Chocolate Cake from HEB on Over 50 Feeling 40

Today is my 67th birthday…WOA, these are progressing way too fast!  But, it is always a time of reflection for me and today I want to discuss how I choose to avoid the question, “What If?” and embrace the many blessings I have in my life! 

Now that I am way over 60 and barreling toward 70, I have to say that except for just a few areas, I am very happy with who I am and desire that anyone reading this blog feel the same way about themselves.

Summer Chico's top and necklace on Over 50 Feeling 40

I just do not believe in living with a “What If?” mindset…it can rob you of joy so quickly.  What if the pandemic hangs on?  What if the economy collapses?  What if we are not properly prepared for retirement years?  What if my plan to be self-employed doesn’t work?  What if? What if? What if?  I would rather think, What if I choose to be happy, right where I am…today and enjoy this day for the gift that it is?

Flowers from Trader Joe's on Over 50 Feeling 40

I am truly blessed and make certain I am purposeful to count those blessings throughout each day.  These are the flowers Mr. B got me for my birthday at Trader Joe’s.  Sunflowers are such joyful flowers and remind us to smile and count those blessings…like the gift of family. provisions for the day, good health, and who we are.  I am blessed to have a wonderful husband who worked hard to make this a special day.   

Sure, we are spending more time at home during the pandemic, but I am blessed to have a wonderful home to be in with my own office, friendly neighbors, and a lovely environment. This time will pass one day, but there are many optimistic ways to look at it. 

Flowers from Trader Joes on over 50 feeling 40

I choose to not allow the number to frighten me but enliven me!   There are many times being a blogger is tough.  Someone doesn’t like my hair…or what I wear…or how I look…or what I write…or compares me to someone else.  But, I want to say right here and now…that I like me. 

Oh, there are many things I can do to improve me…but I am content overall with how this 67-year-old woman has turned out.  I really hope to inspire those reading to feel the same way about yourself.  Don’t allow anyone to rob you of that joy or confidence.  Liking….loving yourself is very. powerful and is the foundation of confident living.  Confidence helps me to look forward to each and every day to see what it holds for me…no matter what circumstances are circling around it. 


This photo was taken just a couple of weeks ago.  I am so thankful to Chamonix skincare and their Genucel products…thanks to them I do not believe I look 67 and, of course, I love that.  Their products are all natural, plant-based, and they use a process called plant stem cell technology.

The very first beauty process I do in the mornings is to wash my face, and then put on this Genucel Deep Firming Serum.  Recently I was at the esthetician and she commented on how firm my complexion is.  That is due to Chamonix!

Chamonix Skincare on Over 50 Feeling 40

They get a big thank you on my birthday for helping me to smile!  I use the serum and the GENUCEL XV every morning.  This is the brand I use and stand by, so you do not see me promoting a host of skincare products.  I believe completely in this natural line of products and you will see immediate results. 


So, please share with us what blesses you today!  I love to read all of your blessings and encourage you to concentrate on them.  I celebrated on Sunday with cake and frozen yogurt with my family…yes, I ate the cake from HEB and it was wonderful.  Today, Mr. B, the household barista, made a special breakfast!  

Thanks to everyone of you for being here and never hesitate to send topics you would like me to cover on the blog.  I would love to hear what you think!  Of course, I have a birthday slideshow below!  Since, it is my birthday, I decided to do a slideshow about one of my favorite summer garments…the kimono!

KEEP SMILING…and count your blessings!


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Mr. B and I love our meals from Sun Basket!

Sun Basket on Over 50 Feeling 40


Sun Basket is a delicious, easy, fun home delivery meal plan


By Pamela Lutrell

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