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Welcome, everyone to another Would You Wear It with me and my friend Jennifer.  In Texas, we just opened some of the businesses yesterday with restrictions, but maybe…just maybe,  I can have a mannequin shot for you by next weekend.  I have my mask ready to go and hope it will happen.  I also asked one of the store managers to help me out! 

Typically, we go out and look for fashion displays we find “interesting.”  We are not looking for styles we like or for styles we don’t like.  We look for displays and styles which make us wonder what you would think of them. In the past, I have really enjoyed going out and about and scrutinizing fashion displays in search of one I want to bring here for discussion.  We ask that you look it over and tell us if you would or would not wear it and why. Please be constructive and answer from a buyer’s viewpoint why or why not you would consider the look as right for you.  Readers love to read the comments and learn from them, so please do not just say Yes or No.

I recently came up with the idea to feature looks in mailers I receive.  But, then the mailers stopped coming.  Perhaps in the world of budget cuts happening everywhere, the mailers have been put on hold or tabled all together.  We will see.  So, look this outfit from above over and tell us…………………………………………………



Lane Bryant Skirt on Over 50 Feeling 40

On Thursday, in the comments, Jan asked this,

“I  have a concern that many readers may also have. Whenever we are allowed, I will be going to several funerals/memorials. It looks like temperatures will be hot, by then. One funeral will require a dress, which I don’t have. I am tall, busty, and have a tummy. The dress must have sleeves to the elbow at least, be relatively cool and cover my knees. I have looked countless times at various websites. I am now thinking that I need to try a skirt with a top or jacket, even though it will be hot. Would a kimono or ruana work with a skirt? Possibly a column dress with a kimono or ruana? Any suggestions that you have will be much appreciated.”

it sounds like Jan and I have similar body types, so I am going to answer as it I was the one looking for what to wear.  Jan, I showed the picture above because it is from Lane Bryant, a site for plus size ladies.  I wanted to show you that pencil skirts are universal and will look good on any size of woman.  I have worn pencil skits, with a top that does not tuck in, and a covering like a kimono to many events.  During the spring and summer, I will put the Jergen’s Tinted lotion on my legs in place of wearing stockings.  The kimono jackets or toppers over a column of black or navy with a pencil skirt and top are slimming, chic and confident-dressing.  I personally like the ponte knit pencil skirts.  I am giving you a slideshow here that is just for this type of look and hope it will help you.  Of course, kimonos look lovely over dressings as well, as long as the dress fits your body well and is not too bulky.  If another reader would like to help Jan out, please do in the comments below.  I hope your found this helpful Jan!

Now, I hope you will go over to A Well Styled Life and tell Jennifer what you think of her look.  Then please come back and enjoy the Fabulous Finds I have discovered for you in today’s slideshow all from Nordstrom’s big sale… from the quirky to the practical.  Thank you to everyone for being here!


Remember, in our social distancing world, your smile is the way you send hugs! 

KEEP SMILING and hugging!


By Pamela Lutrell




  1. I would definitely wear the leggings, but not the top/dress. The ruffles would hit me at my widest part…not a good look for me. I’m not sure I’d wear that color either. I’d prefer a darker color.

  2. This is not for me. I think it adds a lot of weight where most of us don’t want it. Something just looks really off here. I think the shoes weigh it down also, they seem very clunky for such an airy top. Lots of chopping going on with the ankle strap and where the leggings end. The shoes, to my eye, just look heavy and blocky. I would be paging right past this one because generally speaking, the top doesn’t work for me since I am not tall and it would be overwhelming. The necklace looks pretty. I like your suggestion for the funerals/memorials of wearing a column of color with a kimono, or a jacket over. Since it will be hot, having something sleeveless and then adding sleeves with a lightweight kimono seems perfect. Pencil skirts are wonderful things to have in a wardrobe.

  3. I know several people who wear this style of tunic, and it totally suits them.
    It’s not my style so I think I would pass. It looks comfortable!

  4. I like the top from shoulder to waist length, but not the bottom half. I have jumped off the legging wagon, and that style of ankle strap does me no favors. I like the color of the top, and I like the bracelet.

  5. Well I do like this little dress but would prefer it without the black cropped legging and black shoe. I’d prefer a solid nude leg (same legging in nude ) and a nude flat ballet style shoe.
    It might be a bit youthful for me, but I like the dress for someone, just notwith black ……..

  6. From the ruffles of the pale-colored dress to the black leggings and ankle-strap shoes, this outfit is not for me. However, I do love the pencil skirt outfit. I think the colors and styles of the top and skirt look great together and the shoes are very pretty.

  7. I am attracted to the dress, the colour, the sleeves and the fabric, but I have tried on outfits with that gathering at the hip, and it just adds too much to what I already have. I would still probably try it on just for fun, because I do really like the colour. I would not wear the leggings as that is something I have never done, and the shoes would be fine without the strap, but better in a lighter colour. Regarding the slide show, I am a pencil skirt girl myself, and have way too many of them, but wear lighter more fun ones often and always wear them on vacation. Good luck with the going out and stay safe.

  8. I love the dress & would definitely wear it but not as shown. I would wear same colour of leggings & ballet flats.

  9. Thanks for the help, Pam! After I posted, I did a little shopping in my closet. I have a new, black and cream abstract print, Trina Turk kimono that is less “flowy” than most, almost tailored. I also have a black column dress that is sleeveless. Bingo! If I don’t find something else that I love, I can wear it. I am glad to hear that you wear “makeup” on your legs. I like to do that too. Thanks again for the help and confidence builder!

  10. I don’t have those cute shoes, but the look is pretty much my comfy go-to outfit! 😊

  11. I don’t wear pastels much…I’m a “winter” and so I don’t like that about the tunic.
    But…it could work well as a swim coverup! I used to go to the pool every morning and like to pop something on that easy!
    So if the price were right…….

  12. This outfit looks great on the model who appears to be six feet tall and weighs 110 pounds. However, there is not much about this outfit that I could wear successfully. The color of the top is about it. Too much fabric in places I’d rather folks didn’t notice and the shoes would look clunky on me. Just because a lady can’t wear a certain outfit or any of the components doesn’t mean she can’t appreciate the uniqueness of it. Your advice for funeral or memorial attire is excellent. Too many folks don’t dress appropriately for social occasions…they look like they have been out slopping the hogs. Enjoy your venture out into the shopping world! We gloved and masked up to go to Costco’s senior shopping last week. Lord have mercy, I haven’t seen that much toilet paper in one place for a while.

  13. The top, the leggings, the shoes…not my style. But. I do like the necklace. I know people who wear similar styles and look lovely, stylish and comfortable.

  14. This is not a look that I would wear. Though I do wear dresses over leggings, the pastel colour over black combined with the ruffles on the dress make the look very bottom heavy. The eye is drawn to the hips and legs which is not where I want people to look.

  15. I am in the minority as I like the shoes. A wedge with that ankle strap would make me feel very secure going up and down stairs. I don’t care for them, though, with this outfit. The top half is summer and the bottom half is winter. The top is ok looking, but it’s too “messy” for my polished style. As a plus size woman, I never want fabric to widen me. And while I love the mannequins, I also like these catalog pages. The catalog lets you see the outfit at its very best … modeled to show its charms and styled professionally. That’s its own kind of fun. Too many times, the mannequins are sloppily dressed and not accessorized.

  16. I really like the color of the dress, but there are too many ruffles for my 5’1″ self.
    The style would not be flattering on me and I am not a leggings person so there’s that.
    On the right person, I think it would reflect a happy and carefree look.

    I know it’s hard for you to do these posts since you can’t go out, but I appreciate that you take the time to do this.

  17. I think this is a fun look on the right person. The dress has too many ruffles for me personally, however I like the color.
    I love leggings and would wear those, but not with the shoes shown. Ballet flats would be a better look for me.
    Have a great weekend, Pam!

  18. I like the fuschia top with black skirt. I would just add a draped scarf, print or black for a funeral. I’m having the same dilemma as Jan and want to purchase something classic and timeless to have on hand for rare dress up occasions. I’m thinking I will go with something traditional in blue or black that I can dress up different ways with scarves or jewelry. I just ordered a couple solid color sheath dresses from Talbots with matching jackets and a couple of print dresses. I already have lightweight cardi in both navy and black.
    I also love the Marla Wynn poncho at Chico’s. I would wear it over black, navy, charcoal grey for a funeral.

  19. Love this outfit. Would wear it in a heartbeat. Can I have the top sent to Canada?
    Thanks for posting. 😊

  20. Hi Cathy, go to the website for Artful Home and you should be able to locate it there and see if they would send to Canada!

  21. I have the same dilemma as Jan and need something classic in my closet for funerals or dress up occasions, I have few but need once in a while. I like the skirt and bright top; would add a lightweight cardi or scarf, probably black or muted print. I also love the Marla Wynne poncho at Chico’s. As Pam said, with a solid navy or black column for funeral. Also looking at Sheath dress with jacket at Talbots.

  22. The kimono sounds lovely, Jan! It is so good to find a more tailored kimono. Glad you now have something you will be confident wearing.

  23. Thanks Betsy! Dresses of course work well and look perfect for the occasion. I like separates better for me and tend to go that route.

  24. This outfit is not for me. I don’t wear tunics and leggings – I prefer slim pants. The top has too many ruffles on it and I would fee silly wearing it. However, I know several people who could pull this outfit off and look amazing.

  25. The ruffles on the top would not be flattering on me. I have leggings that length but I’d never wear them with a heavy shoe with an ankle strap. I love the pink top/black skirt outfit you pictured. I’m curvy and have a tummy so I pair pencil skirts with tops that I don’t have to tuck in. Proportions are important. I hem my skirts to the bottom of my knee. I prefer tops that hit at high-hip like the pink one you show. I will also have memorial services/funerals to go to in the coming weeks. I can wear sleeveless tops/dresses to church but I usually take a light topper because of the air conditioner. I like scarfs and pashminas but the pictures of kimonos are making me rethink my usual go-to! I have a dress that combines a column dress with an attached poncho-style drape. The drape is perfect for varying temps because you can toss it over your shoulder so one of both of your arms are bare. It was an online purchase from Chicos 2 or 3 years ago. If it were still available, I’d highly recommend it for any event where the temperatures will vary.

  26. I love that tunic top … it is in one of my favorite colors and I love the bohemian style of it. However, I would pair it with light colored leggings and neutral shoes. The black leggings and shoes are too choppy looking, especially for me since I have short legs.

    I also agree that pencil skirts are a must have in any wardrobe. Paired with the right top, they can work for so many occasions — work, meetings, special occasions, etc. You can’t go wrong with a pencil skirt.

  27. This outfit is definitely not my style. While the top is a very pretty color & looks cool & comfortable, it looks a bit young for my taste. The cropped black leggings & the odd shoe choice don’t seem to go with the light top.
    Thanks for the slide show with the skirts. I don’t wear skirts very often, but I like to have a black skirt available to wear when an occasion calls for it.

  28. Not for me! At 5’11” id feel like a big person trying to imitate a petite ballet dancer, just couldn’t pull it off. It also doesn’t fit my preppy style. I have a few arty friends who look smashing in that style though usually with a ballet flat.
    I’d suggest a wrap style dress as another funeral attire choice. According to the fashion fellow on Hallmark’s Home & Family it’s a style for all body types. He dressed a larger model in a wrap from Lane Bryant that was so attractive

  29. No, I don’t wear leggings. The dress is too voluminous for me, but I like the color. If it was a long, sleeveless sun dress in that color I might try it on.

  30. I would not wear that top. Too much going on in the hip area, and I have big hips that I do not want to accentuate. Enjoy May. . .

  31. I liked the soft flowing fabric-BUT- then I scrolled down and saw the ruffles- that was it for me. I just don’t ever wear ruffles.
    I think in this case, they would add bulk where most of us least want it.
    A lovely color though.

  32. I would wear the leggings but not the top. I don’t like the “messy” look of it, plus I feel like it would overwhelm me.

  33. Do like the necklace, leggings and shoes however even though as a ‘stick person’ who has sufficient height, the dress it is a no for me namely because of its ruffles plus their positioning. That said; because of the latter I’d be curious as to its maintenance as it does appear to be a very light weight fabric (similar to gauze) that requires delicate washing and/or perhaps may be a nightmare to press. -Brenda-

  34. The fabric of that dress is called a “crinkle-tissue-knit.” But I agree it looks like gauze. Thanks Brenda.

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