Omron Tens Units: Assistance for Two Different Stories with Drug-Free Pain Relief

TENS Pain relief on over 50 feeling 40

Two weeks ago, I shared with you that May was Arthritis Awareness Month and also shared  the story of pain Mr. B experiences daily as a result of his love for running.  If you missed his story, you might want to catch up HERE.  He agreed to put the new OMRON Focus TENS Therapy For Knee to the test for pain relief.  I will share with you his thoughts in a moment. 

Pain Free for Knees on over 50 Feeling 40

I, on the other hand, agreed to test the OMRON MAX POWER RELEF on my shoulder which was injured a couple of years ago and is often painful during my gym visits.  However, there is the problem…I haven’t been to the gym and the shoulder has not been hurting because of it. 

But, right after that first post, I was texting with the group of ladies I have known and worked out with for several years.  The youngest one, Kristin, is 41 and she is a weightlifting pro.  I have seen her tackle weights such as the one below on a regular basis.  She has continued to workout while at home, and this particular day, she was in pain.  She was suffering from tendonitis in her shoulder and a horrible knot in her shoulder blade.  I could not allow her to be in that pain, when I was sitting here with a solution.  So, I told her about OMRON’s new product and she drove over that day to pick up the unit.



Four days later, I received the following email from her and she gave permission for me to share it here. 

 Hi Pam,

So, let me tell you, I love the TENS unit you let me try.

 On the first night, I did 3 rounds of treatment on my back, and 2 on my hips.  Friday night’s sleep was the first time in several weeks that I was able to sleep through the night and not wake up in the middle of the night in pain.  I woke up the next morning without any pain! I have since developed more knots in my back and have been working on those areas as well.

 Here are a few things I like about this unit.

  1. The carrying case is so handy.  It allows me to receive a hands-free treatment while doing things around the house.  In the mornings, I can wear it while putting on makeup.  In the evenings, I can wear it while folding clothes or making dinner.  There is no excuse of “I don’t have time”.


  1. The screen is very easy to read and very simple to use. I like that I can see how many minutes I have left in my treatment.  There aren’t screens you have to scroll through.  Everything is on one screen.


  1. At first, I thought there were too many intensity levels until I tried the unit on different sections of my body.  On my back, I use level 10 or 11.  What I realized though, is that you don’t need to use a high level to get results.  In other words, you don’t need to use a level so high it causes pain to see a difference.  I did an experiment and tried using a level 8 on my back and still had great results!


  1. The pads go on and come off easily and pain free.  I did have to work at putting them on at the correct angle so they didn’t come off, but once I got them situated, I had no problems with them.


Overall, I am very pleased with the TENS unit and plan on buying one for future use.

Thank you so much for letting me borrow it.  It really made a difference!  Now if I can just stop getting knots in my back and neck, I’d be a happier person.


I think sharing this response with her different areas of need is much better than my occasional shoulder pain.  I am so thankful that  the OMRON Max Power Relief helped me to help a friend.


  I believe you can gather from Bill’s story that he has some significant damage to his knee.  He does experience daily pain and I have catch him limping during the day.  He has been faithful to use the OMRON Focus TENS Therapy for Knee every day while working in his office and believes it has helped him significantly.  Previously, he would stand from sitting at his desk and experience pain, but after using the OMRON TENS, he can now stand and leave his desk pain-free.  Though he still has pain throughout the day from a torn meniscus, he reports that it helps so much to have some of that pain eliminated. He is facing decisions in the future about knee replacement surgery and still dealing with the loss of his love of running, but the OMRON TENS has helped him to persevere through.


 By Pamela Lutrell

 Disclaimer:  I was compensated for this post but the words are my own.



  1. I’ll have to pass this along to one of my friends. She was completely obsessed with running for many, many years. She is also facing the decision about knee replacement. She has pain on a daily basis and no longer runs regularly, but when we’re at the gym she does “run” on the various machines and that’s not helping, I’m sure! Running is running, after all. So I will tell her about this. The results sound impressive.

  2. Pam, I have been waiting to read your comments after using these units although I did read about them on Amazon. I have knee pain like your husband, but also have hip pain like your friend who borrowed your unit. I had polio as a child so that leg that has carried more of my weight for 70+ years is showing its wear. . I’m so happy to hear that both units were so helpful for their pain. However, now do I decide which pain is worse…my knee or my hip. I am often awakened during the night with both hurting so I suppose I need BOTH. Thank you for your personal information which I feel I can trust.

  3. Pam, thanks for this post. My husband experiences back pain regularly from an old injury so the Omron machine might help him.

  4. My right rhomboid muscle gets knotted up, causing pain in that area that then radiates down the right arm and into the neck. A practitioner used a TENS unit on it a week or so ago, in combination with other therapies. I was impressed with the TENS unit’s performance. I haven’t tried one at home yet, and thank you for the post.

  5. He says it does take some of the edge off…especially after working at a desk a long time. The knee issues both your friend and Mr. B have are pretty painful, so if any of the pain is assuaged or removed that is nice.

  6. I really hope this can help you, Celia. Kristin was so encouraging about her experience with the MAX Power…and I trust her!

  7. I have used it on my back before and it was nice…also, I relaxing time to lie down and put it on there…you can feel it doing its job.

  8. Pam: thanks for the info. I’m using the TENS unit and, despite factory instructions, I sleep with it when needed. I’m able to control pain from spinal stenosis as well as old fracture sites below my knee and above wrist. I was introduced to TENS by my physical therapist. Has anyone mentioned using it for neuropathy?

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