morning is almost identical except that I have on a white tee instead of the white pants. My pants match the duster. Instead of a necklace I am wearing an infinity scarf that matches my pants & duster.
    Have a wonderful day everyone.

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