At home style doesn’t have to be boring, and masks are not that easy!

Goodwill San Antonio Handbag on Over 50 Feeling 40

Today, I am bringing you some ideas for how stay-at-home style doesn’t have to be boring. This is a perfect work from home outfit for me.  It will look good on camera for meetings.  It is comfy and when I look in the mirror, I think this is me.  I actually believe that because I have more time and not feeling as rushed that I am more creative with my style right now.  What do you think about that? Are you more or less creative spending more time at home?

This outfit is combined of a tank and white jeans from Chicos, a blue topper from JJill, a necklace from a boutique I loved that is not longer around, and my favorite bronze ballet flats from Cole Haan which are really pretty old. The accessories help to pop the look and make it fun and yes, I wear accessories even when it is only me, Mr. B and the cat. (That is unless I have yard work or house work on the agenda) But, during the week, I still put on a necklace or scarf and when I begin to venture out, I will carry this fun handbag I picked up at Goodwill San Antonio before everything shut down.

Animal Print Hobo Bag from Goodwill San Antonio

I have already informed you that fun print hobo bags are in this year and thrift shopping online or off is a great way to pick up some really fun ones.  I got this one and one more that I will show you in another post later,  This one was like new…does not look used at all and with animal prints so big this year, I thought it was a great addition to my accessories.  I have located some fun selections for you below. 

One more comment, a couple of ladies asked me about my bangs on Friday.  In the words of Uncle Jessie from Full House,” HAVE MERCY.”  My hair is crazy right now….gray is busting out all over and uncontrolled, my bangs have grown past my eyes and I am constantly brushing them aside, the conditioning treatment has worn off and bushy has set in.  Please be understanding while I await those magic words….Salons are now open!


Masks and glasses on Over 50 Feeling 40

 Over the weekend, I saw a social media posts encouraging everyone to wear masks and the copy said, “It’s so easy.  The easiest thing you can do to protect others.”  I acknowledge that it does protect others, but for some of us it is not that easy.  I also heard someone else say that we are all in the same storm, but not all in the same boat.  So true.

After my excursion on Saturday, I am very glad that the state has given us an option of wearing masks or not…the city hasn’t, but I will worry about that later. So here is my story…  I have not done the grocery shopping in a month…sweet Mr. B was willing to take it on, but on Saturday, I decided to take my territory back!

It was kind of like a kid in a toy store…I suppose I went a little crazy, buying things I had not experienced in a while.  That was the fun part of the journey.  It was the mask that ruined everything.  Oh, I have beautiful masks now thanks to gifts from readers, family, friends, so making a fashion statement was not the problem. This was the first time I went into a situation where the mask was a requirement and it proved very uncomfortable.

First, I need to explain that since menopause years ago, I have developed a touch of claustrophobia.  I cannot be wrapped up tight in sheets or have anything over my head and the idea of an MRI will freeze me in my tracts. When I first walked into the store, the immediate problem was that breathing with the mask on fogged up my glasses.  So here I am…gray scraggly hair shining from the roots, glasses fogged over, and a mask on ….I am certain young children were running to find their parents! I kept removing my glasses to clean them but would often get to a product where I needed to read a label or name and the glasses had to go back on and eventually fog over again.

Warnings on Over 50 Feeling 40

It only took about 25 minutes into the store, as I entered the condiment aisle when I realized I needed to breathe…badly…or pass out!  So, I quickly found an aisle in the wine section with no people, removed the mask and took several deep breaths.  For a moment, I wasn’t sure I could continue on.  The next breathing episode was in the baking section and as a man turned to enter the aisle, he saw me with my mask down, breathing in and out intentionally, and quickly fled the other direction.  Not sure what he thought!

But, I was determined to get two weeks- worth of meals for Mr. B and I, so I kept hiding and breathing and hiding and breathing …you get the picture.  This was also the first time the store had shelved the brand of toilet paper I like, so I put two packages in my cart…Mr. B says that is hoarding, I disagree.  A whole cartful would have been hoarding.  But, when I got home, I only had the one anyway…no idea what happened to the other, but I was charged for it.  I only hope someone who really needed it found it in the parking lot and took it home.

Needless to say, my first- time shopping with the mask was not a good experience, so I am not sure how I will do whenever I decide to tackle the mall.  At least there, I can go into dressing rooms to breath!  I may have to be one of the rebellious ones who ventures out without a face covering…I know that is controversial, but this really was a nightmare experience. However, I am certain if someone is watching footage of an in-store camera that they got a good laugh!

Note:  I did try it again the on Sunday when we went to the nursery.  It was better outdoors (glasses only partially fogged up), but I still began to feel woosy and had to remove the mask.

Fountain at Milberger Landscaping on Over 50 Feeling 40

Just remember….same storm, different boats.  If I have to stay home, I will.  At some point I do not think wearing masks will be as necessary, but it was far from easy last weekend.

Has anyone else had this experience?  Please share….I will feel better then.  This is the week before Mother’s Day so there will be many, many sales and I will bring to you as many Fabulous Finds as I can.  Please remember that if you click through to a website through my slideshow and even purchase different items, I receive support for the blog from that.  If you know for certain you are going to make a purchase, then please contact me in my email and I will see if I can put that retailer in the slideshow the next day for you to click through to purchase.  I do appreciate you helping me cover costs so that I can continue to do this!


Remember, in our social distancing world, your smile is the way you send hugs! 

KEEP SMILING and hugging!

By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I am provided gift cards for shopping at Goodwill San Antonio


  1. Hi Pam, I have found that if I put the edge of the mask under my glasses the do not fog ! I will be wearing a mask for many months for peace of mind. So I am looking for stylish ones that are as comfortable as they can be. I haven’t found the perfect one yet…LOL

    Thanks for all the great tips!


  2. Some mask tips that may help… Try wearing them at home to get used to them. It may be that we’re looking at wearing them for some time, so practice! Take a seam ripper to an end of the mask and insert some wire–a pipe cleaner, floral wire, a paper clip–so you can pinch over your nose and get a tighter fit. That helps a lot with the glasses fogging up. Also try putting a folded tissue inside your mask to absorb some of the condensation when your breathing. You can also try the trick of soaping your glasses and drying them off so there’s a fog-free film, but I don’t like that personally because then I’m trying to see out of filmy glasses–ugh!

    I know that claustrophobic feeling. I combat it by trying to remember song lyrics. “American Pie” is a good one.

    Good luck, stay healthy, and, um, don’t touch your face!

    1. Thanks so much Marla for all of the great suggestions…American Pie it is…I know that one!

  3. Yes, Pam, I too feel very claustrophobic in a mask. But someone told me that if you ‘wash’ your glasses with shaving cream, they will not fog! Haven’t tried it yet myself- keep forgetting! Thank you for your wonderful blog. It is a real blessing in this “Ground Hog Day” time we are stuck in!

  4. Hi Pam. Try cleaning your glasses with shaving cream. It helps with the fogging issue. Have a great day!

  5. I feel your frustration Pam. I am already claustrophobic and the masks do NOT help. I find that my time in the grocery store is much faster just so I can get out and to the car to take it off. I know, no touching the face, but I must. I have actually made 2 runs into the store just to get out to the car and breathe. I have not found a solution to the fogging completely and have an assortment of styles that I rotate. Solution….I stay home unless I am out of something like milk. I am pretty sure the hair hanging in the face is not helping with the irritation and a head band and glasses and mask straps….. well you know. Hang in there.

    1. Diane…thank you for your honest comment…It really does help to know that I am not alone with my feelings. I appreciate you!

  6. I read that if you can keep the nose part of the mask tight and the bottom part loser, then your glasses wont fog. I did find that helpful to not feel so restricted. Hope it helps you too!

  7. I hate wearing the masks, too. With asthma and sometimes being short of breath it is hard. I wear glasses, too, Don’t be afraid to go gray!! You look great now but gray hair is so freeing. And natural sparkling silver or white is so very flattering to women…especially over 60. I decided at a few months before 64 to start the process. Now a little over 65 I have over a year to go since I have long hair. Never have I regretted my decision!! Many women have accepted this challenge and I have been surprised at how many are MUCH younger than I am.

    Love your outfit!!

    1. Thanks Dell Ann! The gray decision has much to do with when I retire. Working with much younger people…even online…I just want to keep this look for awhile. I am the oldest on the team, but I do not want anything that screams I am the oldest on the team. I am looking forward to the day that I officially retire and maybe can consider the change. I also have asthma, and had not thought about that being one of the reasons I have difficulty with the masks…thanks for pointing it out.

  8. I have a feeling mask-wearing is going to get more uncomfortable as the weather heats up, but grocery stores are usually quite cold so let’s count on that. I have the same Jill topper in aubergine and never thought to wear it unbuttoned so thanks for the idea!

  9. You are the first person to mention the claustrophobic feeling of a mask. I, too, have this issue. Thankfully masks are not required in my area. If they were, I would just have to be a rebel. This is such an issue that I cannot go snorkeling —I’ve tried twice, but can’t get past the panicky feeling.

  10. I have to confess that I haven’t ventured out yet, but have my masks ready! I don’t wear glasses other than for reading, but could see how the fogging up would be a real issue. In my mask search, I have seen masks with a plastic vent in the front. Would these help you? Things are certainly going to be different as we navigate the world now.
    As for the hair situation, I feel your pain to a certain extend. My husband is a hairdresser so I have had a haircut but haven’t had a highlighting since Christmas! I also get Keratin treatments so maintenance isn’t such a chore but that is also long overdue. Here in NJ we aren’t getting back to normal anytime soon, it seems, so we need to just hang in there! At least we’ve had some nice weather which helps tremendously!
    I love your bag! With some places restricting what you will be allowed to bring into stores or salons when they reopen, including bags and purses, I’ve been on the lookout for some cute small crossbody bags that fit my phone, reading glasses and credit cards. Suggestions appreciated!!!!
    Have a great Monday!

    1. Hi Linda, the ones with the plastic vents are reserved for the frontline medical workers and I would not want to take a mask meant for those out there serving us. I am so sorry about NJ. It sounds like it has been awful. I have a wonderful little bag that I were on my wrist from Baggallini for my phone and credit cards. I really like it…highly recommend.

  11. Masks with wires definitely helped the fogging issue with my glasses. I have decided to order groceries through my phone app and pick up at a designated time. I don’t like giving up that part of my independence , but for now it works. So far this service has been a pleasant surprise.

  12. I actually took a week off to get away from wearing a mask. It feels like I labor so much more with my breathing. Breathing my own hot humid breath feels awful in my lungs, along with the fogging of the glasses. I had headaches every single day since we began wearing them at work. Not one headache while I was home. Ours are not mandatory city wide, but they are at work. Ugh!

    If they would let me work from home, I would just to NOT wear that suffocating thing. So be thankful you have freedom at home from those horrid things! I am a bit claustrophobic also which only makes it worse. I know I am not in the majority, but I think they may end up doing more harm than good. Just like people wearing gloves touching everything and cross contaminating. Just wash your hands or hand sanitizer would be better.

    Okay, my mini rant is over. lol But I am going to try the shaving cream thing to solve one problem. 🙂

    1. Mini-rants allowed…and I am thankful that I can work for home. If work requires it when we do return, I am not sure what I will do. I can understand why it is an issue for you. I told my husband that I may not be able to fly anywhere for a long time, since planes are saying you have to wear the entire time of the flight!

  13. Masks can be a problem for some people. I’ve read people with certain medical conditions shouldn’t wear them. I too have the fogging issue. I will still be staying home as much as possible, but I do miss going into the store. Unfortunately, this may be our normal until we have a good vaccine available.

  14. Try on line grocery ordering…. It is fantastic! As a health care worker, masks are tough for us too. N95 masks are even more claustrophobic and hot and sweaty compared to surgical masks, especially wearing all day long. If you are struggling with masks, please try on line grocery ordering. Its no failure to do that.

    1. Thank you for all you are doing, Lana. I have such respect for those who persevere with all of the challenges you face. I feel bad I whined! But online ordering looks much better than it did!

  15. I actually like your bangs angled to the side! I think it’s a much softer look. I now have 1” long silver roots with no visit to the salon in sight. I think this may be the impetus to finally going gray. I’m 63 and have been retired from the education field for four years, so I don’t have the same challenges as you.

    1. Like you, when I get to retirement this decision will be easier. Let us know how it goes, Barb!

  16. really like your boat and storm comment.Very timely!. finally did my own hair this past weekend(I had been using dry shampoo) and it was so much better-not so limp. But I am looking forward to my regular appts. I have a 3 in. halo where it has grown out. Not sure why it is growing so fats, but there you are. Different boats! Best,stay safe

    1. When I heard the storm and boat comment, it made so much sense to me as a great way to describe how everyone is facing these challenges differently. I promised my stylist I would not color…I am trying really hard to live up to it! 😱

  17. I’ve been ordering groceries online from Amazon Fresh and Instacart.
    The shopper leaves the groceries at the door. It has helped me out a lot.
    I have to venture to the doctor tomorrow so I will definitely have to wear the mask no matter what. Good luck to us with these masks.

  18. Another vote for grocery delivery! As a 67-year old with asthma, I haven’t wanted to risk exposure by going to the grocery store. I’ve used Instacart delivery several times now, which has worked out really well, as well as grocery pickup at Walmart, which is another great option. Here in southeastern Pennsylvania, we’re still under stay-at-home orders and will be for some time yet due to the number of COVID-19 cases here, but even when that restriction is lifted, I still plan to use grocery delivery or pickup. I think it will be a while before I feel comfortable venturing back into stores.

    As for masks, we have to wear them here when out in public places like grocery stores, pharmacies, or parks where there are a lot of people. I don’t mind that at all because I think they’re very important for flattening the curve, even if they are uncomfortable. Remember the phrase, “My mask protects you, your mask protects me.”

    1. Thanks, Terry! I am trying…I wore it again on Sunday…so I haven’t gone rogue yet!

  19. You sure got a lot of responses on masks. I am not wearing one, and was so interested to hear about your problem with claustrophobia because I have the same issue. I have anxiety attacks and would need to leave the store if I had a mask on. I’m really thankful that where I live they are not required. If a store requires a mask, I’m not going, or I’ll be that one rebel. That simple. I went to my ENT doctor (got hearing aids today and I’m SO over the moon happy!!!!!) and staff was about 50/50 with masks, I didn’t wear one and no one had a problem or said anything. I’m not sure they do that much good anyway. Now the important stuff! Your bag is so cool, how truly unique and fun! I love the hobo style bags, it’s more me than the structured type. Your outfit today is so nice, and it’s fun to have time to play around in the closet. I would not have thought to put blue and brown together, but it turned out really well. Your necklace is great with the bag and pulls this look together really nicely. Hopefully salons will open soon…thinking of the staff members who really need their jobs to start up again. I could tolerate a mask for the very limited time I’d be in the chair for a trim, so I’m waiting for those magic words too. In the meantime, the flat iron is my friend and keeping things smoothed out and under control. My nephew has a great idea for when/if/where masks might be required…he has a full head Angry Birds mask (he’s an adult) and he intends to wear that if necessary. I’d love to be in the store when he arrived to see it. It’s a great mask!

    1. Thanks Karen…I laughed thinking about your nephew. I love blue and brown…and by putting the white pants with it, then it becomes more of a spring look. Happy Monday!

  20. These are very tough times to be sure. It’s best to stay home but it’s hard to stay home for some and impossible for many. One day at a time…

  21. You look lovely in his outfit. Thanks for all of the time you put into this blog to share with so many. I look forward to your new posts. I also have been looking for a well fitting mask and am lucky that I can sew. I tried two other masks before finding this one at . I wanted a snug fitting mask so my glasses didn’t fog up. The best nose wire is the crimp strip off a bag of coffee. Since I don’t have any elastic I used a shoe lace. I also used non-woven fusible pellon and fused it to the inside of the outside fabric and made the mask that has the liner pocket in the men’s size. I find that I can breath ok in it and it does not allow my glasses to fog due to a poor fit.

    1. @ Sue: CRAFT PASSION contour (fitted) masks are one of the patterns I am making as well to donate and agree, they are on the most part a marvelous yet comfortable fit though I did find I had to add about 1/2″ to the length of the men’s masks so they would work for those that have Caucasian bone structure otherwise on the average felt they were too short. -Brenda-

  22. Absolutely! Do the on line shopping and pick up from the store in parking lot option. Skip the stress over wearing a mask.

    Asthma can really exacerbate that shortness of breath feeling wearing a mask. Ensure you are using your inhalors as prescribed.

    Wearing masks at work is enough for me. Won’t fly with masks mandatory. Will do staycation or drive.

  23. I am wearing disposable masks that were left over from my husband’s in home dialysis time. They do fit better than some of the homemade ones because they have something stiff but bendable across the bridge of the nose that can be pushed close to the face. I am not claustrophobic, but I’m sure that must be a horrible feeling for you & others who suffer from it. I, too, am having an issue with my bangs. My salon will be opening next Monday, with restrictions, so I am hoping to get a call within the next few weeks.

    1. So lucky on the salon opening, Becky! I hope to hear at least by mid-month a plan to return….even if I have to wear the mask to do it!

  24. Oh goodness, I’m sorry to say I never thought about all the claustrophobic folks out there!!! Wearing a mask would for sure be a problem. Masks are also a detriment for hearing impaired folks who lip read. I’m sure they are problematic for others as well.

    Thankfully, our governor reversed his mandate about wearing masks … now they are only recommended.

    My glasses fog up terribly when I wear my mask, and the ear straps get tangled with my hearing aids. My bangs frizz and curl up because my forehead is sweating and I feel like a huge mess when I have go venture into the store with a mask on!!

    Looking forward to a summer without a mask!!

    1. Thanks Beth…I think that is part of my overall problem right now…I like to go out and feel my confident best and right now, for many reasons, I don’t. But this too shall pass.

    2. @Beth: Re a mask for those who wearing hearing aids one could consider the type that provides a pocket for adjustable ear loops but instead, choose a long tie and string it to go around the neck and head that can be done using one continuous string or two separate ones. (Long shoe laces are an option.) Also re lip reading; as hearing impaired myself and if you do have a cell phone you might wish to consider downloading Text Hear that transcribes speech to text (which is very similar to the CC Caption option on Youtube). Its icon is an ear with two little horizontal parentheses (round brackets) over it and is free of charge on an Android. (Not sure about an IPhone.)
      @Pam: I’m a few days behind in my reading so hopefully my late arrival isn’t causing problems re entries. IF so I do apologize. -Brenda-

  25. I also feel claustrophobic when I wear a mask. We are supposed to wear masks whenever we are outside our home even if you are just walking. The first one I tried was a medical grade one I found in our painting supplies. When I wore it to walk my dog my sunglasses fogged up! I made a cloth mask and find it a little easier to wear. My oldest daughter and her husband have been shopping at Sam’s and Trader Joe’s for me so I’ve only made one trip to the local grocery in the last 6 weeks. I wore my mask and gloves but that was more to make others comfortable than myself! I went gray last year so I don’t have to worry about my roots growing in. I was 74 but letting my hair go gray was still a hard decision! I don’t look or act my age (or so younger people tell me!) and I thought going gray would change how others saw me. I was so surprised the first time someone complimented my natural hair color! I got my hair cut two days before the salons were closed but now I could really use a trim! I have one scheduled for May 15 but I’m not sure if salons will be open then. The CA governor wants everything to stay closed and even though I’m “at risk” I’m ready for business’s to open!

    1. On Sunday, in San Antonio, you could tell by the traffic that people were ready to get out and about. I know this will eventually go away. Thanks for sharing your hair story, Nancy.

  26. Oh, Pam, I laughed out loud reading your experience with your mask! I do NOT laugh at the claustrophobia part and I am sorry you have to deal with that on top….but I laughed out loud because I have had the same experiences when I go to the store for groceries. That is the ONLY place I have gone in 6-7 weeks so for me, it has been real redemption and given me a teeny tiny sense of normalcy. But I am constantly taking off my glasses, waving them around, and putting them back on throughout the whole visit. and OF COURSE about the time I am ready to check out the fogging has stopped!!!! Haha. I do have masks with the wire across my nose so maybe I am just not pinching it tight enough over my nose. And I appreciated the comment from someone above about putting kleenex or something inside (mine has a slot to insert extra protection) to absorb some of the moisture from our breath. It IS a real chore, but I really do believe in the masks. I am retired but worked in healthcare as a chaplain with a hospice organization, and I learned a lot about infectious disease and the safety measures required ….and I also believe the “I wear a mask for you, you wear a mask for me” … I am gritting my teeth and enduring, just like everyone else. If that means we can get out more and return to some variation of normalcy, I am all for it! So hang in there, my friend, it will get better and we will survive this mess. Mostly, thank you for the great story to start off the week!!! And you look great in today’s outfit and your hair is FINE 🙂

    1. Thank you, Sharon! I meant for it to be somewhat funny even if the experience at the time wasn’t. We have to be willing to laugh at ourselves every now and then!

  27. I have been experiencing the sort of mask “panic” some of the ladies here describe, brought on by the extra touch of heat and warm breathing many experience. I wear a light medical mask from my husband’s stash. (He’s not using them now since his home visiting has switched over to a tele-medicine version.) Anyway, I just try to center myself for a minute, breathing slower and in a calming way. I am our only grocery shopper, and a lifeline for my parents. Living rural as we do the grocery and delivery services are simply not available. Also, our governor on Friday proclaimed a further extension of the extension and now our supposed re-open date is not until July 6th! So, I’ve got to suck it up and make the best of it.

    1. Oh wow, Connie…July 6th! You are right, it is an extension of the extension of the extension…and your family is so blessed to have you. Hang in there, sweet lady.

  28. Re masks: For some reason the sight of people in masks scares the heck out of me. Also, I am too vain to wear one and couldn’t breathe with my face covered.

    Yesterday I used Pickup, a grocery service offered by Roundys. You order online, select a pick up time (mine was ready next day), pay online, drive up to designated spot and they bring everything right to your car. Easy, safe and the employee couldn’t have been nicer!

    1. You are not the first one to say that it is scary to see so many people in masks! I miss the smiles and the touch. I think the human interaction is what I miss the most. Thanks for sharing that!

  29. So sad to know you’re claustrophobic, too. I have acute panic attacks out of nowhere. Sweating profusely while hyperventilating… not a good look.

    Been wearing a scarf tied as a veil with a 12-cup coffee filter clipt inside. Tiny butterfly clips are sweet & add interest.

    My glasses also fogged miserably. I wear for distance/mid-range/reading. Adding the coffee filter cut down on foggy conditions.

    May we be blessed with enduring patience & senses of humour!

    1. Absolutely…enduring patience, determination to persevere and by all means a sense of humor!! Thanks Beverly…hang in there.

  30. Second shot at this post – I’m a skilled sewist and have been blessed to have work mask making for hire for a number of companies here in the Santa Clara Valley of California (we just got SAH extended until June this morning!). I’m a costumer for theatre, so this work opportunity is blessing in disguise for me right now (not a lot of theatre, don’t you know!)

    I found the wearing a mask a bit fitted on the upper part and under the edge of my glasses helps a lot. I also did the wipe down (cleaning) of glasses with shaving creme helps the anti fogging. I also like masks that go around the head and neck vs the ears (especially with glasses).

    Also – practice wear the masks at home, unless you’re a first responder we’re all unaccustomed to wearing masks and it does feel a bit weird – nice calm and relaxed breathing, get comfortable (or at least used to) feeling the mask on your face and getting adjusted to it. You’re going to be able to do this with a little bit of preparation – you got this girl!

    God bless you and stay safe!

    1. Thanks so much Kathleen…you are one among many today who recommended shaving cream, so I need to get that a try. I will worn Mr. B! I like the idea of practicing…I need to do that. Don’t know why I did not think of it. Tomorrow will be Bring Your Mask to the Home Office Day!
      Thanks again.

  31. I’ve experimented with making a few different mask styles, but wasn’t happy with them. (Maybe just because I really don’t want to go there.) I find the no-sew masks feel much less restricting. You just need a bandana, fold it in half, then folded in half again to make a “hot dog” shape. Slip a ponytail elastic over each end and fold the ends to the middle. I was very skeptical that this would work, but it stayed in place and I could adjust it to be comfortable. I’m also not sure they do much good, other than it’s a visual reminder to keep your distance, especially when folks keep touching them and tsking them on and off. I thought once you touched it, it was contaminated and a new one needed. That’s certainly not happening.

    My mini rant is that several folks who are wearing masks seem to feel they can push their way around like they’re somehow more privileged than the rest of us. If it were just once, I’d chalk it up to that person, but it’s happened to me several times in several different stores. They park their grocery cart in the middle of the aisle so there’s no getting around them and maintaining any distance. There’s also been a few who have reached right over me to get to something in the produce department. I just back away and let them have the aisle and produce section to themselves. Others are very accommodating and aware they are not the only shoppers.

    We live in a small community and thankfully, only have 8 cases in the county. So I don’t feel I’m as exposed as I would be in a large city. The really really sad thing is, since our economy is mostly tourism, business are really suffering. When things do reopen and folks come from the bigger cities, we’re all afraid it will hit us hard.

    On a cheerier note, I love your outfit today! I would never have thought to put brown with that blue topper, but think it looks fresh and very stylish. I’ll have to see if JJill still has it. I love it!! I also like your bangs swept to the side. It opens your face and we can see your beautiful eyes sparkle even more! 💕

    1. Your mini-rant is allowed, Susan and understood…it is a stressful time. San Antonio runs on tourism so we are suffering and worried for the city at large. So many conventions cancelled and were counted on. Very sad. This topper is a couple of years old, so they probably no longer have it. I remember it came out right at the beginning of spring the year I bought it. I love the color, but you could look for something similar and do the same type of outfit. I do love brown and wear it year round. Thanks for being here.

  32. I feel your pain, Pam! My problem is spring allergies which are really bad for me this year. Big sneezes into a cloth mask are really uncomfortable! I suppose it’s better than people giving me dirty looks. LOL My dishwater hair has grown out about an inch now and I’m thinking about letting it grow out. There’s a few silvers in there, but I haven’t seen my own hair color for 20 years now so it might be interesting. You are blessed with beautiful thick hair so no matter what the color it will always look great! Stay safe and upbeat!

    1. Thanks Sharon…I vented a little today (hopefully in a humorous way)…but I am still upbeat and really glad to be working from home! Thanks so much!

  33. well, I will be blunt here. I know the mask is difficult to wear and very uncomfortable, But wearing it is better than being dead!!!

  34. First of all love your handbag, Pam and it certainly is a keeper! Secondly, sorry to read about your mask dilemma but from looking at the photo of you; to prevent it from fogging up your eyeglasses you may wish to actually bring the mask down a tad down on the nose and if equipped with a wire give it a good pinch and if it has adjustable ear loop elastics tighten them up for a snug fit particularly around the cheek (and chin) area(s). (The same rule applies if using ties if one complete run.) By doing so you should find that this will create a vacuum area for the nostrils and the mouth which actually may make breathing a little easier for you. Also as some other readers have suggested, practice wearing it around the house and a word of caution if using an optional filter insert choose wisely and in accordance with your personal lung capacity.
    P.S.: As mentioned before I’ve been making them to donate (contour fit or pleated ones) and the feedback per above instructions as ‘how to wear’ ; on the average has been very good so with wishes they work for you.

  35. Before rebelling, please strongly consider your social and personal responsibility to keep others and yourself healthy. The ordinances requiring masks are in place for a reason. Please give thought to having your husband continue the grocery shopping. I’m sure it could be a tolerable alternative. (As an FYI, where I live you will be asked to leave the grocery store if you remove your masks.)

    I think you’re side swept bangs look lovely, youthful and modern. I hope you consider keeping them!

    1. For everyone who thinks I am going to rebel and put someone else’s life in danger, please know that I would not do that. I would rather stay home right now than go out without a mask on. I will keep practicing with the masks and work it out. I have been literally no where and with no people so at this moment I am not contagious of anything, but I would not put anyone else in danger were that to change. I only wrote about the masks yesterday because I wanted all of those saying that it is easy to do, to know that for some it is not that easy and we certainly saw that yesterday. But I am not going to endanger anyone for my own comfort. Thanks Susie. Taking the bangs under consideration.

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