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It’s my official back-to-mannequins, Would-You-Wear-It- Saturday!!  I finally got back to my favorite shopping mall and spent a few hours…yes, in a mask, but was able to find some fashion displays that I wanted to bring back to you! On this day, my friend Jennifer and I (one in California and one in Texas) bring you fashion displays to evaluate! 

Summer fashions on Would You Wear It on Over 50 feeling 40

Just in case you are new, I will repeat what I said on Wednesday.

“Now, allow me a moment to call out a couple of you….there were a couple of comments which were very ugly about the last garment.  What I want to ask you is to consider if you personally did like a garment and someone was rude about it…how would you feel?  We ask that you keep this personal and not write in such a way as to attack the tastes or likes of another reader.  It is very simple…keep your evaluation of the looks personal and constructive…why or why not would you consider wearing it?  It doesn’t help anyone for you to say something ugly about it and infer that anyone liking it is not sane. I think you get my drift!

On these days, we are all personal fashion buyers …yet, for our own wardrobes.  So as a fashion buyer you might look at the fit, the colors, the design, the age appropriateness, the current trends or the fabrics.  You might also suggest different ways to wear it that might enhance the look.  Again, Jennifer and I are not looking for styles we hate or styles we like…just for styles which make us wonder what you would think.  Write in such a way as to help other consumers understand your thought process.  It also does not help anyone to simply say Yes or No.”  Actually, everyone did great on Wednesday and kept it constructive, helpful, and kind.  I am so glad to return to mannequins and actual displays.  I wish more fashion merchandisers read these comments…they would learn much to help them with their jobs. 

Tops from Macy's on Over 50 feeling 40

I found this display of three…I would say that it features the color, Raspberry.  Since today is officially the first day of summer, I thought. you might like to see a little COLOR!  You may comment on all three styles in the display or just one or just a couple of the pieces.  You decide.  But, please scrutinize all three if you would like. 

Summer dress on Over 50 feeling 40

Take a few moments…remember pause and ponder from yesterday’s post….then proceed and tell us, ladies………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….


Pink Flowers on Over 50 Feeling 40

I really loved reading all the comments from yesterday’s first post on Cultivating Everyday Elegance.  It seems so many of us really are going through this journey together to refine and be the best “us” we can be.  Thank you for the encouragement and for being here each day.  There are so many great sales going on plus retailers coming back as we navigate the pandemic…so I attempted to put a variety of different items in today’s slideshow.  Please remember if you click on an item and go to that website, but, perhaps purchase something different, I will still make a small commission on your purchase.  Your support is so appreciated.

Make sure you head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE to see what Jennifer has for us today!




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Sun Basket on Over 50 Feeling 40


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  1. I love the dress! It’s a gorgeous color, vee-neck, and has a pretty skirt. I don’t if ten prefer dresses over pant outfits but I do line this dress!
    The two pant outfits are eye catching but I don’t think the two tops would flatter me and my body. The striped top almost looks like a maternity top. The way it folds would not flatter me. The shorter sleeve top is a pretty pattern but I don’t like the sleeve. My upper arms are not my best feature…..yet the blouse does look cool…For someone it might be a cute summer wardrobe addition. The pants shown are fine. I’d wear them.

  2. I like all the styles, colors, and prints. They are fun and cheerful for summer. I would definitely purchase the dress. I love the lines and could easily dress it up or wear it casual.

    Happy 1st day of summer 🌞!

  3. I like these outfits – the one I could see myself wearing is the stripe top and pants. The diagonal stripes and drape of the top would likely be flattering on my somewhat rectangular shape. It would have to be in different colors for me to purchase – raspberry or anything resembling pink is out of contention for me due to my coloring and preferences.

  4. i will start left to right….i love that dress, and in the 80s i couldve rocked it…but not today. the middle, at first i said oh no its stripes…however, i do have some of those surplice type tops and they do me favors, and im wondering if the angle of those stripes would help. i would try it on….i love the right printed top, and i would try it on with the matching pants on the rack to its right…i would pair it with a cardigan or light jacket, of white or black, maybe even a shawl, even though i find i have to constantly adjust those…

  5. Glad you are able to be out and about.Always enjoy your posts,even if they are not exactly what I would be attracted to.I still am not going out. Too many people not wearing masks has made me rather hesitant about mixing and mingling! I would rather shop on line than be sick! I am in the range to be very careful, so may wait awhile before venturing out too far from home. I keep telling my husband that I just want a moat with a drawbridge to get away from the crazies out there!The outfits you posted are just not for me,too much fabric in one and not appealing prints in the others. But that does not mean that they would not be attractive on the right person and body type.Stay safe!

  6. No, I would not wear any of these. I do like the dress, but the color doesn’t work for me for summer. I might try it for fall, however. The striped top is not a type of stripe that appeals to me, and I’m not a fan of the other print. Overall, I would pass by this display due to the darkness of the items and the fact that I don’t like the prints, personally. I’m not ready for fall at this point, and this display has more of a fall color palette.

  7. Glad to see you were in a store! I usually like DKNY but not much here.
    Dress no to the hemline
    Striped blouse no – the waist hem is at a bad place and the stripes are too big & bold. The raspberry print top was cute until I zoomed in. It looked like animal print close up – no!! I would happily wear a solid raspberry T-shirt with the black pants.

  8. I would pass on each of these outfits as the hot pink, raspberry and red tones are not flattering to my coloring. The black pants look slimming though, and I’m always on the lookout to add well cut pants to my wardrobe. Happy first Saturday of SUMMER!🌼!🌼!

  9. I think that dress is elegant in its simplicity. The color is wonderful. I haven’t worn sleeveless for a long time not because of my upper arms but because armholes are usually too large and gaping on me. I think a beautiful shawl or scarf would look wonderful with this dress and provide coverage for those who prefer more coverage. I also love the solid raspberry top and patterned pants. I wouldn’t usually wear patterned pants but the outfit is lively and cheerful and the simple top lends an elegant touch to an outfit perfect for a casual get together or evening book club.

  10. I have a dress like that one, with the bias-cut skirt and pieced skirt, and it’s flattering. The seaming makes it look like you have a waist. Worth a try-on if you were looking for a dress.
    Now that we’re into June the display looks hot. Maybe the top with white pants.
    I think it’s going to be a challenge for retailers to re-open with March merchandise, when everyone is sitting around in July heat.

  11. Yes to the dress! I love everything about it – the deep pink colour, the angular hem, the fit and length. I would feel great in this dress. The striped top blouson would not look good on me and I don’t love the colour combination. However, the short sleeve top is very cute and I would wear it over shorts. We’re in the midst of a heat wave, so I looking for light weight comfortable tops – thus one would fit the bill nicely.

  12. I love the dress, which would perfect on my hourglass shape. This color is good for my skin tone too.
    The pants are ok, I’d wear them but neither too would work for me. I need a top that’s more fitted in the waist area.

  13. I love the raspberry pink. It would flatter almost anyone who can wear brights, which I need, as pastels wash me out. I might try on the tops to see if they hit that elusive sweet spot of hiding the tummy vs just looking sloppy. Overall, though, they might be too trendy or memorable as I transition my wardrobe over to more well chosen, high quality basics as I contemplate retirement. I love the dress but don’t see it getting much wear, even with a jacket or sweater over it for school. It looks like it has good lines and a lovely drape.

  14. The striped top would do nothing but make my hips look wider. I like the cut of the dress and the outfit with the flowy pants (fun, and the pattern of the print keeps the eyes moving, therefore it is slimming). However, the pink color does not work at all for me, as it overwhelms my skin tone.

    Asymmetrical hemlines work very well for me, as they have a lengthening effect. They are very hard to find in my size.

  15. I had to return something, so I went to the mall wearing my mask, soon after the mall opened for the day. Very few of the stores were open, some had vanished and were papered over, and the mall is keeping the lights dim. There was one line of physically-distanced customers outside a store that is having a closing-out sale. All this in a mall that had recently undergone a major renovation. The store I visited was well-stocked and bright, but overall the mall was rather depressing. I did not want to spend time there. Most people were returning online purchases. I got in and got out. The food court was full of stacked chairs covered in plastic. I call it the ghost mall.

  16. The dress is pretty and like the color and shape for me. Like the other colors with this but the tops would not look good on me since they would hit at widest part of my hips.

  17. With the exception of perhaps the white and black plants (would have to see how they fit) am afraid the other garment styles just don’t appeal to my personal preference. Whereas re the garment pieces on the right hand side of the display; I do find their printed fabric interesting.

  18. I love raspberry as a color (blue-reds are more flattering to me than orange-reds)and would definitely wear the dress that style in almost any color!). The long-sleeve diagonal faux wrap top looks just like a maternity top (different colors but otherwise a twin) so I wouldn’t care to wear that again (that’s just a personal bias). I like the pattern and colors in the short sleeve top but I have narrow shoulders and wider hips so the darker shoulder area and bright raspberry strip across the abdomen wouldn’t flatter my body shape, for the same reason I wouldn’t wear the patterned pants. The solid raspberry top, white and black pants are nice basics that could fit into my wardrobe

  19. I love and would wear the dress. The two tops would do nothing for my hourglass figure. Raspberry is my color!

  20. I like the colour and style of the dress and would definitely wear it. I do like both pairs of slacks, however the shape and colours of both tops would not work for me. The striped top would make the top half of my body look very bulky I believe. I have a photo of myself wearing a striped blouse and |I was surprised at how unflattering the stripes made me look. I now only wear clothing with a very narrow stripe. I’m finding that the older I get the more picky I am about pattern. I now prefer and think I look better in solid colours, or garments with a more subtle pattern.

  21. I love the raspberry color of the dress, & it would have been a fun style for me back in the day, but it’s not my style now. The striped top in the middle is too busy for my simple taste. The top on the right gets a maybe, but I would prefer a longer sleeve. It is nice to see some pretty colors.

  22. I like the colors! I would wear the dress. I’m not sure about the striped top. I have tops in that style but I’d have to see how the stripes looked on me. I definitely like the idea of a blousy top with slim pants. I like the print short-sleeved top and how it’s styled with slim pants. I would wear the outfit as shown. The pink top is a color and style that I love and wear often. I’m not as drawn to the wide-legged print pants. I admire them on others but for some reason, they don’t appeal to me personally. I’d choose a slim or straight-legged style pant. It was fun to see current styles in a store!

  23. I love the raspberry dress. It’s pink without being pale. I would wear it with strappy neutral wedge sandals to elongate the leg since it is a longer length. I also like the stripe blouse since the stripes are elongating and slimming. I would take care to see that the blouse at the bottom didn’t make my paunch look bigger but rather disguise it. A cross over blouse has the potential to do either. The cap sleeve blouse is a style I like to wear because it slims my upper arms and I can do sleeveless without being sleeveless. The pattern is a concern because the lightest band looks like a wide stripe across the belly. I also think it is too dark for warm weather.

  24. Love these outfits..so bright and cheerful. We often don’t know how good an outfit will look until we try it on.
    Thank you for all your hard work with this blog..well done!
    Sorry to see how bad the virus still is in the USA, hope you all stay well. We’re so lucky in Australia that we got onto so quickly. Where I am all our shops are open with social distancing, only a few have closed.

  25. I love the color of the dress and style. I would probably get it altered to have it be an even hemline at the knee. That would make it a classic look. I love white pants with a print top, however I would pass on the striped top as I do not like the colors. It draws attention to the tummy which would not be flattering on me. I love the black slim pants with the print ombré top.

  26. Love the V-neck dress — gorgeous colour & it appears to have some interesting seaming & an irregular hemline, which I really like. I wear dresses too rarely to make buying a new one a wise investment, but if I did buy it I’d pair it with a jacket to cover my inner arms (which are jiggly even with daily yoga & free weights) — either a loose cardigan style or something a bit edgy, like a white jean jacket to play off the lovely simplicity of the dress (there are a couple of jackets in the slide show I think would work well with it in the right colour). Shoes: a low-heeled pump or espadrille. The other outfits aren’t my style. I find the print too busy & I’m too boobsy for the striped blouse, which has too much going on where **I** have a little too much going on 🙂

  27. The statement color is lovely. Raspberry is a good general color to have in one’s closet. The dress is gorgeous, but due to my lumps, I would have to try it on to see if it worked for me. Also, that style of dress wouldn’t get much use in my area and social circle.
    The striped blouse is cute, but wouldn’t work for my shape. I have a long neck, and the deep “v” would exaggerate that. It would be good for air conditioned office in the summer.

  28. The outfits with the dots are a good basic. They are not a “wow”, but they are good General pieces. The dotted pants and raspberry top are my favorite of the two. I think they are good for most any shape or age over 50. I would consider wearing especially the dotted pants and raspberry top.

  29. I like the dress a lot, but as my mid-60s tummy too often reminds me, slim knit dresses might not be the best choice these days! I wouldn’t wear the long sleeve stripe; too much going on there. I like the other top, and would wear it.

  30. Are you deleting or blocking the “ugly” comments, cause I’ve never read anything like that here. I’m just glad you are getting back into the stores, and showing us new styles. Thanks!

  31. I have allowed a couple to go through and blocked a couple. But, this last Would You Wear It was awesome..comments so helpful and constructive. No more warnings…unless necessary. Thanks Julie!

  32. Love the stripe top and white pants. Looks just like summer. Would not wear dress as it is to bright for me. Would also have added some jewelry and shawl with. Third item shirt would not work for me however, pants were nice

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