Would You Wear It with Pam & Jennifer – Spring Window Shopping

White House Black Market on Would You Wear It

Welcome to a window shopping edition of Would You Wear It with me and my blog friend, Jennifer.  On Saturdays, Jennifer and I show you fashion displays which have attracted our attention while out and about and make us wonder what you would think of the looks.  We usually show you mannequins from inside stores, but we needed new plans in this world of social distancing.

Typically, I look for displays that I think would bring some diverse opinions and thought, but as I was running around an outdoor strip mall and trying to not attract attention of the security officer I did not have much to select from.  But, this lovely grouping did seem that it would have many options for discussion here…so I went with it.

White House Black Market on Would You Wear It

There is something I kind of like about the reflections in the windows…an artistic touch if you will.  But, I do apologize that the quality of the images are not their usual best.  We ask that you look over our displays and answer personally if you would or would not wear the styles.  Be constructive with your evaluations as to why they do or do not work for you.  These conversations have helped many with looking at what works best for their body types or what is age appropriate,  The comments are read…so please be helpful with what you say. You may comment on any one or all of the mannequins in my window. 

So tell us, ladies…………………………


Pamela Lutrell with Would You Wear It

The styles are from White House Black Market and while I couldn’t locate all of them to link to, there are some lovely items from their site in this slideshow…..


Pamela Lutrell discusses how she organizes her closet

This week, our reader, Nyla, asked me about how I organize my closet.  She was commenting on the fact that I so often style outfits with clothing I have owned a long time.  I first wrote about my new closet organization in 2018 in this post 

That was the year I began to hang my clothing in families and it has been so much better since I did this and continue to do it today.  As far as older garments go, I know my favorites and hang on to them.  With that said, there are some I have made myself take to consignment that I miss the pieces and wish they were still around.  Most of what I have gleaned out, though, needed to go on its merry way.  I switch out seasonal clothes and put away the ones not in use.  My cold weather clothes are packed away in a couple of large boxes and also hanging in an extra closet.  Since our children moved out, there is more room to do this kind of thing.  Nyla, feel free to ask questions if the old post does not explain it adequately…but I have loved hanging my clothing in families…works so much better for me than categories like pants, skirts, tops, etc.

Make sure you go over to A WELL STYLED LIFE to see Jennifer’s display and tell her what you think!  Today’s slideshow is dedicated to all things springtime and On Sale!

Thank you so much for being here… stay home…stay safe…stay hopeful  and…………

Remember, in our social distancing world, your smile is the way you send hugs!  


By Pamela Lutrell



  1. The only yes here for me would be the green pants outfit. I don’t care for florals, so perhaps just a scarf. And the pink boxy purse is cute for spring!

  2. I personally do not wear large florals. I do like the solid outfit that combines what looks like a light olive cargo pant with a blush top and denim jacket. I would definitely wear this combination. I like all of the colors in this display, but the patterns would not be my choice.

  3. I would wear them all! I like the artsy florals and their placement on the garments (especially on the top on the left). The hem on the dress adds additional interest and the necklines also work. Those floral pants with the long green cardigan are gorgeous, will have to look further into those! I am sending all of my shorts away to new homes this year so have a gap in that category for spring/summer! The WHBM display would definitely catch my eye as their displays usually do! Window shopping is fun, thank you for doing this!

  4. I live in a place with four seasons in a day, so only the heaviest or lightest items can be packed away in summer or winter. Lesson? Transitional dressing is my best bet in spring, summer and fall. The heavy clothes are essential, summer clothes not so much. What do I like most? Summer clothes, of course!

  5. Good morning Pam!
    Of the four looks, my eyes gravitate to the mannequin wearing the solid green pant and pale pink vee neck tee with darker sweater or jacket over the shoulder. I’m not a fan of larger florals, though I realize they’re popular. Just not for me. I like pink and green together and the general look appeals—if I were to choose one.

  6. I really didn’t care for this display. I like the floral print, and I like the dress, but not the hemline. I’d also need a jacket or cardigan as I don’t really like to show my upper arm. The other outfits are nice, but not to my taste.

  7. Thanks for window shopping for us. I like the outfit on the left and the top on the right. I would wear the left one with the white jeans and blush bootie or ballet flat. I also like the higher waist pants in the slide show, as that is my go to lately. The dress is lovely but I just don’t like the sleeveless part and the neckline is a bit too high for my liking. The asymmetrical hem on the dress and top is flattering since it does not draw a straight line across. I do like the styles of most of their clothes.

  8. I like those green pants too. That sport/cargo/fatigue style is a thing this year.
    The dress with the dipped hemline is pretty. If I had a dressy event I’d like it, one someone else.

  9. Hello Pam, Thanks for doing this.
    I’m not much for florals so I would not wear tops 1 and 3 or the dress.
    I like the outfit pink vneck, khaki green crops and jean jacket. That looks like me. I would wear it without the scarf and add a delicate necklace. Happy Saturday!

  10. I love them all! It’s the sort of thing I would add a couple of tee and sneakers to for a week away. (If that ever happens again…) Beautiful, almost season-less colours, and while I don’t normally have a lot of floral, I find it very modern right now.

  11. I love the colours And patterns in these outfits and would wear all of them, except the dress. Great floral pattern but the high ruffle makes it a bit fussy for my taste. Great dress for a wedding but none on my calendar this summer. The pink purse is adorable.

  12. I like all three pants outfits. I’d wear any one of them as shown, but just think of all the combinations you could create if you had all three! The dress is cute, but I probably wouldn’t wear it. I don’t think I’d be comfortable showing that much leg and I’m not sure how much coverage it would provide when sitting.

  13. Love these colors and prints! I could see myself in any of the 3 pants outfits but the dress would be a no (for me) because of the short section on the (left?) thigh. I no longer (or maybe ever) have ‘Tina Turner legs’. But it would catch my eye and I would admire it on someone else

  14. The colors and prints of these outfits really appeal to me. I especially like the asymmetrical top with the green pants. I also like pairing the jean jacket with floral prints. I think it is a fun combo and I think the floral dress would look fantastic with a jean jacket.

    Such a fun post today, Pam! So springlike and uplifting!

    Thank you!

  15. I like all the outfits shown. I love dresses but I’d have to see where the shortest part of the skirt hit on me. I would wear all the tops untucked. My waist isn’t what it used to be! The pants look shorter than I like but I have short legs so they’d probably be ankle-length on me. Good job finding something for Would You Wear It!

  16. I love the solid green pants. I’m a fan of happy colored casual pants like these, paired with a variety of white tees or blouses for my spring and summer wear. I like an ankle length or capri styling for the warmer season.

  17. I might try the blouse on the right, for the silliest reason. The floral pattern looks like the display window in my post :). It’s not my style and I don’t wear patterns but times are changing and I’m wanting things that make me feel hopeful.

  18. I adore that dress, especially as it looks like like the asymmetrical hem is lined in pink – so pretty! I would totally wear that. The other outfits are a little too casual for my personal style, but I LOVE the black blouse with the floral sleeves in your sideshow, Pam.

    Glad to see your cheery posts – I don’t always comment, but I do always read! Great to see an OG blogger like me still going strong.

    A very happy Easter to you, my dear!

  19. I like all three pants outfits and as stated above it would be a nice combinations you could make. I no longer wear dresses so no to the dress. Have a blessed Easter.

  20. I would try on all of those outfits; they are very springy and appealing to the eye. My favorite was the outfit featuring the green pants and the pink top with the denim jacket. It looks sporty, casual and chic. It has given me an idea for styling my own green pants and denim jacket. Time to shop my closet!

  21. Pam: Thanks for sharing! I finally caught up with my reading. I am going to try families within pants, jackets, tops– Chicos, Dillard’s, Macy’s, etc.

  22. I hope it helps Nyla. I know it has helped me. So often I am looking for the brand on the garment as well as the garment. Thanks for asking.

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