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Over 50 Feeling 40 reviews Omron Complete

On March 1, I shared with you the 90 Day Challenge I was beginning with OMRON for regular monitoring of my blood pressure at home. Shortly after that post, everything in the world changed…and I mean everything. We are now faced with looking at many things differently and, I want to say, due to these significant changes, the time is now (more than ever before) for reliable, quality at-home medical devices.

I started this challenge with the  HeartGuide wearable blood pressure monitor. But after coming home to work and speaking with the knowledgeable people at OMRON, I decided to try out the new OMRON Complete Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor + EKG.  I have shared with you before my concern with high blood pressure readings and with heart disease running throughout my family. Both of my parents died with heart issues. We decided that now is the time for more information at my fingertips.

Omron Complete takes EKG on Over 50 Feeling 40

I was anxious to try this new device. Let’s admit it…we are facing more and more online doctor visits and it will do nothing but help us if we are armed with credible information to give our doctors. It can be so important to be able to monitor blood pressure readings and EKG readings from home and share them right to the doctor. Not only does that mean savings to us, but it means we may not have to do an in-office visit or it may get us moved into the doctor visit faster if readings are high consistently.

OMRON first got my attention about four years ago when I did another challenge with them. It was during a high stress time for me and by using the OMRON monitors, my eyes were opened that I was very close to being put on medication. It also meant I was much closer to a possible stroke or heart attack.

Through the last four years, I have made the necessary changes to lower those numbers!  My new readings confirm this is working. But, I would like to draw attention to a time two years ago when I went on a trip to Las Vegas. I returned with a nasty respiratory virus and became quite ill. When I went to the doctor, my blood pressure reading was dangerously high.  That became another “Ah, Ha” moment for me. I needed to do even more to lower my blood pressure so that it will be somewhat under control during times of illness. Perhaps you have noticed that hypertension is on the list for people most in danger from serious consequences with COVID-19.  I have to leave the shelter of this home soon, so keeping myself healthy helps me to prepare better for that.

OMRON Blood pressure monitors on Over 50 Feeling 40

Thank goodness I have had access to OMRON devices like Complete.  Like the others I have tried, it syncs with an app on your phone to keep the data recorded. Complete is a clinically validated blood pressure monitor with built-in EKG technology for easy, at home blood pressure and EKG monitoring.

As I wrote before, I have agreed to test this for 90 days and log what I learn. Why 90 days?  Again, research supports that in order to form habits and change a lifestyle, it takes 90 days. I will be reporting back to you occasionally with results.  It is so important for so many of us to pay attention.  Full disclosure, according to the OMRON Complete my blood pressure readings are still elevated, but much, much better than they were four years ago.  We are going in the right direction.

I have learned that daily monitoring works best when you keep your readings at the same time of day, so one feature I really like from the app is that it reminds me to go take the reading! I need that assistance and it helps to turn this practice into a habit. In order to keep an eye on blood pressure and have those important doctor’s reports, you need this to become a habit. Once your machine arrives, just work the readings into your daily self-care routine like I am doing…then the app will become your assistant as well!

If you’re newly diagnosed with high blood pressure, it’s important to take immediate action to begin treatment. If you’ve been hypertensive for some time and have not yet begun treatment, it’s urgent to take immediate action for your heart health and to build immunity against possible epidemics.  I also want to encourage you to do this and have reports to give your doctor other than…”I feel funny!”

OMRON Blood Pressure monitor on over 50 feeling 40

The CDC states that 80% of cardiac events are preventable, and studies show that regular self-monitoring can reduce stroke risk by up to 20% and can cut the risk of coronary artery disease by 10%.

Read about the OMRON Complete here and let’s make history together.

I have enjoyed working with OMRON because their mission is to stop heart attacks and strokes …that’s right…they want to bring that number to zero!  I do not want any of us to be statistics!



By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post, but the words are my own.


  1. Good to know. While I don’t have a problem at this point, as we age it seems this becomes more of an issue. I know when I go to doctor visits, depending on the visit, i.e., it doesn’t happen at the ENT or the dentist, my BP tends to be higher. Then when the visit is over, I’ve had it rechecked and it’s normal. Mild White Coat Syndrome I guess. But this looks like a good choice for monitoring at home. I’ll pass this along to my sister. She has severe White Coat Syndrome and has to keep a log of her BP to take along when she goes to the doctor. I know she has a device at home, but this might be less cumbersome. Not a bad price. Please keep us posted. I had an Omron pedometer at one time that was quite a bit better than the standard offerings of the day. It did fail, unfortunately, but I never wanted to wear a device on my arm so was disappointed when it stopped working. They seem to have good products.

  2. I have been very impressed with their products and this is the fourth different device I have tested for them. I do like this one a lot… it is easy plus gives the EKG. Thanks Karen!

  3. Happy Sunday Morning!
    I’m glad you are finding the product easy to use and incorporate into your healthy routine. Both my folks take daily readings and it is a big help. Mom keeps the tally and takes that in to doctor visits or sometimes calls it in when one of them experiences a significant fluctuation. I would love to get them this upgraded version that sends the info to an app. I look forward to your summation at the end of the ninety days.

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