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MMMMMMMM….that avocado toast looks good, doesn’t it?  Well, if not, then get the treat of your choice and let’s sit down for Today’s News for Women Over 50.  I curate the headlines I believe many of you would be interested in across various news outlets I read each week.  The last two posts have focused on the silver linings amidst this difficult time in our world, but today I am returning to the news I most often find for you in order to educate and inspire you going forward though some are related to our new realities.  I am hopeful our return to a more “normal” life is just around the corner.

Another crazy thing going on this April day is that I am sitting here in my heaviest robe, with a Pumpkin Spice Candle glowing, looking at the blustery wind blowing with rain outside and it feels more like autumn than spring!  If it is cold in San Antonio, then I know the rest of you are probably freezing. So cozy up and let’s read.


Pamela Lutrell with Today's Headlines for Women over 50

Apparently, as more are at home during a stressful time of life, more are also turning to gardening.  I know for me, if I had more time on my hands between my jobs, I would be out in the garden and plan to do that at some point.  The Associated Press ran this article, FEED THE SOUL: IN CHAOTIC TIMES, GARDENING BECOMES THERAPY. See what you think and let us know how your own garden grows.


Pineapples help teeth on Over 50 Feeling 40

You are going to have to read this article to discover how pineapples make your teeth look younger…but, I confess, that was new information for me!   Since jumping to the other side of 50, I have become a little OCD about my teeth…I just want them to look young!  I guess it comes from seeing my mother and grandmothers which such darkened teeth as they aged.  So this article caught my attention. Read 5 SIMPLE WAYS TO PROTECT YOUR TEETH AND GUMS AS YOU AGE.


Anti-Aging Power on oVer 50 Feeling 40

We hear more and more about the anti-aging power of different fruits.  I try to bring to you the information and studies so you can determine what is best for you…I don’t see how we could ever eat consistently everything we are told to eat, but that is one of the reasons I take Juice Plus, a whole food supplement to get it all in as much as possible.  Did you know about this one?  It has tons of anti-aging OIL FROM THE SEEDS CAN HELP WARD OFF HEART DISEASE, WEIGHT GAIN, THINNING HAIR, AND MORE.



At Home workouts on over 50 Feeling 40

I already told you that I am struggling with my new at home work schedule.  Between the change in my schedule and the gym shut down, I have been challenged with workouts and need to get back at it…I can feel this derriere spreading.  I know some of you are a little intimidated by exercise. so when AARP sent this 10 MINUTE INDOOR WALKING WORKOUT with Denise Austin, I thought it might be perfect.  Also, here is a very simple and light 10 DUMBBELL EXERCISES THAT’LL OPEN UP YOUR SHOULDERS AND IMPROVE POSTURE AND BUILD MUSCLE.  If you don’t have little weights, use canned goods from the pantry…just make sure the weight is even on both sides. These are easy and doable…we may be inside, but we need to MOVE!


Sleep News on Todays News for WOmen over 50

With so much happening right now, it is easy to lose sleep and allow worry to take us over.  (Another good reason to exercise! I always sleep better when I exercise).  I thought it might help some of you to read 5 TIPS TO STOPE YOUR WORRIES FROM LITERALLY KEEPING YOU UP AT NIGHT, ACCORDING TO A SLEEP DOCTOR.  There are two things that help me sleep…

  1. Advice from that old psychiatrist, Bing Crosby, in White Christmas...”When your’re worried and you can’t sleep, just count your blessings instead of sheep and you’ll fall asleep counting your blessings.”  It seemed to work for Rosemary Clooney!
  2. My faith…prayer always helps me to sleep when I am worried.  I just give it to the Lord.  I know some of you join me in celebration today and may be attending online church.  So I say to you…ENJOY THE CELEBRATION OF

Palm Sunday from KLOVE

Please feel free to comment on one or all of today’s news, and below I am bringing you a little warmth, touches of springtime to get us excited about the coming sunshine ahead, so I hope you enjoy today’s Fabulous Finds Slideshow (all items on sale)..and I will see you tomorrow!

Now… stay home…stay safe…stay hopeful, and…………

Remember, in our social distancing world, your smile is the way you send hugs!  


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Such interesting articles Pam! I had no idea about the pineapple, but seeing my mom’s teeth getting really dark I will try different things for sure! I discovered gardening as therapy when my sons were little. I’ve had many different gardens over the years and since I spent all my days in an office, sometimes offices without windows, gardening was part of my day as soon as I got home, weather permitting, of course. Just a few weeks ago I took advantage of a RARE warm day to pull weeds (they grow all winter). It was wonderful to be outside in the sunshine, even pulling weeds. Being outside is therapeutic, I think. Went for an actual hike yesterday in the national park and it was swarming with people just trying to get outside. Huge park, so keeping a distance is easy! As for the at-home workouts, I have been doing my various Leslie Sansone workouts, she even has one for upper and lower body using weights, a very basic yoga workout, all very good and she has a great, upbeat delivery. While I very much miss going to the gym and the pool, this has kept me on track and is scheduled in my day. I have also noticed a problem with waking up in the middle of the night and then having trouble getting back to sleep (can’t shut my brain off!). I do pray, definitely stay off the phone and computer, but it’s been kind of a problem. I’m not worried about the virus so it’s not that, just maybe such a drastic change in routine, not sure. Like you, I’m looing forward to a return to normal life soon! As a side note, if the time comes that I ever am forced into wearing a mask, I made one today from some fabric I had. It’s deep blue and ivory toile and I figured if they make us wear them, I’m going to be ready with something cute! Lots of online instructions! Hopefully, it will just lay here and look cute and not be used!

  2. Pamela, your posts are a highlight of my day. Please share the video below about the importance of facemasks with your many online friends. It’s very important right now and you have the ability to influence so many people. Thank you!

  3. Thanks for sharing Denise Austin’s 10 minute walk video! I really liked it and will try to do it every day. My allergies are so bad that walking outdoors is out of the question which is too bad since all the pretty trees are in bloom and it’s warming up. Stay well!

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