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Would You Wear It on Over 50 Feeling 40

Welcome, everyone, to the Saturday original Would You Wear it with me and my friend, Jennifer.  Though we have started to “pop-up” on Wednesdays, this is the day readers have come to expect a fashion look to scrutinize to see if it it works for them.  We select a look which makes us wonder what you would think.  We are not looking for fashion that we love or that we hate, we are simply looking for styles that might make for good conversation as to what works or doesn’t work for women over fifty.

We only ask that you keep your comments personal, and explain with constructive thought why the look does or doesn’t work for you.  Please do not simply say YES or NO and leave.  The comments are anticipated as much as the styles are.  We learn from one another.  So you are the fashion instructor, teach the audience why or why not you would or would not wear it. 

Would you wear it over 50 on over 50 feeling 40

Typically, Jennifer and I feature mannequins, but we have been shut out of the malls for so long that we began to find other ways to keep this going.  Now, the malls are open in Texas, but I couldn’t make it out there on opening week.  Hopefully, next week I will…we will see…I will do my best. It is difficult because of the limits on the number of people and I do not want to go and be subjected to standing in line.  It needs to be an easy in and easy out for me.

Soft Surroundings on Over 50 Feeling 40

So, look over the outfit I am featuring today and tell us…..



Pamela Lutrell of Over 50 Feeling 40

I wish my hair still looked this way…but it doesn’t.  In fact, it looks really bad.  The good news is that it looks like I will have an appointment after the 18th!  Fingers crossed.  I do not believe you will see a current picture of me next week.  I do have other things you will want to know about to share with you so please keep checking in, and after I get my hair done I have some fun looks to show you.  I am still contemplating growing my hair out, because Mr. B has requested it.  But, I am going in for color, conditioning, shaping up and trimming.  He wants it back to looking this way…..

Pamela Lutrell on Over 50 Feeling 40


The saga continues….

Now, please head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE to see what Jennifer has for you today, and I hope you will return to enjoy the sales and beautiful options in today’s Fabulous Finds Slideshow!


Remember, in our social distancing world, your smile is the way you send hugs! 

KEEP SMILING and hugging…yes, even through the mask, our eyes tell a story!


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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. I’m sort of meh on this dress. I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it. I probably wouldn’t wear it. I’m not a fan of the print. I prefer solids. I’m not a fan of longer skirts or dresses either.

    1. I do think their dresses are beautiful. The prints are so unique, and the colors here work for my complexion. That said, maxi dresses tend to swallow me up, much as I love them on others. I have tried petites, and that’s a little better. I would try this on because it’s so pretty and a great style.

  2. I love this dress! Tomorrow is my birthday and if this was a normal year, I would be going out to dinner tonight with my husband and close friends. This would be the perfect dress to wear – I would add a silver necklace, dangly earrings and black sandals.

    1. I love this dress!!
      I find wrap style is universally flattering.
      I love the flow of the skirt. I like how it is fitted on top so the maxi length doesn’t overwhelm a petite frame. I love the pattern, I love the colour.

      I would dress it up with a nude wedge sandal, large gold hoops and an arm load of gold bangles.

      I would dress it down with nude flat sandals or slip on canvas runners and a jean jacket. I would add some Large dangly yellow earrings to pop!

  3. Pretty dress…I want to wear it but would definitely try it on. I wonder if the neckline might bee too low for me. My
    Declatage is now longer so beautiful!
    Could this neckline be filled with ropes of pearls??
    A beautiful dress for a spring wedding I think?!

      1. I love the dress! I only wish the sleeves were elbow length at least! I do wish designers would realize that the upper arm is not the most attractive part of most women, especially those of us in middle (ahem!) age!

  4. in my 30s, i would have loved that dress..i wore a lot of the tea lengths back then…but now, i can only look fondly at them…i have a bigger middle now, and i dont wear high heels, so this would wear me instead of me wearing it.

  5. Love the colors. I would need to wear a camisole underneath. I went out to a casual sit on their patio lunch with a friend and dressed up! It felt so festive! I will make an effort to look nice when we get to be public again!

  6. I love this dress! I especially love it on this tall thin model. I’m thin but short at 5 ft4 inches. I have no where to wear it in my current retiree lifestyle. But it’s really lovely!
    Your hair is beautiful! Personally, I like it the length it is here, not really long. But that’s up to you…..certainly. Have a wonderful Mothers Day!

  7. I would have to use way too much sunblock with this dress, because of the plunging neckline. Maxi dresses are very tricky in the wind, and it’s very windy where I live. No to this dress.

  8. At first glance, I like this outfit but will qualify that statement with “it looks good on the six feet tall, 110 pound model” I’m always drawn to things that would look really bad on me. ha! Why is that… So no, I would not wear it as it would not be a good shape for my postmenopausal body. Enjoy your weekend…Happy Mother’s Day!

  9. I love this dress. The colors are beautiful, and the pattern is peaceful. I’d wear a cami as the vee is deeper than I like. Also, I truly hope it comes in petites, otherwise I’d lose a lot of the beautiful design having it shortened.

  10. I like the lines and fabric of this dress. I do not wear prints all over, and prefer separates to dresses. I think I get more use out of the pieces in my wardrobe if they are less distinctive. I make my own jewelry and let my accessories (which I have in abundance!) do much of the heavy lifting in my wardrobe. Pam, I enjoy these catalog looks because they show the styling. I can easily wait until you feel safe and can make the time.

  11. Love this dress! The print is so unusual, and I like the flow of it. I would prefer the sleeves to be a bit longer, but would wear this one anyway. This looks like it could be an anytime dress to be worn with flats and sandals for me. The slits in the side are about right, not too much reveal with the wind and yet enough for a lighter feel as you walk. As always, a substantial necklace would be in the picture for me as well and a mixture of bracelets. A decidedly YES for me.

    1. As a ps I tried to order the dress and a fantastic long skirt from Soft Surroundings and discovered they are not shipping to Canada. I will keep a look out for a similar look, but that is one I would like.

  12. Yes! When we’re not sheltering at home, my husband and I go dancing (foxtrot, polka, waltz, etc) once a month or more and this looks like a lovely dancing dress. I love the fit of the bodice and I’m tall with long legs, so the skirt wouldn’t likely be too long on me.

  13. I had a dress so very similar to this back in the late eighties, except in a black and white print. I loved that dress and it was very flattering. Flash forward thirty + years, and I’d have to take a pass. This style and body conscious fabric would not make me feel confident now, and that’s an awful lot of pattern to wear head to toe. I’d prefer this in a skirt or scarf.

  14. Salons opened yesterday! Yes, I would wear this dress but the color is not great. It’s a bit low-cut though. I haven’t ventured into a business yet. Only done drive-thru eating.

  15. I would wear this dress! I like everything about it – the print, the length, the neckline, the waist, the slit. This would be perfect for an outdoor wedding, shower or party. I would wear this with a jean jacket or pashmina depending on the event. There are so many colors to work with. Lovely!!!

  16. I am not crazy about the print of the dress or the wrap style. They always need pinning to keep from gaping open at the bust. And I no longer wear short sleeves. I need 3/4 length sleeves. I like longer dresses though…but prefer a T shirt knit to a flowy fabric.

  17. Love this dress! Since I have gone from a size 22 to a 10 I would definitely spoil myself and purchase it. Soft Surroundings Are having such great sales!
    Happy Mother’s Day

  18. If I had that figure (tall and willowly) I’d wear it in a minute. Love everything about it. But, alas, I am short and chunky. 🙁

  19. I love the style of the dress. The surplice bodice would be flattering on me and I like the sleeve length. The print looks pretty. and I love jersey dresses. I would like to add a maxi dress to my spring/summer wardrobe and this is definitely a temptation!

  20. I love this dress and am tall and slim so could wear it, but I usually prefer slightly longer sleeves and slightly higher necklines. I’d have to try it on. 20 years ago it would have made it into my closet! Enjoy your weekend and Happy Mother’s Day, Pam! 😎

  21. While the dress is lovely & looks great on the model, it is not for me. I am not a fan of maxi dresses for myself as I always feel like I’m dressing up in someone else’s clothes. Also, I think the neckline might be a bit too low, & I’m not sure where I would wear it.
    I have an appointment with my stylist scheduled for the 20th. Yippee!

  22. Beautiful dress and I could see myself wearing something similar to a lot of social events and occasions I would normally have in my non-pandemic life; spring has certainly not been filled with those! But, this looks like a 3-season dress for my area. I would need to try it on: are the sleeves too short? Is the V neckline too low (if so, would a cami look okay? would necklaces work to fill it in?), does the waist line hit my waist? is the length flattering or frumpy (does it come in petite?) and is the slit too high for modesty when walking, sitting, or breezes blow by?

    1. it ‘s in the slideshow below, Cyndi. If you click on the dress in the slideshow it will take you to the page which answers your questions.


  23. Very pretty dress. I would have to try it on to see how it would look with my more pear shape. Happy Mothers Day!

  24. What a very lovely dress! I’m only 5’4″ and not very thin, but I would try this on … it seems like it might be very forgiving. And, the colors are gorgeous!

    I’m not even sure where I would wear this dress considering our current situation (no gatherings, etc.) but I just might purchase it in hope of future events!!

  25. I love the long print dress! Small prints are flattering on me, I think. The colors are gorgeous! Love your hair in the picture. Mine is SOOO shaggy now, and in need of some color!

    1. That picture was taken a long time ago to demonstrate what I previously looked like. Right now…we could be the shaggy twins!

  26. I am drawn to the colors in the print, but find the print overall too busy for my small frame. While I love the ease of a maxi dress, the V-neck would mean I would have to wear a camisole as it seems too deep for me. I tend to gravitate to maxi dresses with scoop-neck tops as this makes them easy to wear. I would not wear this particular dress.

  27. I would absolutely wear this dress. I’m 5’11 so maxi lengths are made for me!
    I vote for your current length makes you look younger. 😊

  28. I love everything about this dress and would wear it in a heartbeat. The colors are beautiful and I love the cut and the length.

  29. I think the dress is very pretty, romantic and feminine, but neither the rather revealing style nor the fabric would flatter me at my present stage of life. I would have worn it happily forty years ago, though! These days I prefer more classical tailored garments in bold, plain colors, or maybe an occasional geometric print. I generally avoid florals. They may be lovely to look at in themselves, but they don’t do anything for me.

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