Cultivating Every Day Elegance Over 50: Personal Presentation, Pennies, and Perseverance

Eileen Fisher Casual Chic on Over 50 Feeling 40

Welcome to our weekly focus on cultivating every day elegance into our regular lives over 50.  We have discussed how to pause…ponder…and then proceed with all decisions; and how to keep kindness as a priority every day, all of the time.  Today, let’s look at our personal presentation on a daily basis, how to save those all important pennies, and the importance of perseverance in an elegant life.



Today, let’s begin with the fun stuff…clothes!  As a woman of elegance, I am concerned with my presentation every day and I have decided to wear “the good stuff” no matter what I am doing.  On Tuesday, I had a dental appointment and chose to run a couple of errands while out.  So, I selected, my INC skinny dark wash jeans from Macy’s, my Eileen Fisher black tank from Dillard’s, and my short Eileen Fisher silver jacket also previously from Dillard’s.  Again, I wore my Rockport ballet flats, and a Kendra Scott necklace previously found at a consignment shop.  I want to make sure I always leave the house wearing confidence and feeling great in what I wear.

How to style jeans on over 50 Feeling 40

This EF jacket is one I would occasionally wear to work or to nice events.  I have a similar EF jacket in a longer version.  For now, they will remain in my wardrobe and become a part of the casual chic style I am working to develop.  You cannot really see in the photo that the jeans are blue, but I still think it all works together, and I like it.  My new style messages which I want my clothing to say about me are ELEGANT, INTELLIGENT, CONFIDENT, APPROACHABLE, and CREATIVE.

Also new is a focus to use more garments currently in my closet and make them work in different ways, and to seek more affordable options when shopping.


“The secret of great style is to feel good in what you wear.” – Ines de la Fressange in Parisian Chic




I recognize (and Mr. B reminds me often) that my budget is changing.  So, doing the most for the fewest pennies will be a new goal.  I plan to discuss this more next week.  In studying elegant women…even the wealthy ones…they do seem to all have a desire to be frugal.  I think the ones I enjoy the most are doing more with less.  That is one of my new goals…to bring you more for less. 

So why the bird bath?  Most of you know how I love Goodwill San Antonio and have been honored to be an ambassador for them.  They are a great place locally for me to practice doing more for less, and sustainability.  My recent Goodwill purchase is the turtle.  I have named him Hezekiah.  He was like new, the right colors, and my grandchildren love the garden animals.  He joins my collection of two. However, if you look closely, Hezekiah is frowning…not me at all.  So, I have goal to get him to smile…Mr. B says I should just place him on his back.  But, he should provide good conversation with grandchildren about what makes him sad.  Goodwill San Antonio has provided many treasures for my home during this time…I love a good treasure hunt.  Of course, with mask on and hand sanitizer along for the ride.   An elegant home is a “cared for” home with attention to detail.




I want to thank everyone for the kind comments, prayers, and support yesterday.  I believe the professionals who will survive economically on the other side of the pandemic will display perseverance, resilience, creativity and hope.  I also think these are all characteristics of elegance.


An elegant woman is strong and intelligent.  She lives one day at a time and does not panic.  That is what I am determined to display.  I will practice a little rest and reflection as I dive into this new journey!




Speaking of saving pennies…the sales this month will be amazing.  Pay attention to your favorite retailers.  I have some of them in today’s affordable fashion slide show!

Finds from Macy’s 

Finds at Ulta

Finds a  kohls


So glad to have you here…stay safe…and 



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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Today’s look is a WOW! You look gorgeous. The slimmer pant suits you to a tee as does the shorter jacket here! You look 15 pounds slimmer. I find the longer blazers shown early in the year don’t really flatter anyone in my circle. They either overwhelm or hit in the wrong places. Lol (Just my opinion). The shorter jackets with an emphasis on the waist (princess) helps define a womanly shape. Look at you! Elegance!

  2. Oh my, what a classy outfit! You look beautiful in this Pam! I like the fitted jacket on you, such a good look! I miss dressing up everyday like I used to do for work, so running errands and going to appointments is my opportunity to dress up. Even when I’m just running to the grocery store, it’s the perfect opportunity to take a little extra time and add more polish! Your look does say “elegant” and chic! When you don’t need to look “different” every day (at least I tried to when I was working), it’s easier to get by with fewer pieces of better quality. When you aren’t seeing the same people in the same setting each day, you can wear a quality pair of pants for days in a row and no one even notices it. The challenge comes in when you enjoy clothes and shopping! I try to donate things each time new items come home with me. Your little Hezekiah is adorable! And such a great idea to use him for a teaching tool! You know, I see all these great ideas now that mine are all grown up….good for you being able to do that while the kids are little. Such wonderful opportunities for conversation and guidance! Mine are at the stage where I am listening intently for any opportunity to have a deeper conversation. Grandparents can have such a positive impact on the kids! Your yard Pam!! I know I’d be out there at every opportunity. You’d never know there was scorching heat when seeing all the lush green! It’s beautiful!

    1. Mr. B will love your comments on the yard, Karen. He has worked hard on it. And I like what you said about seeing people at work everyday. I did exactly that and tried to look different ever day. It is so great to wear my skinny jeans whenever I want to!

  3. You look fantastic in that jacket. The length is flattering and the colour is one I like to wear as well. I too believe we can have elegance without overspending, with just some thought into it. When my job was terminated along with a third of the staff on a Friday afternoon, I thought I would just curl up in a ball and stay there. It took some time to find a path, but did decide to see what I really wanted and all in all, did do OK. I was unable to comment yesterday, but wanted to let you know it has been great to follow you and will continue to do what I can to help. Have a wonderful 4th of July. Ours was Wed. and it was so quiet without any festivities, just a new reality.

  4. Could not agree more. I am finding that things I have done for years no longer have the meaning that they used to. Therefor I will be eliminating those from my daily routine. time spent with my husband,children,grands,friends is much more meaningful.We are only allowed so much time here, so why not really make the most of it. I continue to enjoy your posts,keep my goli vitamins on the desk and always take one(good reminder) when I see your comments. Keep on posting and stay safe!

    1. Thanks, Susan for being here and for the support! The Goli gummies are amazing… aren’t they?

  5. After retiring 2 years ago from a professional NY job and moving west my need for certain items in my wardrobe diminished substantially. I’ve weeded through my closet so many times and donated so much. I find that with not working I have very little need for certain items. I follow a number of bloggers and although I love seeing what’s new out there I really appreciate it when they dig into their closets and wear what they already own. I’m still spending money but I’m looking for casual, country club chic and who knew that I would ever be shopping golf clothes!! It’s a whole new world!

    1. It is a whole new world, Linda. I played golf in high school just a little and I have thought about it more lately!

  6. Hezekiah isn’t sad………he’s startled!!

    It will be fun watching you do some magic mixing and matching with your existing wardrobe. It’s actually quite a fun challenge to take what you have and change it up to look like something new altogether. I’ts kind of like looking in the kitchen and finding a little of this and a little of that and turning it all into something delicious!

  7. You look fabulous in that outfit! Love reading your blog every day. I just wanted to give a different interpretation of Hezekiah’s expression. To me , it seems like he just heard a noise and looked up wondering what he heard… more of a “”Hmmm…what was that?” I love your garden and the touches of whimsy in it. Bless you on your new adventures .

    1. Love that, Dorothy! I think you understand turtles better than I do! Thanks for being here!

  8. I think this slightly more tailored looks really conveys the elegant style you aspire to. Well done!

  9. Pam, I’m loving this outfit on you. Very chic! Also so sorry to have learned that your full time employment has come to an end and therefore extend, my sincerest wishes of success and prosperity in the continued chapters of your life. -Brenda-

  10. TOTALLY AGREE with all these positive comments, Pamela; the outfit is truly one of your most flattering. Love the simplicity & elegance.

  11. Love this look on you! Skinny jeans really suit you, and the jacket is very flattering. The turtle is adorable and does look startled. Such amazing finds at Goodwill and consignment shops, and the hunt is such fun especially when you find the perfect treasure. Enjoy your holiday weekend and stay safe!

  12. Let me add my compliments to those of everyone else. This outfit looks great on you. It is casual chic at its finest. Summer is my least favorite season, & it is the season when I never feel as polished as I do in the other three. I don’t tolerate the heat very well, so I rarely wear jeans or jackets thus I usually don’t feel as “finished” as the rest of the year. Clearance racks are a great way for me to save on clothing & other items. Your turtle is very sweet, & I’m sure your grandchildren will love him. Have a safe & blessed holiday!

    1. One of my grandson’s was over here this morning and was very taken with the turtle. Though I live in Texas and have experienced summer my whole life, I still am not a fan. Especially when the humidity sets in…I am with you on that one, Becky and completely understand. When I went out in this, it was morning and after my errands and the dentist, I changed to something casual and cooler. But this jacket is surprisingly light.

  13. This is a great outfit; very flattering and versatile jacket! I purchased the Eileen Fisher tank dress and it is my new favorite piece of clothing!

  14. I am enjoying your comments on elegance. Thank you. We know you will give all of us the inspiration needed for being our best.

  15. That look is terrific on you: the slightly shorter, slightly fitted jacket makes you look taller & slimmer. And the “column of black” under it is always flattering, especially with a piece of great jewelry. The whole outfit looks well pulled together &, yes, elegant!

    I went grocery shopping this morning & as it was foggy & cold & drizzling rain, I wore jeans, a simple white V-neck tee & a short leather jacket. But I had on make-up & perfume, my hair looked great & I was wearing BIG earrings, the ones my husband the gearhead says look like the hubcaps off a ’58 Merc. I received 3 complements within 3 aisles!

    So no, you don’t need to spend a lot of money or turn to designer labels to put together a look that works. I find if you’re comfortable & at ease in whatever you’re wearing, you give off a confident vibe that translates to however you define “elegance” — & people find that attractive regardless of what you’re actually wearing. It’s a lesson I’ve had to relearn a few times 🙂

  16. Another elegant and classic outfit, which looks great on you! I fully intent to copy this look. Thank you, Pam.

  17. What a thrill seeing all of these positive & uplifting comments. An “Elegance Revival“ is spreading across the land! We’ll become Trendsetters & Influencers; start a whole ‘nother Movement.

    Was “retired” out 12/2006; challenging financially & psychologically. Then DH retired 2012 & we relocated 2013. Interesting how perspectives change.

  18. For me, the turtle is saying «  Well hello, do I know you » !! Your outfit breathes total elegance, Pam, and your kindness radiates from you and your true smile. What more can I say? I’m totally with you on this new journey, good times or not so good times, all the way, because I really feel in harmony with your new goals.

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