Would You Wear It Over 50 Mid-Week Pop Up with Pamela & Jennifer

Would You Wear It MidWeek Pop Up on Over 50 Feeling 40

It is Wednesday and time for the Would You Wear It over 50 Mid-Week Pop Up with me and my friend, Jennifer!   There was high participation last Saturday, so let’s keep that enthusiasm going today.  It’s hot outside anyway, so why not enjoy some fashion fun?  This is the day that Jennifer and I post mannequins we have discovered while out and about around our communities.  We are not looking for displays we love or displays we hate, just displays that make us wonder what you would think!

Would You Wear this Macy's hat on over 50 feeling 40

I hope all of you understand that we only want to know if you would wear the looks we present or discuss how they would need to change in order for them to be worn.  It is not about would you wear them today in a hot climate or would you buy them?  It is about would you wear them at all if given the opportunity…this is not a seasonal exercise.  In fact, soon the displays will be switched to fall fashions and we will be evaluating them during the hottest time of summer, so please just look at the garments.   We get so many styling ideas from the posts for our own wardrobes!

Tell us personally if you would wear them and be constructive (like a teacher) sharing information about style, fit, age appropriateness, and lifestyle needs.   We really hope these posts are read and considered by those in the industry to know women’s needs and likes.  The comments on these posts are very important.

Would you Wear It on Over 50 Feeling 40



With all of that said….I have a lovely lady for your consideration today.  Look her fashion over and tell us…………………………….




Over 50 Feeling 40 Merry Christmas

If you were to ask any of my family members what I love the most…besides them…they would all say, in a resounding voice, CHRISTMAS!  I do love all things Christmas and why not…when I look at smiles like the one on my grandson’s face here, who wouldn’t love it! 

So, it should come as no surprise that I welcome all of the special Christmas -in -July promotions/sales that happen every summer because I do take advantage.  So far this summer I have purchased family ornaments, gifts, and new garland for both of my fireplace hearths. I started a tradition years ago by giving each of the families of my children their own personalized ornaments at the end of the Thanksgiving dinner.  With those gifts, Christmas season officially begins at our house.   

I am pretty pleased at the money saved this year.   So, I write all of this to encourage you that there are great prices out there right now with retailers desiring to move merchandise.  Look things over with Christmas in mind…if you are an over-planner for the season like I am….of course, the first slideshow is Christmas in July!

Before, I sign off, I do want to thank everyone for the birthday blessings yesterday…I love you guys…and it was an awesome birthday!

Today, I have a July sale shopping slide show for you, and make sure go over to A WELL STYLED LIFE to see what Jennifer has for us to scrutinize today!  It may be warm outside, but make sure you always…..




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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Good morning Pamela! Well I do LOVE that hat ! As a matter of fact I own an almost clone of that hat, with a slightly different band. It keeps my head cooler and protected in the sun, during those rare occasions when Im in the sun for long occasions. I also have a straw hat with big black band that’s a tad smaller too. Love them. Of course the jean jacket is a YES too. They are comfy on a cool night.

    But the dress must be a no, for me. Too long, for starters, and Im just not into most flowery prints. So the hat and the jacket get the green light!

    1. I would definitely wear this outfit. Perfect casual style for me. I love hats and I love wearing a denim jacket over a dress. Very feminine look!

  2. I love the look of a sun dress with a jean jacket. This particular dress has too much going on- ruffles, tiers. flowery print – for my height/size, but I could see it on some taller women that I know.

  3. Love, love, love the outfit. The dress is a beautiful print and I like the flounce(ruffle) at the bottom of the hem. Paired with the denim jacket makes a cute, casual evening outfit. I don’t know about the hat – I have trouble with keeping hats on – I have a big head and they seem to pop off easily 🙂

    1. I love the look of a Jean jacket over a sun dress.

      This dress is a No for me although the colour is great.

      The hat is delightful.

  4. My first thought was that the look was too young for me. I love the hat, and have a collection of various brim widths, and this one keeps the sun off very well. The dress with the ruffle and elastic top are not something I am comfortable wearing, again the bra situation, so will leave that for a smaller person. For me, the jean jacket with the short frayed hem is a no as well although many people love them, just not my style choice.

  5. Cute outfit! But too much for me – the hat & shoes both look too heavy for me. At least with this ensemble. I’m loving the little denim jacket with the summery dress & would consider at least trying it.

    I’m with you about Christmas – my favourite holiday. Drives my husband crazy.

      1. Definitely! A sundress and jean jacket with sandals are a go-to outfit for me. I love hats to keep the sun off my face and neck. All elements of this looks are definites for me!

  6. I like the hat and it would be very handy at softball games. The dress is to young for me, but I do like the print. I don’t wear denim jackets this time of year as I find them to hot, even in restaurants. Also, I have never been a fan of the ragged or unfinished hem. It just looks messy. I could see this outfit being worn by one of my granddaughters and looking good on them.

  7. Love the outfit! Jean jacket as a topper makes it good casual look, but dressy enough for church or going out to dinner. The shoes – I don’t do any platform shoes, so would change that slightly. Even the hat is great for sunny days. I think I have a similar print dress- now to hang it in the closet with jean jacket, so the outfit is ready to go to church on Sunday. Thanks for sharing this outfit.

  8. First of all Pamela, a Happy Belated Birthday to you! Hopefully you had an amazing day.

    Re the outfit do like all the pieces however would not wear them as shown as would prefer the dress (assuming it is a strappy sundress) in a different color and/or pattern other than what is shown, since not fond of florals to begin with. Like the floppy hat as can visualize it with, something even more classic whereas IMHO the jean jacket is a great staple in anyone’s closet. As for the necklace do appreciate its delicate appearance and in respect to the shoes have similar but in a lower wedge and not with a platform sole. -Brenda-
    P.S.: The photo of your Grandson is precious!

  9. I love a good denim jacket. The frayed hem is modern without looking too trendy and young. Since it is a trend, it would have to be inexpensive for me to consider it. The flowered dress is cute but definitely not my style. I don’t care for flounces, and the peasant style in general does not fit my adjectives. The hat is very pretty, and if I needed one I would definitely try it on. The best thing about this outfit is that it is accessorized and styled well, and not just slung on the mannequin. That’s a rarity in a lot of stores these days.

  10. At first glance I thought I would wear this outfit but then I noticed the ruffle on the skirt of the dress. The jean jacket is a definite yes. I would say no to the dress because of the ruffle on the bottom. I would like the hat if it were smaller brimmed. I would definitely try the outfit on, just to see how it would look on me.

  11. I’ll take the jean jacket and the bracelets. The dress is not a color I wear, I avoid florals and the flounces no! This dress feels too young for me. The hat brim is too big and the shoes too high.

  12. A wide brim hat like this one overwhelms my small head. That dress is a pretty floral but I don’t care for the flounce. I never wear distressed clothing so the frayed jacket is also a no. This outfit would be nice for a younger lady but not for me.

  13. I am in late 60s short n round and i would wear the outfit except for the hat…too short tocarry that off. Infact I like it so much..can you tell me the store?

    Stay safe n cool guys

  14. I had very similar dresses during my college and young adult years, perhaps that’s why I think the look is too young for me now. I love a good denim jacket but the frayed bottom isn’t a look I like (in jackets, pants or skirts…anything) Yes to the hat!

    1. I thought the frayed edges were too much until I tried on a jean jacket with slight fraying at the hem and the sleeve hem. I bought it. A little fraying is fine for me, I avoid the ripped clothing. That’s a whole different look.

  15. I like the “look” but I would put it together with some changes. The ruffle is too much for me on this dress. I would wear a calmer color with no ruffle and a jean jacket without a fringed hem. The shoes have a strap across the ankle that cut the length of my legs so I would wear slip on wedges instead. The hat is a keeper.

  16. I would wear the look but not that exact combination! The color and style of the dress wouldn’t flatter my skin tone or my body shape. I don’t feel a deconstructed jacket is a good look for someone over 70. My favorite denim jacket has a traditional cut except for the hemline. The slight shaping at the waist and the curved front are more flattering on my curvy body. Love the hat! I don’t like shoes with an ankle strap. I’d pair a longer dress with a slip-on wedge or a slingback.

  17. I can’t see the shoulders, so this is not an effective display. Spaghetti straps? Sleeveless? Great gaping armholes? IDK. I like what I see, but I need more info.

  18. Hmm. Not sure on this ensemble; it _is_ cute. Probably swamp my smaller frame with so much texture, pattern & movement, tho.

    Every time I see frayed collars, cuffs, hems I start itching to use “FrayChek” & fix them with embroidery stitches. Did a lot of that late-60s early-70s, HaHa!

  19. Hi Pam,
    I would try it on for sure! I think it looks really cute . The denim jacket in the dark wash is a solid yes for me, and the frayed edging is different but good for a boho look but I woul go up a size for a slightly more relaxed look. The hat is a win but I would change the shoes and add leather sandals and maybe a suede bag. The big question is whether that’s too much of a salmon color as opposed to a rose and if the bust is right on me. Love this series, thanks for posting and such a cute grandson !!!!
    Pure joy!

  20. The only part of this outfit that I would wear is the jean jacket. It’s cute and could be worn with many items that are already in my closet. I like the colours in the dress, but the pattern is too busy for my liking, so it’s not something I would wear. I can’t wear heels, so the sandals would be out, and while I do like hats, I don’t care for one with such a wide brim.

  21. I would definitely wear the hat. I wear hats if I am going to be in the sun, & this one would protect my face well. The frayed denim jacket & sundress are cute & sweet, but not for me. They would look good on my 18 & 20 year old granddaughters, & I don’t think I should be wearing the same things as they do. I have been watching some of the Hallmark Christmas movies. They provide fun “happily ever after” entertainment which is something I need in this time of doom & gloom.

  22. Happy belated birthday, Pamela! So glad you had a great day. I just caught up on yesterday’s post & you sound so happy & contented & comfortable with yourself — you’re an inspiration for us all. I agree about worry stealing our joy, & the antidote to that is focusing on today & the joy we can find within the present moment. And that outfit you were wearing yesterday — the blue top? It looked fabulous on you! Love the necklace. I am a fan of dramatic statement pieces of jewelry that can shift an outfit from “that’s nice” to “wow!”

    Today’s fashion look is really cute — but on someone else. It just wouldn’t do anything for me in terms of style or colour or I’ve never been able to wear a hat. I have a small head & thick hair & hats just pop off. Even if I pin them down I’m always having to grab them to keep them in place, which is annoying, plus I’m short & a big-brimmed hat makes me feel like a mushroom 🙂 I’ve come to the conclusion hats are an art form I haven’t mastered — LOVE them on other women (& a man in a fedora can look devastatingly handsome!), but, alas, not for me.

  23. If I wore dresses I would definitely wear this outfit! I think it’s super cute and displayed very nicely on the mannequin. Perhaps a little too young looking for this 70 year old, but I think a lot of older gals could pull it off and look great!

  24. Wow! I love jeans jackets! I love that shade of pink! I say yes to the dress. I feel pretentious in hats.

  25. Came over from Jennifer’s blog, I’m so excited that you mentioned Christmas in July……perhaps you can do a post about that and your recommendations for gifts- whether you have already bought them or not– I did go through the slide show…. I have two in University and it’s getting tough each year. Any ideas?

    1. Hi Mimi, So glad to have you stop by…yes, I will do that for you…I know they are difficult to buy for, I have three adult children, the youngest is 27. So glad to have you here.

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