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Hi everyone, how is your summer going?  I hope you are enjoying two versions of Would You Wear It?  each week from me and my friend, Jennifer!  I did make it to one store this past week, but have yet to tackle the mall…so I am back to sharing an online image which caught my attention in a recent mailer.

If you are new to Would You Wear It?, then you have happened upon a regular series of posts on two blogs where we put up a style or fashion display which has attracted our attention and make us want to discover what you think about it. We do this so you can learn what other women consider when shopping and perhaps find some styling ideas for your own wardrobe.  The comments are the meat of these posts! We ask you to give constructive criticism of why or why not the look would work for you.  Keep it personal and scrutinize it for more than just tastes, but cover sizing, body type, color, and answer if you would or would not wear it…without considering the pricing.

Jennifer and I are not looking for styles we love or hate; just, styles which would make for informative conversations about clothing…and we know all of us are here because we love to talk fashion.

Would You Wear It Dress on Over 50 Feeling 40

So, consider this style above, and answer for us all……………………………………………………………………………………………………………



I have so much to do this weekend…including planting, blog work, maybe shopping, planning Father’s Day for family and cleaning out my china cabinet.  How about you? Anything going on you would like to share?

I have an INTERESTING ANNOUNCEMENT for the blog on Monday and so curious to see what you will think!  Please make it a point to stop by…it is a brutally honest post. 

Today, of course, I have a Fabulous Find slideshow…I did not put together another Father’s Day slideshow, assuming with a week away you have that nailed.  But let me know if you need ideas.

Now, please stop by A WELL STYLED LIFE to comment on Jennifer’s look.



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  1. I think this dress looks very cool & flowing – nice for a warm summer day. I would prefer it in another color, something lighter & brighter that looks more “summery”.
    I think the necklace is interesting although it seems like a bit too much for this dress. With the big pattern in the dress plus the 2 colors & the handkerchief hem (I hope that’s what it’s called!), it feels like the dress has enough going on & a simpler necklace would be better for me.

  2. I want to say yes because of how often I wear dresses in the summer, but something isn’t working for me with this one. It’s pretty, but appears harsh with the black shoes (they look too heavy to me) and the necklace. I’m not sure the cut would flatter me. It looks very comfortable, and I like the more graphic floral. It’s just so loose. This is a tough one. I’d probably try it on, but if I did wear it, it would be with silver sandals and probably statement earrings in place of the necklace.

  3. At first look, I really like the dress, but then I realized with no sleeves I would have to wear a topper of some sort and that would negate the look. The necklace is gorgeous and would work with many of my outfits. Personally I would change the shoe to something lighter in colour as the hemline already draws the eye down. Actually, I think I would try it on just to see since the colours and style look like what I love to wear on a hot day. Your slide show has some really stunning pieces also.

  4. I like the print and color of the dress, but not the style of the dress. The necklace is too busy for my taste, and the sandles look too heavy for this dress. If I wore it, I’d wear it with ballet flats or kitten heels.

  5. Beautiful dress! It would be perfect for summer in Florida. I love the handkerchief hem and the bold necklace!

  6. I like the dress but agree that the necklace is too busy for a summery cool dress.
    The shoes also bother me. I think thus dress calls for a thinner strappy sandal -either flat or with kitten heel. To me, these shoes just appear too chunky or too casual.
    But the dress is cool, and might be very nice for a summer evening event. Thumbs up.

  7. Very interesting – for someone else(tale and slender). Thought your selections for the accessories was very nice. I am continually amazed at the creativity of the people who make necklaces! Most of them are too big for me to feel comfortable wearing but certainly great to look at and imagine.

  8. I love this dress and the necklace. It’s fun and has a bit of an edge. It’s totally my aesthetic but the loose shape would look awful on me. Too much fabric.

  9. No, I would not wear this at all. First, I hate the color. Second, I am not skinny in the least and the shape of this dress would not be flattering to my body type. I also do not like to were patterns. I do like the hem line. I had a gorgeous dress about 40 years ago that I loved that had that hemline, but then, of course, I weighed a lot less! Also, I think the dress would look better with heels, not sandals.

  10. I would not wear this dress. I am short and I think the hem would look frumpy on me. I like the overall shape of the dress and the fabric. It looks cool and light.

  11. Good Morning! This dress strikes me as something I might wear around the pool areas at a resort, to cover up for lunch, but not one I would wear elsewhere. I’m not a huge fan of the hem.
    As to what’s going on this weekend – LOTS!!
    This week my father was hospitalized, so I’ve spent several nights and each day with my mother in between managing the work being done to prepare our home to move back in three short weeks. So this weekend I will continue to juggle these demands and hope to spend some time with my understanding husband, catching up and working on some “honey-do’s” at the house. Oh, and I need to start packing boxes out at the ranch!! Time to find a cloning mechanism. 😂

  12. The dress is cute but the shoes are too clunky for the flowing style and hem length of the dress. Something slimmer with a little heel will elongate her legs and be more complimentary.

  13. Diane B. just said it all for ‘me’. So ditto! Wishing you a beautiful weekend Pam.

  14. I absolutely HATE the hemline…the uneven edge. It looks very sloppy and not at all classic. The color is just very, very unappealing for summer…the color of asphalt…NEVER! And it’s sleeveless….no again.

  15. Love the whole thing!!! An inspiration to pick up the weights for my arms! So stylish while covering a lot of “flaws” It has to be comfortable! Even the sandals would be something my poor flat feet could tolerate!

  16. I wouldn’t wear this dress, but only because I’m trying not to add more grey and black to my wardrobe. Otherwise, I like the style. As others have said, I’d wear it with different shoes; something less clunky looking and without the ankle strap.

  17. I personally am not a fan of handkerchief hems (dresses or tops) because it looks like you are wearing a handkerchief…not a look I am going for. Statement necklaces are also not my style…I prefer my jewelry to be smaller and more classic.

  18. As much as I love these necklaces they are so heavy looking and overwhelming for me. The style of the dress doesn’t work for me; I prefer tailored and closer fit to the body. The handkerchief hem doesn’t appeal to me. A more delicate, black sandal would look better. I live in summer dresses and they range from basic tee’s to longer length cotton prints.

  19. After years of thinking I could not wear a handkerchief hem, I actually tried one on. Surprise! It actually flattered me, though I’m of average height and not thin. They take the eye away from my thicker middle to my thinner legs. Now I have several summer dresses with asymmetrical hems. I love and would consider purchasing the necklace to wear with other outfits, but here I think it fills the space too completely and looks too heavy. I don’t mind the sandals with the dress, and I do think we need to be careful with shoes if we want to look current. The look with everything now is heavier and more athletic. Now that I’m used to the look of sneakers with dresses, I find bigger, “chubbier” shoes kind of fun and a nice way to look casual in a dress.

  20. I like dresses, I like loose and flowy, I like neutrals and monochromatic…but this outfit doesn’t appeal to me. The wide contrasting band at the bottom, the uneven hemline, the large floral print, the bold necklace, the chunky sandals…too many elements (possibly a case where less might be better) and it just isn’t visually appealing to me

  21. I love the dress but not with the necklace. I usually favor more classic looks, but I would try it….looks very cool and comfortable. I think the shoes look very comfy as well. Enjoy your weekend Pam! 😎

  22. I love everything about this dress except the color. The swing shape and handkerchief hemline work well for me. Somehow this hemline lengthens legs. Swing dresses are cool and comfortable in summer. The sleeves cover bra straps and don’t appear to be cut too deep. It is a pet peeve of mine when armholes are excessively large. Underarms are not something I want to highlight.

  23. It looks nice on the model but I would change the sandals. I would have to try it on to see if worked on the this body. Looks comfortable.

  24. Looks like it would be cool and comfortable for hot weather, but I am not a fan of drab colors in the summer and wouldn’t wear it myself.

  25. I want to like it, but with a large bust, the dress would stand out and make me look larger. I need a bit of shaping through the middle, but nothing too tight. I like that I could wear a regular bra sine the shoulders are covered. The necklace would make me hot…and not in a good way ;)!

  26. I love the pattern and flowiness of the dress. I think the necklace is beautiful but it’s a bit overpowering and competes with the dress pattern. The shoe pairing could be better – maybe a strappy, lighter sandal.

  27. I love dresses but the color and handkerchief hem don’t appeal to me. I don’t think the necklace is a good choice for this dress. I’d wear something longer and less-busy. The shoes are too heavy for the dress. I would never buy a shoe with an ankle strap! I want my legs to look longer and leaner so ankle-straps just don’t appeal to me.

  28. The style and color of this dress are very pretty. However, the stripe of black on the hem is too large and makes the dress appear bottom heavy. A thin hem of black would be much better, in my opinion.

    Also, the shoes are much too clunky and take away from the flowy, light feel of the dress. A thin strap sandal or neutral color would be my choice for this outfit.

  29. I would wear this dress around the house only. Of course, that would not require or permit the huge necklace.

  30. I would not wear anything from this look. I don’t often wear dresses, but when I do, I prefer a more tailored shape. The necklace is too over the top for me & my short neck. The shoes are too chunky especially with this light floaty dress.

  31. I would not wear this outfit. Overall, it looks frumpy to me. I am not drawn to the color or print, however I really don’t like the black band at the bottom as it seems to drag the eye down and make the dress look heavy. Perhaps the print would look better without the black band. The nearly flat sandals look bad with the length. I am not really fond of high-low hems as I don’t think they age well (most are starting to look a bit dated). Perhaps a taller and strappier heel would be okay. The necklace is too busy. Overall, this outfit is a pass for me.

  32. NO! Blah color, don’t like flowers or the hem. I like the sandals but they are too heavy and clunky for the dress.

  33. This outfit will not work for me – wrong colour, wrong length and wrong style. The necklace would look lovely on someone else, but I do not look good in anything too bulky, or all black for that matter. I don’t personally dislike the look, it just won’t work for me. I think this type of dress would look lovely on a taller woman, and someone who can pull off wearing larger statement pieces of jewellery. I’ve learned, and continue to learn what looks best on me and what I feel most comfortable in and try my best to stick to those looks.

  34. The shoes are really distracting to me. The dress print is too large for my frame. I’m afraid this gets a thumbs down from me.

  35. Give me a different colour & I’d wear it in a flash, including the necklace, I love a handkerchief hemline — the fabric moves with you & gives a little flash of leg, sexy without being tacky, feminine without being girly. I wear a lot of grey & black but this particular pattern/shade of grey strikes me as very drab & the heavy black band around the hem seems to drag the whole look down. Those cludgy big sandals the model’s wearing don’t help either. Mind you, I rarely if ever wear dresses during the day any more, so if I’m in a dress it’s an evening out & I prefer strappy high-heeled sandals; walking sandals may work fine for day-wear for some.

  36. The color is a bit pale for the summer to me. The necklace is cute but too heavy looking for this dress, i wold wear it with another outfit though. The dress seems light but the black hem seems to pull on the dress making it look heavy. The shoes look heavy for the dress, a light color ballet shoe or sandal would look much better than the black she is wearing.

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