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Today's News for Women over 50 on over 50 feeling 40

Welcome, ladies, to Today’s News for Women Over 50!  I hope everyone had a glorious Mother’s Day and even got to see some family.  Even if it might not have been the celebration you desired, I hope something happened during the day to put a smile on your face. 

When I do these posts, I look for news stories which may be of interest to women over 50.  I try to find a variety of different topics you may find interesting.

As always, a word of advice…for any articles encouraging you to make a change in your health plan, please speak with your personal physician first and make sure any changes are good for you!  So, let’s see what is in the news……


Video Chat news on over 50 feeling 40

Just about everyone is getting together on Zoom for either business or social meetings.  It has been a great way to meet with family and friends during this time.  But, there are some things you need to be aware of.  Take time to read this article in Forbes, Zoom Security: You Need to Know about these 3 New Features.


Socially Intelligent People on over 50 Feeling 40

This picture kind of fascinated me because it was in a modern portfolio of pictures but features a woman on a land phone. These phones were a huge part of our lives, but are history.  I don’t really miss them….do you?  But, I digress….the article which I believed has a lot of wisdom in it is concerning what makes one socially intelligent.  You might enjoy knowing.  Read 5 typical mistakes socially intelligent people avoid making from The Ladders.


How to avoid having a stroke on over 50 feeling 40

From First for Women, I read 6 ways to reduce your stroke risk by 50%.  One on the list really did surprise me, want to take a stab at which one it was? 


Chicken Salad reviews on Over 50 Feeling 40

A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you my recipe for chicken salad that Mr. B and I like.  So this article which tested 4 famous chicken salad recipes caught my attention, because the results surprised the those who did the tests on Read: We Tested 4 famous Chicken Salad Recipes and Did Not Expect the Results.


What not to eat at night on over 50 feeling 40

I was kind of surprised this was written about, but maybe many of us still have a lesson to learn.  Anyone want to confess?  From She Finds, read The One Food You Should NEVER Eat After 8PM. It Slowly Destroys Your Metabolism.


Dame Judi Dench on Vogue on Over 50 Feeling 40

Let’s end today with some inspiration for the wise and seasoned!  Dame Judi Dench is on the cover of  BRITISH VOGUE for June 2020  and I love how natural, beautiful and fresh she looks.  I haven’t purchased a VOGUE in a long time, but I just may buy this one and read what she has to say.  We can start with this article, Dame Judi Dench, 85, looks radiant in British Vogue as she becomes the fashion bible’s oldest cover star in History and she vows to never retire.

Also, a 91 year old woman is surviving the quarantine by having her own fashion shows!  I want to be her when I am 91!  Watch her in this broadcast from CBS News, 91-year-old woman stays busy doing fashion shows during quarantine. 


Please feel free to comment on any or all of these articles today or feel free to begin your own conversation if you like. Of course, I have some Fabulous Finds for you and your home…and hope you will enjoy the slideshow.  As always, thanks for being here and make sure you




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  1. Lots of good articles today! The fashion show is fun! I love how good she looks in her 90’s and that she is so positive! I was interested in the stroke article, having recently changed my diet pretty much completely. I was finding that my appetite didn’t match my metabolism any longer! The suggestions in the article were quite helpful!

    1. I have got to get more serious about what I eat! I have allowed the quarantine to once again change my eating and not in a good way! I am paying attention to information like this now. More later. Thanks Karen.

  2. Your suggestion to read the article on socially intelligent people was wonderful. I totally agree and plan to send this on to some people I know. Thank you for posting. Very informative.

  3. Just my take on this but…..landlines are noT “history” just yet. They work better than a Cell phone in many cases. I work everyday doing Counselling by phone for a very large Employee Assistance provider. Right now the Cell providers are overloaded because everyone is at home….people are working from home, kids are gaming on their phones, school is often accessed by using data/internet on a Cell phone. When I talk to clients the ones on a landline are the only ones who will not have their call drop and their session interrupted….Cell calls often drop because of the current overload.
    As well as this our more senior population often only have a landline and they will be using this when we check in on them. So….if your parents have a landline make sure their phones are up to date so that they can keep a portable phone near them and the battery will last for more than a few minutes without needing the charger. Right now this landline is the only link that they have to us or other kinds of assistance.

  4. I enjoyed the cache of articles this morning. Love seeing Ms. Dench gracing the cover of British Vogue. The silky jacket with beaded lapel is stunning, though I didn’t understand what was going on with the sleeves. On one arm she seemed to have rolled the cuff (maybe it was a bit long) and on the other the sleeve almost looked poufed, as if there were an elastic cuff. Anyway, it was gorgeous but probably far above my pay grade! 😄 My Mother’s Day celebration continues through tomorrow! Spent the morning with my mother and then drove north to visit my sons (youngest just completed first week living away from home), had a lovely evening with them and will spend today and tomorrow with youngest, starting with a nice long walk around a beautiful golf course walking trail nearby.

  5. Oops! I just went back to have a second look at Ms. Dench’s sleeves and realized upon closer inspection that both sleeves are probably elasticized up under, and what I interpreted as ” cuffed ” was a white patch of the fabric on her right arm (left to us). I don’t care for this sleeve treatment but otherwise love the jacket.

  6. I enjoyed each of the articles. The one about what not to eat after 8 was a great reminder to me. Thank you for taking the time to find such interesting articles.

  7. We still have a landline — it’s bundled in with all our other digital goodies for a few dollars/month. My husband doesn’t use it much but I use it almost exclusively because I absolutely detest smartphones. I detest how you have to carry them everywhere, how everyone thinks you should be available to answer their call at all times, how no one looks at the sky or the trees or the birds or watches where they’re going anymore because they’re glued to their phone screens. I detest how poor the sound is, how you have to constantly keep it charged (& are at the mercy of extended power outages, common where I live), how you can’t get away from people talking no matter where you are, how easy they are to lose (when was the last time you dropped your landline phone off the back of a motorcycle or left it somewhere while shopping?). I’m not a Luddite or a technophobe — I’m an engineer who was using computers back when they filled entire rooms & am comfortable with digital tech — but while I carry an old flip-top cell for emergencies when out, I’ll stick with my big clunky landline phone for as long as my carrier gives me service for it 🙂

  8. Socially intelligent people caught my eye. After retiring, moving cross country & settling into a gated community I have a whole new set of friends. In my profession I worked with the public & always had my coworkers who I managed. I had a reputation to be able to handle difficult situations & people; oh gosh!, now I know I’m socially intelligent! Meeting so many new people in the last year I was rediscovering the in’s & out’s of friendship vs. acquaintance; golf player vs. meeting for lunch; church friends vs. dinner companions. I was stressing over being able to juggle new relationships but what I see now is that my professional persona is not so different from my personal. Great piece. Love your blog for it’s relevance and realistic approach!

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