Fashion Over 50: Reasons for a popular retailer’s post-pandemic changes

Kohls pants from Over 50 Feeling 40

As we begin to see things change post-pandemic in the world of popular retail, I will do my best to keep you up to date with information about the fashion scene for women over 50.

Last week, we learned that Kohl’s has decided to remove seven brands from its store, including the Jennifer Lopez collection.  The other lines are Dana Buchman, Mudd, Candies, Rock & Republic, Popsugar, Elle and Juicy Couture.  You may be surprised to learn that the one I will miss the most is Jennifer Lopez’s designs.

Fashion from Kohls on Over 50 Feeling 40

I wanted to share with you a couple of my favorite blast from the past looks at Kohl’s which were in the Jennifer Lopez lines.  The black trench coat is one of my favorites and I found it in Kohl’s one day on sale(off season) the summer of 2016.  The coral pants were also a favorite.  Every now and then I saw something I would try on and like and discover those pieces at very affordable prices.   I also still own a couple of tops from Dana Buchman like the scarf I am wearing in the picture below.  Most of these images come from 2016-17.

Kohls on over 50 feeling 40But, according to this report on The Today Show, Kohl’s is doing this for more floor space.  I have to agree the store near me is very crowded and more space would be nice…especially at a time when space is preferred between customers.  However, it will be interesting to see how they appeal to women over 50 who are seeking stylish, confident dressing.  Dana Buchman’s collections were one that did just that providing alternatives to the more expensive brands.


Kohls on over 50 feeling 40

You might want to read it yourself: Kohl’s is removing Jennifer Lopez and 7 other brands from its stores  

Of course, we have already seen brands such as JC Penneys, Neiman Marcus, and Victoria Secret either closing many locations or filing for bankruptcy. I will make sure to inform you when I see the information, and watch for closing sales such as Pier 1 is hosting right now. 


Target handbags on over 50 feeling 40

While in Target last week, I couldn’t help but notice all of the fun handbags!  So many great selections…I keep thinking about one of these. I looked over while there.  You do not have to spend great amounts to have a cute, summery, trendy bag. 

Handbags for spring on over 50 feeling 40

Spring Trends in handbags on over 50 feeling 40

Well, I am literally counting the minutes until my hair appointment this weekend. I told my husband I would have difficulty sleeping this Friday night, because it is just like Christmas Eve and the anticipation of great gifts the next morning!  

I know many of you are Kohl’s customers.  What do you think of these decisions and what are your favorite brands to shop at Kohl’s?  Please share…..I will keep the fun slideshows coming…..and I hope you will keep reading…thanks for being here!



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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Kohl’s is my go to store. I”m so glad they are re-opening. I love the Chaps brand at Kohls! I would be very sad if they dropped it. I also have a few Apt 9 pieces.

  2. I like Chaps, Apt 9 and Tek Gear workout tops. I always find cute baby clothes and bath towels. I have a few Dana Buchman tops and bracelets. Cute for the price.

  3. I’m not a Kohl’s shopper because I never seem to find things there, though I’ve tried! I have purchased workout wear at times, but not recently. One of the reasons I’ve stayed away is the crowded racks and so much crammed into the store. It’s difficult to shop like that, with things falling off hangers all jammed together. I’ve avoided that store. One store where I’ve had very good luck is JCPenney. They closed the store closest to me in April. Since their sizing varies so much across brands, I’m not comfortable buying online so will trek out to the far-flung one that’s still open! I hear to my great dismay that JJill has had some financial struggles in recent years and especially lately, and now they are slow to reopen. Fingers crossed that they pull through this. I don’t know Pam, I’m an in-store shopper since I’m always concerned about a perfect fit, so I’m truly hoping that this whole mess hasn’t done irreparable damage to retail. These are fun pictures that you posted. Nice to see how the outfits are still current after 3 or 4 years!!

  4. The things I saw from JLo looked flashy and gaudy to me. (In the store, not your picks). I will genuinely miss Dana Buchman who did Pucci like tunics, and Elle which had some wonderful Ponte knit miniskirts.

    1. I agree about the JLO line, but these were items I really liked and have worn often… they were on clearance sales though!

  5. Let us know how your hair appt. was handled. Here in my area of California we won’t have hair salons open for some time and I won’t be heading there soon. I am keeping well away from folks I don’t live with. For now hair accessories and home color are working out well.

  6. I am very disappointed with Kohl’s eliminating those brands. Hope this doesn’t mean that all that will be left are styles without pizazz. We shall see. 😳

    1. It will be interesting to see what decisions the different ones make! Thanks for being here!

  7. I have finally got a hair appointment for June 5. That was the earliest my hair stylist could see me. Looking forward to getting my hair colored and cut. I am hoping that this pandemic does not do irreparable damage to retail. I heard that Victoria’s Secret is closing 250 store and even Bath and Body Works was closing 50 stores.I enjoy reading your blog. Blessings to you!

    1. Thank you Kerri…thanks for being here. Oh, I hope they do not close the Bath & Bodyworks near my house!

  8. Hair salons and barber shops reopened yesterday, but I’m waiting 14 days to see how that works out. Let other people be the guinea pigs. I’m looking for a salon with stylists who mask up, but they’re not under any obligation from health officials to do so. Thus my reluctance to proceed, after reading about a stylist who worked while sick with Covid-19.

    The retail landscape is changing here, too. Now the last remaining department store is embroiled in a lawsuit. A major women’s clothing chain is the latest to seek bankruptcy protection. If it fails, women who are petite, tall or plus size will have very few remaining clothing choices. Most foreign retailers don’t offer these options to Canadian customers, even online.

  9. I don’t shop at Kohl’s much anymore. Since really getting into Chico’s and their free shipping all the time. I think they are better quality and more suited to my age. My mom at 86 still loves Kohl’s and lives near one. So when we can again visit here we will likely make a stop there. At one time the Vera Wang line was my favorite…until it all started looking alike.

    1. So agree! I think the look alike garments was why I stopped going there. For a couple of years, I have only gone for items for grandchildren.

  10. I was a faithful Kohls shopper for years but rarely shop there anymore. The quality of their clothes has steadily gone downhill. I did like the chaps brand, Dana Buchman, and Apt. 9. They should get rid of Sonoma brand. A lot of that merchandise is ready for the rag bag after 2 washings in my opinion.

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