Would You Wear It Over 50 and Happy July 4th, America!

Would You Wear It Over 50 on Over 50 Feeling 40

Welcome everyone to Would You Wear It Over 50 with me and my friend Jennifer, and to all Americans, Happy 4th of July!!  I purposefully tried to keep the colors patriotic today, but other than that, this is one of those fashion displays that made me wonder what you would think.  In case you are new, Jennifer and I each go out in our communities in California and Texas and look for fashion displays which will make for good “girl-talk” and style lessons on the Would You Wear It posts. 

Would you wear off the shoulder tops on over 50 feeling 40

We ask that you bring a discerning eye to these displays, and tell us personally why you would or would not wear the styles…please say more than yes or no.  Explain your reasons for liking or not liking what you see.  Tell us if it is about fit, age, style, quality, etc.  And offer constructive comments so that other women can learn from what you are saying.  These posts have helped many women not to make a shopping mistake or to claim a shopping victory after looking at garments through someone else’s eyes. The comments on these posts are very important.  So, please look over my mannequin above and tell us, ladies,



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I know this year comes with challenges, but hope you will find small ways to acknowledge celebrations of America…the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.  May the red, white and blue continue to wave over this land and celebrate the freedoms offered to its residents.  I am so proud to be an American.

Now, head over to A Well Styled Life to see what Jennifer has for us.  Thank you for being here…have a great holiday…stay safe…and 



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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. No. Wouldn’t wear it. I’m not a fan of the “cold shoulder” look. Too trendy.

  2. I, personally, am not a fan of the cold shoulder look. If the garment doesn’t fit perfectly (and I mean perfectly) the outfit looks sloppy with gaping holes at the shoulder. I also do not wear a top with a peplum hem because I feel it adds bulk in an area I don’t want added bulk. I am a fan of skinny pants and do feel looser tops look great with them. The red and white color combo is classic and perfect for the holiday.
    Happy Birthday, America and God Bless the USA!! 🇺🇸

  3. I like the red and white….so fresh, pretty. I’d buy the top if it did not have the exposed shoulders design, but I have very bony, skinny shoulders so I’ve not bought any of this style of garment. And I truly thought they would soon be out of style so did not want to waste that money. I like the white pants though they are very tight, and I’d prefer them to be a bit looser. The shoes are too high for those of us who worry about our lack of balance and falling so I would not buy them. Hope you have an enjoyable holiday. My husband and I remain isolated in South Georgia, staying home away from anyone.

  4. I love a slim white pant and I would probably wear those. The top is not my style-too much going on with the sleeves and the tie neckline, etc. I do like the color though.

  5. Amen to honoring our flag and our country!! About the display, I love wearing red and white together. It’s such a crisp look, and eye-catching. I personally don’t care for cold shoulder tops so wouldn’t wear this one, but definitely would wear the same pants with a different red top. The shoes are a “no” for me due to the high platform. I find it’s difficult to walk gracefully in platform shoes. Maybe I just haven’t had enough practice! ! The outfit is attractive and even though there are components that I wouldn’t wear, I’d definitely stop to look at it and just find another top!!

  6. Because it’s the 4th of July and Im feeling red and white (raspberries and yogurt for breakfast ) this morning , I’m going to say yes— this I would wear today ! I like the cold shoulder look and if course crisp white pants for summer— a big YES! Red and white- best look for the 4th!

  7. well, the top is an almost love….i would try it on, but i fear that little semi ruffle on the sleeve and the bottom wouldnt be favorable on me…i love the color, i love a cut away shoulder and i love the front of it, though.
    the shoes are too high for me, however i did see Lifestride shoes are having a blow out on sandals, check it out…60 percent off even on sale items, i bought 3 simple little pairs in colors i wouldnt normally spend on, but for 16 dollars a pair, they can tie a outfit together for me.

  8. Cute outfit for someone else. I have never worn a cold shoulder top and was hoping the trend was over. Adding a flounce to the sleeves doesn’t help. The pants look too much like leggings for me. This is a “here I am” outfit — not my style. Happy 4th!!

  9. Wow!!!! The heavy sandals and the white leggings don’t go together. The top has too much going on for me — from the color to the shoulders to the ruffle to the grommet ties.

  10. Love a red top with white pants but this top has too many details for my taste- bell sleeve, cold shoulders and criss cross tie plus is that a drawstring waste? I prefer something simple.

  11. Cute outfit. I’d definitely wear it. Love the red, love the cold shoulder, love the peplum, love the white pants and the cute sandals.

  12. I still maintain that sunblock is tricky with this sort of top, so no, I would not wear it. This fad is past due for being over.

  13. I like the classic color combo and it’s an attractive outfit so I would use this as inspiration but would pass on these 3 specific pieces. While I like the length of the top, the V neck and the sleeve length, I’m not a fan of cold shoulder, or lacing at the neckline. I don’t think peplums generally flatter my hips but this one seems more flared than ruffled so I think that might be okay. The white pants are a bit skinny for me and there’s something on the mannequins right leg, not sure if it’s a shadow or the pants are so thin/tight that the pocket or mannequin assembly is showing? The shoes are cute but I’m not a fan of ankle straps or platform soles. These pieces might be better suited for someone in a different age and stage of life but I’ll gladly take the idea and create the style with another red top, white pants, and navy sandals. Thanks for posting!

  14. I know there are women who would look absolutely adorable in this outfit, I can see them in my envious mind’s eye, but I’m not one of them. With apologies to the women who love the cold shoulder look, I seldom see someone it flatters, mainly because of how uneven the sleeves end up hanging, gaping and pulling. Just the name, cold shoulder, is unappealing. I love the top otherwise. The red and white is a happy combination. I wonder why the stylist went for two lines horizontally cutting at the ankle, pant hem and shoe strap, breaking a long, lean leg. And of course, at any age, one misstep on those crazy high platforms and you’ll be celebrating the Fourth in the hospital ER along with people who are missing fingers and worse.

  15. Good morning, I wouldn’t wear this top. I love the color and tie front and peplum but there is too much going on in this top and the cold shoulder puts it over the “top” for me.🤓

  16. The top caught my eye in that pretty red but a peplum bottom and a cold shoulder does not work for me. If I was slimmer on the bottom I would try a peplum. I’m picky about white pants . I don’t want them to be see through, too heavy or too tight. I would probably try these on for size since I do like the cut. The shoes are way too high for me. My summer, fun sandals are slim Vionics with arch support that I can practically walk all day in. Happy 4th!

  17. I don’t wear cold shoulder tops. I wear sleeves for warmth, so those don’t make any sense for me. I also couldn’t wear the sandals. I’m tall enough that I don’t need added height and I’d probably twist an ankle! On someone else, the outfit would be cute though.

  18. I love the colour of this blouse but I would’ve wear it. The cold shoulder look doesn’t work on my thin shoulders, plus there’s a lot going on with this blouse – criss cross ties, peplum, etc. The pants are fine but with temps in the upper 80s in my part of the continent , I’m wearing shorts everyday.

  19. Definitely would not wear the top. The cold shoulder has been overdone and looks dated. Plus not very classy on a woman my age…60ish.

  20. I like the shade of red in the top, but it is not my style. I don’t care for the cold shoulder style. If it had elbow length closed or cut work sleeves I’d purchase it. I look better in a slightly wider cut leg, so the trousers are out, and I gave up ankle strap shoes a long time ago. I’d purchase the bracelet. It looks cute.

  21. This outfit looks cute on the model but I would not buy these items. I think the cold-shoulder trend is almost finished, and anyway it doesn’t make sense to me to have to worry about sun protection in another area. The color wouldn’t flatter me either. I might try a top with a peplum although that trend may well be on the way out too. I find darker jeans are usually much for flattering although these look nice. I like the shoes but would not buy them because I need support stockings so I never wear open toes.

  22. A yes to the skinny leg pant and though like the colour of the top, its a no for myself. For starters cannot wear such a shade, do not like grommets on garments and would prefer a different neckline. As to it having a cold-shoulder design, the top I do have is about fifteen years old if not more, is in a long sleeved version and though I do appreciate its different design I find I seldom wear it (regardless it still looks like new).
    Wishing you and your American readers …… A HAPPY 4th of JULY!

  23. I would wear the top (if it fit of course). Sometimes the cold shoulder fits and other times I agree it can look sloppy. The peplum top looks like a soft peplum and can be flattering or it can make me look larger depending on where it hits. The white pants are too skinny for me though. I would wear a different white pant with them.

  24. I am drawn to the mannequin display, as this outfit looks breezy and stylish. For my personal preference however, I would see if the blouse came in different colors because red near my face is not flattering. How about a cute navy and white gingham sneaker, some red slim capris in a twill, and a white version of this top for the 4th?! 🇺🇸

  25. The top is a good red for me. I like the tie neck, but the peplum might not be flattering because it would emphasise my tummy. I don’t like the cold shoulder look anymore.

  26. But for a flowered print this top has every trend out there: flared sleeves, flounced bottom, laced peasant neckline. I’m honestly not seeing cold shoulders much anymore, but they also added last year’s trend of those too, further giving this top an expiration date. If it was flattering to someone, and not too expensive, I would enjoy seeing it on someone else. With my style adjective Aware, though, it would be a hard pass, as I couldn’t get enough wear out of it. White pants are beautiful in the summer, but always need a critical try on for fit and opacity. These might or might not work. I do like the slim line with the flow of the top. I think it would look better with white sandals. The thick black shoes makes an otherwise fresh outfit look a little heavy.

  27. As a display it’s done it’s job by drawing in lookers/shoppers who linger over it. I love the red and white combo and feel we’re due a renaissance of seeing it more than we have in the past few years. I can’t get past the top………..how many different design details can one item of clothing include?! The cold-shoulder, the peplum, the sleeve flare…………and the Robin Hood drawstring closure. Honestly, when I’ve tried (and believe me, I’ve wasted money trying) to wear one of the tops with the lacing at the neck, I feel I’ve just stepped out of Sherwood Forest. But that’s just me and I’m sure other ladies love and look confident in the same detail. I’m a safari chic kinda’ girl which, a look that others, I’m sure, don’t care to wear, so it’s all in the eye/mind of the beholder and wearer.

  28. This top would look so cute on a petite slender woman. I think the peplum is very feminine. There’s a lot going on, so it doesn’t need much accessorizing, just a pair or gold earrings and perhaps a gold bracelet or 2. It might be a good travel piece as I can see it styled more casually. It would look totally different tucked in a pair of jeans or other looser fitting pant. You’ could wear it with a denim jacket and white jeans for a very American look. Thanks for letting me play stylist from my couch!

  29. Agreed, proud to be an American.
    Would wear the look if it were cool enough in my locale.

  30. 1. I tried on a cold shoulder top and found it difficult to get into. I also think the style will look dated. 2. Red is not one of my capsule wardrobe colors. 3. I tuck in my tops so the flounce is a no go. That’s three strikes I’m out.

  31. The red looks like it would be a good color for me and the outfit looks cute but it’s not for me. At 75, I think a split-sleeve look is more attractive on me. A well-cut split-sleeve blouse can be very elegant. The jeans are a possibility if they fit well.

  32. Unfortunately, the cold shoulder look is one of those trends that I don’t personally care for ( along with distressed jeans).

    However, I like the color and shape of the top, especially the ruffle at the bottom. I think it would be quite flattering without the cold shoulders and grommet ties.

    Red always looks so striking with white and this is a wonderful color combo!

  33. If the top were not the cold shoulder look, I would wear the outfit. I love the red & white, & the style of top makes it a step up from the usual t-shirt. I’m just not a fan of the cold shoulder. I love the patriotic wreath you pictured.

  34. Striking outfit for a stunning woman. Can imagine it as multi-season, too.

    Paired with vintage Lucite jewelry & a Panama hat for Summer events. Paired with gold jewelry & an open front cardigan for Winter holidays.

    I prefer blouses with sleeves rather than cold-shoulder style. The red hue would overpower “me”. People would definitely see the blouse, TeeHee.

  35. This is another one of those outfits that I like in theory but not in execution 🙂 I wear red well but need a clear, bright red, not this muddy shade. I LOVE the neckline on the blouse but have never liked the “cold shoulder” look, nor do I care for the peplum — both are too fussy for my taste; I think they’d have done better had they chosen ONE style element instead of throwing 3 in together. I prefer simpler, stronger lines. I do love red with white, though: I’d wear a long red silk shirt over white pants with long silver chains, silver earrings & bracelets & silver sandals. Or a white shirt over red denim jeans with a red bead necklace & earrings & simple black sandals. Straw bags with both.

    I tend to be cautious with white pants: I’m slim & keep my backside in good shape with decades of yoga, but I see too many unattractive behinds upholstered in white all summer in my tourist/resort town to get blasé. If I’m not going to cover the relevant bits with a blouse or jacket when I’m wearing white, I stick with a tailored pant or a heavier fabric like denim. There are just some sights that once seen can never be unseen & I don’t want to be one of them! And Happy 4th to all my American compatriots. Have a fun, safe weekend!

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