Would You Wear It Mid-Week Pop Up with Pam & Jennifer

Would You Wear It with Pam & Jennifer

Surprise!  It is another mid-week Would You Wear It Pop Up with me and Jennifer!  The last one was so well received that we decided to pop-in every now and then with an extra outfit.   Just in case you are new….(patience from the rest)….I need to explain that Jennifer and I have been doing this on Saturdays for a long time.  We find styles (usually on mannequins at the mall) that cause us to wonder what you would think about them.  We do not look for styles we love and we do not look for styles we hate.  We look for styles that really make us want to open a discussion about the looks.  We ask that you not say YES or NO.  But that you explain with constructive thought why or why not the outfit would or would not work for you personally.  It helps other women with their shopping and outfit selection.  The comments are read and the constructive ones are much appreciated.

Would You Wear Overalls on over 50 feeling 40

I have been using styles from mailers since I came home from the mall….well, I came home to work, but also left behind my time at the malls which I really enjoy!

So, ladies, look this outfit above from head to toe and tell us constructively what you think………………………………………………………..



Pamela Lutrell and Goli

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Now, go to A WELL STYLED LIFE and see what Jennifer has selected for your scrutiny today!  Then I hope you will return here to look over the fun Fabulous Finds slide show I have for you today!

Remember, in our social distancing world, your smile is the way you send hugs! 

KEEP SMILING and hugging…yes, even through the mask, our eyes tell a story!


By Pamela Lutrell



  1. Honestly the only part of this outfit I can see myself wearing would be the sandals. In fact I just bought a similar black pair. They are such a great neutral choice for summer. The overalls and shirt are just a little too trendy for me. I would feel a bit silly. Like I was wearing my daughter’s clothes…well if I had one. I wouldn’t really be able to wear this anywhere but at home either, so not a good value for my money.

  2. i love the t shirt….have similiar on hand. the jumpsuit would not work for me, if it were longer, as to the ankles, i would try it on, maybe…but a crop just adds pounds on me.
    i love the ruanas in the slide show, i have some, but love the floral ones youve posted.

  3. I couldn’t wear this. The shape would make it look like a costume on me, and I truly don’t care for that shirt at all. Jumpsuits are just “no” for me. I had one once, had the usual bathroom experience that was like going into battle…just no. The only thing I like here is the length of the sleeves on the tee. I would not be attracted to this in a catalog or in the store and would page or walk right on by!

  4. Overalls and jumpsuits are a no for me only because I don’t care to have to completely undress to use the restroom…so very inconvenient. The shirt looks cute, reminds we of tie dye, which I like, but don’t own…not sure why.

  5. Since I’ve been binge watching Grace and Frankie on Netflix, I’d recommend this outfit for Frankie. I fit the Grace style profile, so this isn’t my cup of tea…or cup of “martini-tea.”

    1. I actually wrote a post during the first year of the show which described the two women and their styles. Thanks for reminding me of it…Beverly. A perfect way to describe the differences.

  6. This look isn’t my style. I see many bloggers wearing overalls and looking cool. I’d feel like I was wear my kids Osh B Gosh overalls from the 80’s. The top isn’t for me either. I like a looser fit.

  7. I would not try the jumpsuit as it is not something I have ever worn with short leg and tiny straps. The T has the wrong colours for me or perhaps it is the abstract print. Maybe something with a softer swirl would work. On the other hand, I am impressed with the model of a certain age and silver hair. Yes to more of that for sure. I am going to have to try the apple cider gummies. The liquid is too much for my tastebuds.

    1. The gummies are delicious! Read the ingredients…one of the reasons why I feel more energetic these days. Please order through my link. Thanks Diane!

  8. I enjoy the “would you wear it” segments. Thank you for doing them.
    As for today’s outfit, a big NO for me. Not my taste.

  9. I feel like I’m looking at an old ’80’s chick flick when I look at the lady in this outfit…..maybe something with Diane Keaton? 🙂 Seriously, I imagine lots of ladies would look cute in this, but I am not one of them. And it really helps me to imagine myself in it since the model is older with solid white hair (like me). Personally, my style has evolved and this baggy style is something I would not even look at twice. My wide hips would just look wider, I think – and I don’t care for the elastic cropped legs on the jumpsuit…. Love those sandals, though!

  10. I like the sandals, but the overalls, not so much. I recently purchased a jumpsuit for summer gatherings, and it has the crop pants, and I feel it’s more appropriate for me than overalls. I really like the bright t underneath the overalls though, I might consider them. Amy

  11. I just clicked on the link you provided……this DEFINITELY would not be an outfit I would be interested in after I saw those prices!!!! The price/per/wear factor alone would make this outfit be a great big ol’ no for me. But I am sure there are ladies out there that would totally rock this outfit! I love that you bring all sorts of different things for us to contemplate – Love these “pop-ups”! 🙂

    1. Hi Shirley, One of the reasons I usually don’t include the brand and a link is because I want everyone to comment on just the style and not be influenced by costs. We have featured high end and low end garments and sometimes you never knew. When someone asks for a link, I will share it, but I really try not to include that in the evaluations. We are just really discussing style, fit, etc. on these days. Thanks for telling us you love the pop ups…it helps to know!

  12. I would definitely wear the top. Although I would prefer a V-neck the sleeves are a very good length and the colors would work for my coloring. The jumpsuit – ah, no…let’s just say, “Been there, done that”.

  13. I like the look on the gal modelling it.

    Like some other folks commenting, I love the top – but would prefer it in a V-neck. The jumpsuit wouldn’t work for me as I couldn’t pull off the draping & would need it to be a longer & leaner look. The sandals appear to be a good basic so I’d wear them if they fit comfortably.

  14. My overall wearing days are long gone, & this particular style would not be flattering at all. I don’t care for the colors of the t-shirt, but I might wear the sandals.

  15. The entire outfit is a no for me. I don’t care for the pattern of the top or the sleeve length. I don’t think the bib on the overall would be attractive on a bigger busted woman. I have a jumpsuit with a cropped leg but it has softer lines that are more suited to my body type. The sandals are a maybe. I have a high arch so unless the top strap has some stretch or is very roomy, they wouldn’t be comfortable.

  16. The outfit looks like a fun look on this model but would not work for me. She looks cute but I’d look weird.
    Sorry but I cannot think of a situation where I could wear this.

  17. I’d wear the overalls (& swear never again every time I had to use the bathroom!) but not the tee — I like the fabric lot but not the neckline, so would swap it for a plain white shirt open at the neck, collar turned up, sleeves rolled up, very casual. I do NOT like those clunky sandals & would choose a black canvas espadrille or even light-weight sneakers.

  18. This is a cute outfit, but overalls would not look good on me. And, like others, I would feel a little silly. I have pair of Eileen Fisher pants cut like the bottom of the overalls, and I have a geometric print tee. I actually wear my black pants with that print tee and other print tops. I usually pair the outfit with nude slides to make me look a bit taller.

    I started the Goli Gummies about two months ago. Like you, I feel like I have more energy and am less tired. Thanks for reminding me I needed to place a new order. I did so using your link.

  19. I loved overalls when I was younger and still have a pair that I kept from probably the 80s that I’m occasionally tempted to wear again. This outfit looks like fun, but I don’t think I’d actually feel comfortable wearing it now.

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