I showered, I dressed, I wore gloves…I am getting better at this on week #5

Pamela Lutrell's work from home Chico's style

It really is Week #5 of working from home.  Somehow, I lost week #4…oh well, these days it is easy to lose the time, date, etc.  I saw a few more people this week, but for the most part, I am staying home.

I still get up and dress for work, though more comfortably for work.  Two days ago, was Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day, which is funny because I think most people are doing that now.  It helps me to shower, put on makeup and strive to be the brightest bulb in the video conference!

Over 50 Feeling 40 in Chicos for work from home

I am showing you my favorite Work From Home Style this week.  The topper and the necklace are vintage Chico’s pieces from my closet; the long-sleeved silk black tunic is Eileen Fisher, and my Joan Vaas leggings are on the bottom.  The gold Tory Burch flats have also been in my closet for a long time.  This look is so me…notice my favorite looks since coming home to work have all included leggings, but as the temps outside heat up, the leggings will go away.  My home office is upstairs and during the summer it can be a little toasty.

I saw this image knock-off of a voting sticker on Instagram….so funny!  At least I am trying to look my best every day. 



Pamela Lutrell in Soft Surroundings ankle pants

The sales after Easter have been crazy with good deals!  I have even done some Christmas shopping.  The Soft Surrounding pants I am wearing above are on sale…comfy and cute for warmer weather. (I will put these in the slideshow below)

At the moment I can’t put Dillard’s in my slideshows.  Hopefully they will return post-pandemic; however, their current sale has such great savings in it, I am going to share the link with you here, DILLARDS SALE.  Like I said I ordered some beautiful Christmas gifts in the home section of the sale, I bought the cutest top for $13, and three most at 60% off regular price.  I almost bought one top for $8…it was so cute, but even at $8 I did not see me wearing it very often so I left it there.  Lots of cute things for $13.  I bought Ali Miles, Eileen Fisher, IC Collection pieces and cannot wait for them to arrive.  I pondered a couple of winter pieces because the prices were so good but made myself walk away.  Check it out and make sure to pay attention…most of the deep cuts are on non-returnable items, so you have to be sure you really want it.

Also, in the slideshow below are the new slides introduced by Rockport.  Their Total Motion line is so comfy and I really want a pair of the black ones….thinking, thinking, thinking, I love all of my Rockport shoes…they are great.


Shopping at HEB during COVID-19

It looks like we may be wearing masks for some time, so I need to figure out how to find some cute ones.  But, for now I am wearing a mask my husband had in the garage to wear when he paints.  The good news is they cover the ever-deepening wrinkle situation!  Is anyone out there making creative masks I could purchase one from…if so, please share your information.

HEB social distancing directions on Over 50 Feeling 40

I had a box of gloves under my sink which are non-latex due to an allergic reaction to latex once so I got a big box for housework.  Glad I have them now for grocery shopping.  I just place them in a bin when I leave the grocery store.  Of course, we also have new graphics on the grocery floor helping us to keep our distance.



Sharing Diane Gottsman on Over 50 Feeling 40

I love to see all of the different ways people are being kind to one another right now…I hope kindness continues to be the new normal!  National etiquette expert, Diane Gottsman, posted this story on Instagram and her website, and it is about one of the readers of this blog…go Jamie!   She and her husband, John, placed plants in the front yard of their home and encouraged anyone walking by to take a plant because planting is good for the soul.  Thanks to Diane for sharing and for Jamie and John for their kindness to others.


Kitchen decor on Over 50 Feeling 40

The readers of this blog completely ROCK!  Thank you so much to everyone who played interior designer for my kitchen on Wednesday.  I did not know how Mr. B would feel about me blogging for help, but he loved it and read each comment.  You guys were very helpful and gave us much to consider.  Your comments convinced me to scrap the “island” idea only because you gave me so much to think about with it.  I don’t know when the project officially begins, but I will keep you up to date with it.  Thanks again…you are much appreciated.

I have a little bit of everything for you today in the slideshow.  There are great sales and there are beautiful items just released…so enjoy!

Tomorrow is WOULD YOU WEAR IT with Jennifer and me…I will say I am not happy with the window pictures!  But, I suppose it is what it is!  Thank you everyone for understanding our limitations as we work to keep this fun event going!

So, please share…what has been “good for your soul” lately while trapped at home?? Look forward to your comments and I will see everyone tomorrow!

Thank you so much for being here… stay home…stay safe…stay hopeful  and…………

Remember, in our social distancing world, your smile is the way you send hugs!  


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. That’s a gorgeous kimono and must be an inspiration to others who see you when you video-conference! Putting on makeup every single day and dressing nicely keeps me looking forward and hopeful that things will soon return to normal. Love that “I Showered” sticker!

  2. I love the colours in your top. I have gotten used to being in the house with just socks on, so just ordered a pair of Vionic sandals to try to keep my arches in shape. Of course I had to order a pair with bling to brighten up the day. For my zoom get together yesterday, I had on makeup and earrings and a pretty sweater which was noted by others as my usual self. Must not slip down that slippery slope! You are great inspiration.

  3. I love the first kimono in your slide show (Soft Surroundings). The colors and pattern are beautiful! Because of where we live I have not been out of the house other than to walk. I’m persistent about getting delivery times for my groceries , which is getting harder and harder. But there are some things that are not negotiable for me. I shower and blow dry my hair every day. I’ve been giving my face a break from makeup, but continue to moisturize religiously. My bed must be made every morning. I spent the first weeks in sweats and t-shirts but have ordered some nicer yoga pants and wear them with comfortable but nice tops. I believe it just makes you feel better when you look better. I’m anxiously awaiting some warm weather so I can get out all my summer clothes and wear some brighter colors. I ordered some masks on Etsy. I haven’t opened them yet because they’re quarantined for a few days…lol.
    Have a happy Friday!

  4. Love this outfit on you! Such a pretty pattern and colors. Looking for a kimono or topper to wear…probably something not so voluminous as I am on the short side. I wore earrings for the first time in several weeks and when my Texas daughter called last night via facetime, she commented on the Chihuahua earrings she had bought for me. A lovely connection… Miss Pamela, I so appreciate your encouraging posts during this most unusual and trying time.

  5. The blue pants are so cute on you. I used to quilt so I have a nice stash of 100% cotton fabrics. I made masks for myself, my family, friends and some nursing home working friends. I would offer to send you some, but I have run out of 1/4″ elastic. Stay safe.

  6. Your kimono is beautiful Pam. So spring like! (I’m afraid where I am, we are still bundled up to an extent.) Oh the sales are amazing and tempting however I’m currently restraining from spending online with expectations that the store fronts will eventually open as am looking forward to getting out and ‘shop til I drop’ … ☺.

    With reference to a mask for yourself, wish I lived closer as would be happy to donate one to you as have been busy at the sewing machine making such and can barely keep up with the demand as give them to anyone who expresses a desire for one. (Family, friends, neighbours, acquaintances and strangers. For the latter my husband is basically the distributor since he does the grocery run and never has a problem giving them away and is noting that more men are beginning to wear them.)

    Last but not least, it appears you certainly have your daily routine down to a science which I applaud because it is 10:00 am as I keyboard and I’m still in my P.J.’s …. lol!

    Footnote: Re the masks; there are two styles that I am making and so far the feedback has been positive so with your permission and in event anyone is interested, I would be happy to share their ‘free’ online pattern source. I have tried several designs but these two IMO offer the best features for proper fit, protection etc.

  7. Thus is my all time favorite look for you, Pam! Love leggings with pretty draping tops and becoming jewelry. This outfit is spot on!
    Love your blogs and Saturday morning Would You Wear it?
    Thank you fir all you do to inspire us.

  8. You are always so upbeat and that’s just what we need now. Plus you look wonderful in that kimono. I keep trying to find one that would work for me since I’m short. I’ve been letting my hair air dry after my morning shower, but today I decided to blow dry my hair and I feel much better. I know your co workers appreciate that you take the time and effort to look nice. Sending smiles.

  9. Love a little bling, Diane! Those sandals sound perfect. It makes such a difference to be the bright shiny one on the the Zoom meetings!

  10. Happy Friday to you too! I think making the bed is another one of those things that is mentally important. Thanks for mentioning it, Linda.

  11. Thank you for being here, Donna and for sharing…Chihuahua earrings? sounds pretty cute!

  12. Please share, Brenda. That is a great idea…so wish I had learned how to sew! My mother tried. It didn’t work.

  13. Thanks Carolyn…sending smiles back. You are the second petite to mention the kimonos. I will try to have a little slideshow tomorrow of petite size kimonos for you ladies…let me see what I can find.

  14. First of all, your hair looks great today! I have a long braided “fall” from the 60s that I’m planning to pin on as a joke when I can return to my hair dresser, saying it’s been so long! I know he’ll get a kick out of it.
    I made some masks that were from a pattern that JoAnns put out. But I can’t find elastic anywhere. I used ponytail elastics, but they aren’t quite long enough. I’m not real happy with them as you really need something to form around your nose. I’ve heard folks are sewing in twist ties, pipe cleaners and metal file folder clips. I haven’t tried any of those. I think I’m just going to use the no sew folded bandana masks held together with ponytail elastics for now. I have plenty of fabric around, so I could even hem some squares. We’ve been lucky to only have 6 cases in our rural county, so I’m not too concerned at this point, but the governor may order everyone to wear masks if more businesses can open.
    Stay healthy and keeping bringing us your bright ray of sunshine, Pam!😇

  15. Thank you Pam. Re sources for those wishing to make masks.

    1) Web Search: Craft Passion Blog ‘Face Mask Sewing Pattern’ Aug. 5/2013. This mask is very versatile as design is suitable for most wearers and can even be worn over the many N-95 masks as can easily be tweaked for sizing. There are options of four different sizes, with or without a pocket for insertion of an optional filter. Tips: a) Follow the links provided which will lead you to the option of your choice of design/size. b) Highly recommend that you choose the pattern which provides seam allowances and can be easily printed off using your computer. c) For men and the women/teenager sizes suggest you add 1/2″ to its length to ensure the mask fits snug in the chin area as better too long than too short. d) This design will not fog up your eye-glasses if you happen to wear them. *Note- This design is very close to the Olsen Mask which is well known in the medical profession.
    2) Web Search: Maker’s Habitat Blog ‘Written instructions for Fabric Mask With Filter’ Mar. 30/2020. This is a pleated style similar to that of a standard disposable Clinical Mask however do not feel it gives as good as protection as above, but does provide an ‘filter’ pocket plus channel pockets for adjustable elastic ear loops. There are only two options for sizing being Adult and Child and no pattern is given though instructions are clear. Tips: a) Follow her link as she also provides a YouTube video re construction. b) For the adult size; add 1/2″ to its length to ensure the mask will fit the chin area. *Note: This mask can be constructed quite quickly.

    Other: In both instances, contrasting fabric for the front and back should be used and from the research I’ve done, the choice of fabric is a tightly woven cotton. Also both designs share the similar feature of ‘a pocket channel’ that elastic (or a tie) can be strung through and adjusted to the wearer for fit and comfort. Also wire (of choice) can be added to both designs to adapt to the contour of one’s nose and cheekbone area to accommodate a snug fit. * For those purchasing a ready-made mask; IMO these are features you may also wish to take into consideration regardless of their style.
    Hope this information assists and rules out the process of elimination for you. -Brenda-
    P.S.: A wealth of information can also be found in reader’s comments regarding their construction/design.

  16. Hi Pam — I spent my afternoon sewing an additional mask for myself as well as one each for my son and daughter-in-law, as our county issued an order to wear masks while in public spaces. My husband and I have been wearing masks for the past few weeks whenever we need to go out. I would love to send you a couple of masks to use! It really does seem like we will be wearing them for the foreseeable future–why not have them coordinate with our outfits! I am making the masks with ties since elastic is nowhere to be found right now. We have both found this particular style to be comfortable, washable, easily adjustable and easy to put on and remove. I also sew in a twist tie at the nose which really helps to keep my glasses from fogging up. I agree that the extra wrinkle coverage a mask provides is a bonus! Please contact me by email so that I can get them out to you.

  17. You look wonderful in Chico’s! And have the personality that’s just creatively and positively perfect for the brand and for uplifting your readers. I enjoy your daily updates!
    I’ve only gotten dressed twice and – while it seemed like a pain- I felt like a movie star.
    Both of my kids came home from grad school, so the best part of this for me is hearing them laugh together ❤️

  18. Your favourite look is also mine! Very pretty! Lots of people make homemade masks out there. Tons of videos online..

    Looking forward to seeing what your new kitchen looks like!

  19. Pam, I haven’t been online in over a week. I saw this topper and necklace and chuckled that it is ‘vintage’. I ran out and found both at a Chico’s when you first showed it years ago. It started a collection of similar toppers. lol I still have both items, and still continue to wear them too! It’s always nice to see you. You are truly a beautiful person. Paula

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