Casual Chic at home style on over 50 feeling 40

 I hope every one had a wonderful Father’s Day/first of summer weekend!! Today I wanted to go forward with the ideas behind my fashion choices now that I am on a new journey to cultivate elegance during the second half of my life. For 17 years since my reinvention began at age 50, my outward appearance has been so important to further develop and strengthen me inwardly with more confidence and joy.  Now, that I believe my professional life will be spent more in my home office than in an office building, I am pondering what a casual chic wardrobe will look like.



Casual Chic Elegant Style on over 50 Feeling 40 

No matter what I am doing, how I choose to look each day communicates a message to me, family, friends, peers and even strangers about who I am….without saying a word.  How we dress tells others if we care about ourselves and if we enjoy life.  I still love Stacy London’s words on developing personal style the most:

“It’s not an overstatement to say that style teaches me over and over how to live in my skin.  It helps me to find courage and confidence and control when I feel I have none. While I was drawn to the world of fashion as a little girl because of its sparkle, I love the world of style now because I understand its transformative power. 

What I do know is that understanding yourself, developing your image, and updating your style takes the sting out of anyone else’s judgment and puts you in the driver’s seat.”

I know for me, changing my style and beginning to care about how I looked again at age 50, changed everything.  I began to grow in confidence and joy.  It was so much fun and opened doors to communicate with any and, everyone I meet.   It helps me to keep improving….sharpening  and refining who I desire to be at each stage of my life.  I am still me; yet, a stronger, brighter approachable me when I look and feel my best.

I created my own system to help me define a personal style.  I decided that each time I dressed I would check to see if I was consistently communicating five adjectives with what I was wearing.  It worked!  And it has continued to work for 17 years.  My adjectives were developed with a professional life in mind…since a large part of my time has been in the office working arena.  I wanted everyone I met to know that I am INTELLIGENT, STRONG, APPROACHABLE, CURRENT, AND CREATIVE.  When older in the professional world, it is so important to send messages like this with your attire in order to gain respect from younger workers. 


Colorful Sandals on Over 50 Feeling 40

So, working at home did cause me to ponder new messages, but once I decided I wanted to be seen as an elegant everyday woman, that spoke casual chic to me….which does not have to be “dressed up” all of the time.  In fact, I am pondering now, more than ever what I want a more casual me to be and say with my clothing.

So, here are the new adjectives.  Now, I ask does what I am wearing say that I am elegant (remember my definition is self- assured poise), intelligent, confident, joyful and creative.  Notice, I removed “current.”  I believed it was important in the workplace to show that I was on top of current trends with my style.  That is one way to be youthful with your style.  But, now my style will not be as reflective of trends as it will be reflective of creativity.

With these adjectives, I will be more into classic, chic, simple styling.  But I included joyful and creative for touches of color, softer prints, and fun accessorizing. This will not be easy at first for me. I sometimes like looking a little out there, but I have noticed that I am more content lately and more comfortable in neutral styles with great accessories.  Of course, I will wear an occasional print…but not as many or as loud as I formerly did.  This box reflects the first stage of my wardrobe purge:

Tossing Prints on Over 50 Feeling 40



I know many women who I consider to be elegant who wear colors and prints.  It is all in how you put it together.  But, my five adjectives will help me to create the new Pamela-style.  One day in the past, a checker at our grocery said to me, “You always look so nice and put together on Saturdays!”  Of course, it meant the world that she said this, and it showed me that she noticed.  I strongly believe one of our roles as women over 50 is to be role models for the younger generation.  We have a very casual society now and I still want to take it up a notch and encourage others to do the same.  One area I do need to work on is to wear more fitted clothing and try my best not to hide in oversized styles.  While I love the kimono I am wearing today, as I slow down to look with scrutiny at my style,  I do want to work toward outfits with better fit and more structure.  Again, this is for me personally…not saying you should join me unless you agree. 

I have always encouraged you to establish your own five adjectives which communicate how you would like others to see you.  So, is anyone else thinking they might make any revisions to your style with elegance in mind? My style will not be seen in palaces, or fancy affairs and I doubt I will need many long gowns…but, this is my everyday elegance here in Texas! 

Later this week, I will take you on my first shopping trip with my new adjectives. I headed off to my favorite place, Dillard’s at The Shops of La Cantera in San Antonio.  I also took PAUSE – PONDER – PROCEED with me as well to oversee my shopping decisions. You have to have time to shop this way…it cannot be done quickly.

Please remember, I am not advocating turning you into Stepford Wives or changing who you are!! I am here to encourage you to sharpen your style so that you experience greater joy, confidence and elegance in your over 50 life!  Of course, I have a slideshow!  We are entering a time of great sales…so I will try to bring you the best Fabulous Finds that I can track down.


Thank you to reader, Cassandra, who sent an article from the Washington Post about the style messaging of Deborah Birx during her time to serve as the coronavirus task force coordinator.  This is another good example of how our style communicates to others.  Read the article here.




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