Chicos toppers for denim on over 50 feeling 40

Happy Monday, everyone!  So happy to be back feeling put together and ready to discuss how to trust and listen to sales associates advice; as well as, finding ways to step up my denim looks.  You probably already know that my wardrobe consists of toppers, jackets, kimonos, ruanas….stylish ways to wear a column of color underneath….including this dark jean with a navy blue tee.

How to style denim on over 50 feeling 40

Before the pandemic, I stopped by one of the local Chico’s boutiques and this jacket was on a mannequin actually styled with a pair of light colored, very casual jeans and a dark tank. 

I immediately wanted to try it on, so I grabbed my usual size 3 and headed to a dressing room.  When I saw it in the mirror, it did not look good at all.  An observant sales associate looked at me and, with a wink, said…Trust me.  Try on the size 2 in petite and I think you will like it better. That is what you seeing below.

Listening to Chico's associates on over 50 Feeling 40

She was right.  I did like it, but I was not ready to pay full price for it.  So, I filed it in my “keep an eye on this file.”  I believe since that day, I have seen sales on this jacket…often…too many times to try to count.  However, there was one special day when it went pretty low and I pounced (about $40) I was ready to commit.  It is memorable.  While I really like it, I needed to have a much lower cost per wear on the garment.  It also pays to sign up for Chico’s pop-up sales (there was one yesterday) and to be a Passport customer…which is free and comes with benefits.  So, it was worth waiting for.  I am also going to style it like I saw on the original mannequin and see what I think.  I do not wear the lighter washes often, but I do own one with a good fit…so I will give it a go.  This is a creative way to take jeans up a notch.


Chico's necklace with Chico's jacket on over 50 feeling 40

I put it together with a Chico’s summer shell necklace I have owned for many years and then added in my new James Avery ring and bracelet…which all pulled together really well.  If I go back to an office or return to church soon, this is the type of look I feel confident heading out in.  Also, the jeans are from Soft Surroundings and in today’s slideshow.

New James Avery on Over 50 Feeling 40.

The moral of this story is to listen to the sales associates and take their advice.  I think we often do not trust them or think they will talk us into something we do not want.  They are the experts and have the experience with the clothing…it pays to listen.  You can always walk away like I did, but I eventually made the purchase and the size advice was critical for the sale.  For those mostly shopping online, when you go to Chico’s site, look in the lower right hand side of the webpage and you will see a pop-up box that says START A CONVERSATION.  An online sales associate is there to help, so ask their advice particularly about sizing.  You will be able to discern if it is a bot or a person by how they answer you.  Many shopping sites are now doing this.

So, tell us, do you typically trust the sales associates or not?  Please share and enjoy today’s Fabulous Find slideshow. I am so glad you are here.




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By Pamela Lutrell

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