Fashion Over 50: 3 Reminders of the Power of Neutrals


Chicos neutrals on Over 50 Feeling 40

I am here today to give your three reminders about the power of wearing neutrals.   We have beautiful styles literally “everywhere” lately in gorgeous prints and colors.  I have also enjoyed pulling out my favorite prints and colors in my own closet.  Many readers have confessed their love of bohemian styles and for all of this I certainly support the joy and creativity we find in colors and prints. 

Due to the pandemic, I think we needed to bring out the colors and prints even more.  Somehow it has brought hope and joy to those of us staying inside the house for a time. 

Chicos neutral look on over 50 Feeling 40

However, I still love the chic, powerful statements of wearing neutrals.  That is why I have designed the messaging I want to send with my style to include both. When I want to convey strength and intelligence, I always reach for a neutral look.  Typically, I have worn neutral outfits more for work, but since working at home, I am discovering new ways to wear them in a new lifestyle.  I am also taking more time to reflect on my style lately and how it might or might not be changing as a result of all of this.


Read Forever Chic on Over 50 Veeling 40

I have done three things lately which have helped to remind me of my love of neutrals.  First, I am reading again some of the books which really helped me early in my reinvention.  There are about four books I gleaned so much wisdom from and returning to them again shores up my foundations for looking and feeling my best.

One of the two favorites at the top is Forever Chic by Tish Jett, literally an American who chose to move to France when she met her “reason for staying in France.”  She teaches us what she has learned from the stylish women of France.  One of those lessons is the value of a wardrobe with strong neutral foundations and different variations on the styles.

She writes, “It’s intelligent, ageless, and always, always chic.  Best of all, it makes getting dressed so easy.  Within the spectrum of neutrals, there are vast nuances of shades, textures and possibilities.  Basing a wardrobe on neutrals is the only way to produce major returns on investments.  With neutrals, a woman can always pull something out of the closet and pull herself together without hysteria in record time.”

I think my favorite quote in Tish’s book is at the end of this same chapter.  She writes that in a nutshell what Frenchwomen think of clothing is that has the power to transform us, to entertain us, to change our self -images and occasionally even to change our lives.   I experienced this first hand through my reinvention and know it to be true.

On my summer reading list:  Living Forever Chic: Frenchwomen’s Timeless Secrets for Everyday Elegance, Gracious Entertaining, and Enduring Allure.


Shepherds Fashion in Eileen Fisher on Over 50 Feeling 40

I have told you before that if I lived in Ottawa in Canada (not Kansas) that I would be on the doorstep of Shepherd’s boutique at least once a week.  These ladies have been bringing fashion to Canadians for 41 years but have also become an inspiration and educators to me and women like me through social media.  I have learned so much from their Coffee Table Talks and weekly Fashion shows and found ideas for styling and information on brands. 

Their fashion shows have been scaled down since COVID-19, but I watched one recently  where they featured Eileen Fisher neutrals.  It just reminded me of my love of wearing neutrals and gave me some ideas.  You can follow them on Facebook for all of this information.







 Of course, the modern way to save ideas is through Pinterest…but I have kind of become a screenshot queen!  I Screenshot looks I like and place in a folder on my computer.  Sometimes these are for me and sometimes they are to share.  But, often with neutral styles I hear women say they get bored and uninspired by the clothing.  So, find new ways to wear it if you love it.  Saving looks on a Pinterest Board or in a folder is one way to do that.  Here is one I took a screen shot of recently and thought…I should hold on to that!

I will never apologize for wearing black or other neutrals often.  It is part of me.  In the midst of a time when we are inundated with bright color and prints, remember neutral looks are still important if you want a strong wardrobe.

Do you agree that women are more excited about color and prints this year due to the quarantines?  Please share your thoughts.  I have a neutral-based Fabulous Find slideshow today!  Hope you enjoy….and make sure you



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By Pamela Lutrell



  1. Pamela, I must comment on Shepherd’s. I live a few hours from Ottawa, and on a recent visit going to Shepherd’s was the only item on my wish list for that trip. I am a plus size but was very warmly welcomed in the store, and their accessories fit me well! They also ship items, and I have made use of that service. I highly recommend them. Their YouTube videos are very well produced.

    I only recently found your blog, and our styles and ages are similar. I enjoy reading your work daily, and thank you for all the effort you put into your content.

  2. I completely agree about neutrals. They convey a different message and I wore neutrals at work almost exclusively, bringing in some interest and color with scarves and jewelry. Your outfit pictured at the top of the post is very classy! I also really like that white-on-white look in the Shepherd’s photos. I tend to wear more bright colors and select prints in the summer months. I far prefer my summer clothes to the winter ones, maybe because we only have warm weather about 4 1/2 to 5 month out of the year. Still, I do wear a lot of neutrals in warmer weather, just lighter shades. Neutral pieces seem to be the building blocks of a wardrobe that lasts more than a season or two. With quality neutrals, it’s just so much easier to put an outfit together effortlessly, which is my goal.

  3. I have always been drawn to neutrals but since living in a sunny climate I feel comfortable wearing my favorite colors, raspberry pink and a turquoise blue. When I worked neutrals conveyed a professional look. I’m retired now and colors are fun to wear.

  4. I have more neutrals in my closet as I find them easier to mix and match. I try to accessorize for the “bling” but admit not too often. I also have some “out of my box” pieces I wear when I am feeling I need a little fun😀

    Thanks for your blog, love reading and getting new ideas.

  5. I wore neutrals my total working life as a VP in a conservative company. Pin stripes & muted plaids were about as gregarious as I got, a flowered blouse here & there. Now that I’m retired I’ve been able to embrace color that I never thought of before.
    I still love black slacks & black turtleneck but now I have a choice of wonderful scarves & statement jewelry to jazz up the look.
    Thank you for sharing so many great thoughts & ideas.

  6. I decided to buy the black and tan kimono after I saw your picture. It had several negative reviews. However, it looked good on you. I decided to take the plunge. At that time, I was not subscribed to your blog. I do want to say that I love it a lot. It is wonderful even during warm summers in the south-west!

  7. I really enjoyed reading this post since neutrals are my “comfort zone” colors and I always feel more confident in combinations of cream, tan, navy , black. Accessorizing with pops of bright color is a fun way to stay in my comfort zone but add a little pizzaz to an outfit.
    BTW…I love that narrow striped kimono jacket with linen cropped pants on the model with short silvery hair. It looks classic, comfortable and so stylish. Do you , by any chance, happen to remember where you found that screen shot? If it’s from an online retailer, I would definitely be shopping there. Love that entire look!

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