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Pamela Lutrell asks Would Wear It

Welcome, ladies, to Would You Wear It? with me and my friend, Jennifer. For many of us the shopping malls are closed, so we are your ticket to ride if you are missing mall shopping.  For both of us, this is our last round of mannequins for the moment until we have freedom to return to the stores, and I had not planned to use this display.  I took the pictures and then decided to do something else that week, so these were extras and I am now so thankful I have them.

Spring Jacket on Would You Wear It

If you are just joining in on Saturdays then here is what is happening.  Jennifer and I find fashion displays around our communities which make us wonder what you would think of them.  So often, one stops me in my tracks and I think, “HMMMM, what would the ladies think about this one?”  We ask that you tell us from your personal perspective if you would or would not wear the styles. Give us a constructive explanation and don’t just react and say “I Love It” or “I hate it;” explain why.  The comments are read on these posts and other ladies learn from your assessment.  I often find groups, and you may comment on one or all of them.  Your choice.

Dillards display on over 50 Feeling 40

So, look this group of girls over and tell us with great explanations…………………………………………………………………………………………



Pamela Lutrell for Chamonix Genucel

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Now make sure you go over to A Well Styled Life for Jennifer’s mannequin!  I have a Spring Slideshow below for you…now have some fun!

Please tell us Would You Like to See More than posts similar to Would You Wear It during the week? Now… stay home…stay safe…stay hopeful, and…………

Remember, in our social distancing world, your smile is the way you send hugs!  


NOTE:  A reader requested more information and I confirmed from Dillards that all of these garments are Ming Wang.

By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I am provided product from Chamonix for review, but the words are my own.


  1. The two pants outfits, yes, I’d try those on. I think the jacket on the one might be a little long on me (on the left), but it would work in a petite. The pink sweater is so pretty and I really love wearing pink. A photographer told me once that pink is beautiful on every woman, you just have to find your shade. The black outfit with the skirt looks sloppy, or too big, something seems off there. I like skirts and wear them often, but like a more fitted look. I will miss this feature! I look at the windows at the free-standing stores, but they probably aren’t changing the displays now. Can’t wait to go shopping again!!

          1. I am in touch with Dillards and they are tracking down the brands for me! Stay tuned….

          2. Just got the word…all of these are Ming Wang…a brand I really like…and I know that Dillards and Ming Wang are both having sales…so you might check them out there. The floral jacket looks better on an actual body where it is fitting better.

  2. I would try both of the outfits that feature pants. I can’t tell from the photo if the black is a top and skirt. If that is the case, I would try on the top. It’s still cool here in the northeast and it would work with both a black skirt and black pants in my wardrobe, I do enjoy “Would you wear it.” It is part of my Saturday morning routine. Pam, thank you and Jennifer for your posts and for keeping us engaged and optimistic during this time.

  3. The outfit on the left is beige, which looks dreadful on me. I also never wear longer tops because I am just under 5’ and already have very short legs and so the proportion is always off. The beige pants are fine because they’re away from my face. I’m not sure about the width of the leg, only straight works for me. In the second outfit , the Pink sweaters are pretty and I love pink! I’d try them on but they seem boxy. Did I say I’m small? And few curves. So something with a close, not tight, fit gives me the illusion of a female shape.. The pants would be fine so long as they are full length because of the short legs. The black outfit is just a no. The top os too long and shapeless, the skirt is above the knee— I’m too old and have big saggy knees. ( Being very short thin and shapeless, I was given short thick arms and legs. Not saggy. Sigh.)
    BTW, the link from Jennifer’s site doesn’t work. I googled this blog. I m interested in the foundation you wear. Your skin looks so fresh and young.

    1. I just fixed the link to Jennifer’s blog…thanks for the heads up, Susan. I will explain Monday what I am doing with my makeup right now. Happy to share the products.

    2. I really like the color contrast, style and the piping (edging?) on the pink and black sweater. I would definitely try that one on. All the pants are a slightly newer silhouette but not baggy, so I would try those too. The sheer, embroidered grayish top is really beautiful, but I am slightly too warm and bright in my coloring to wear super cool colors and light, ashy tones. Overall, this is a nice display and the clothes look to be good quality. I will miss this feature! And, Pam, you will have to come up with some other content for yet another day. As a former writer, I know that is -not- easy.

        1. Although they are lovely, I am a size 14 and fair with light brown going beige hair. The gray outfit is too light and would wash me out. Another color? Definitely. I don’t do horizontal stripes as I’m thick though the middle. Do love the pink tho! The black and white…kinda a big print, would need to try it on tho.

  4. I like the mannequin in the light colored trousers with the pink and gray thinset. I would look for full length trousers over the ones shown. The other trouser set is pretty, but not I my colors. The skirt and top can stay on the mannequin.

  5. I would try on the pants outfit with the pink tops (shell and cardi or one piece?) .
    That might work for me, but I really don’t care for the long top on left side –neither the fabric nor the collar appeals to me.
    I would pass on the skirt and top. It doesn’t appeal either……

    Thank you for your wonderful blogs. I especially like Would You Wear It? I look so forward to it, every week.

  6. I would try the pink sweater outfit as it’s the most fitted of the three.and I love pink. Wearing non-fitted things tends to make me look bigger. The gray outfit reminds me of my daughters hospital scrubs for some reason so I wouldn’t choose that one.

  7. The outfit with the pink sweater draws my attention. As a petite I need the shorter length for the top and I like the darker shade of pink. It would be a great look for me.

  8. I love the two pant outfits – they both look so ‘springy’ and I’m ready for some spring fashion! I’m not a big fan of the black and white – it just seems kind of drab for this time of year. The pink sweater set is really beautiful! I can see it on so many women – it’s a classic.

  9. Nothing here for me. These outfits scream “blah”. Blah colors, florals. Nothing here to try on.
    Look at the sweater in the background of the 1st photo. Black w white fringe? I like that and would wear it with straight leg jeans and a white v neck tshirt. Happy Saturday!

  10. I would try on all three, but I think the jacket on the left would remind me too much of my grandmother’s “smocks” when I was growing up. I would have to look closely at the black and white top as it looks big and oversized for the skirt but would definitely wear the skirt. I love the pink and gray combo and would wear it gladly.

  11. I would wear the pink sweater and she’ll with black pants or jeans. The others look to old and frumpish for me.

  12. I like the top/shirt on the left. It looks embellished to me.I just ordered a pair of pants from J. JIll in a similar print. Looks very spring summer to me. The others i would take a pass on. Have never cared for the pink grey combo,although Pink is nice.Both would be hard t for me to style,work into my closet Hope we won’t have to wait too long to shop with you again. I really enjoy this feature,makes me think about what I am wearing and why I selected it in the first place.But has not amounted to any discards yet, but who knows. Maybe someday!

        1. Don’t apologize…I don’t pick items because I like them. I go for mannequins that make me curious about what the consumer things. So no apologies necessary!

  13. What might be fun would be a piece on your own wardrobe fails. Go to the back of your closet and dig out things that you felt were great and brought home, but ultimately realized they were fails. And include why for both columns……..why you bought them and what decided you finally to realize that they were a fail.

    I’m sure that even with your careful curating of your wardrobe you can still come up with one or two…….

  14. Florals are my favorite print, but I would walk right past this display. I, like Susan R., am petite and prefer fitted pieces.

  15. I wouldn’t wear any of these outfits as the colours and shapes do not suit me. I would look washed out and frumpy. Thanks for continuing Would you Wear it over the last few weeks.

  16. I’m not drawn to the outfit on the left. I would look awful in that color.
    I like the pink color-block jacket set although I’m not sure if I’d like it on me. The pink top and white pants would definitely work. That black and white outfit looks sloppy! I love to wear a nice-fitting skirt but the proportions of the top and the way its haphazardly buttoned make me cringe!

  17. My eyes went straight to the pink. I’d definitely wear the jacket and shell. It’s
    a happy Spring time color that flatters most people. I’ll miss these WYWI posts. Glad you had some in reserve.

  18. I would wear both the outfits featuring pants. They both have a very springtime look. The top with the skirt is a no for me. It might be just the way it is hanging on the mannequin, but it looks bunchy. I don’t think it would be a flattering look for me.

  19. I like pink and gray combos but not sure about top on the left – the length doesn’t look like one that would be flattering to me (although I like that sleeve length and the floral print so maybe a little hemming would make it work). I like the fit of the pants and would be tempted to try those and the color-block sweater set in the middle. The black and gray outfit on the right looks sloppy, maybe it’s the fit on the mannequin?

  20. I was going to say the pink outfit is for me but taking time to really reflect as you suggest, I think I’d pass.
    I’ve found that brighter colors are much more flattering as I age. I’m a blue eyed, porcelain skinned, tall blonde & pastels just makes me blah. I’m preppy but like to make a statement.
    Thanks, Pam, I’m becoming more thoughtful in my purchases.

  21. I love the pink sweater set. Often when you find a pink garment it is frilly or floral; I like the modern geometric turn this offers!
    If you are considering a replacement column idea, what if all the ladies were to send in their own “mannequin” creations from their own closets?! It could be a favorite outfit, one with a question, or even something outrageous and silly. I know we don’t have mannequins at home (well, maybe the ladies who sew might) but we all know how to lay out or hang up a potential outfit to see what we think. I’d be super interested to participate AND see what everyone else does.

  22. Two of these outfits look like the separates that the department stores sell. I would rather invest in a quality basic piece (like a cashmere sweater) that I could wear more often.

  23. I like the style of the outfit on the left — the print shirt worn open over a top & matching pants is a favourite look of mine — but the colour would make me disappear. I’m definitely a “winter” blonde & need clear, bold primaries or pure white or black or I fade into nothingness. Also, delicate florals like this don’t suit me or my personality. The grey & pink duo is nothing I’d ever wear — it’s too boxy & structured for me. I can’t get a grip on the last outfit, to be honest. I’d at least try it on, but worn open (does it open?) over a silvery metallic top worn with a narrow silver belt, black crepe pants, silver sandals, big silver hoop earrings & maybe some silver chain necklaces . . . I like it enough to play with it a bit, but have a feeling in the end it wouldn’t make the cut 🙂 Fun trying, though!

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