Today’s News for Women Over 50

Today's News for Women Over 50

Welcome to Today’s News for Women Over 50, and, yes, that is a cup of hot cocoa with holiday decorations around it! I wanted to do that in honor of Christmas in July on Hallmark Channel.  It is really really hot in San Antonio, so thinking of Christmastime is quite refreshing!  However, I am here today to share with you news headlines I have discovered and curated together just for you…the amazing, educated Women Over 50!  There is much to read today, so let’s get started!

Future of Retail on Over 50 Feeling 40

The pandemic has done a number on an already suffering retail industry.  So I found this article on CNBC interesting and believed you might as well.  Here is:  THE TWO “KEY DANGERS” FACING ALMOST ALL RETAILERS. 

As long as we are talking retailers, did you know that it looks like Black Friday after Thanksgiving is a thing of the past.  Read: BLACK FRIDAY AS WE KNOW IT IS FINALLY DEAD.  I will always have the memories!

There is no reason for this article other than I believed some of you would find it interesting.  I have posted similar articles before and you seemed to enjoy the read.  So, for your reading pleasure, from Pure Wow, here is 4 THINGS INTROVERTS WANT EXTROVERTS TO STOP DOING.  


OK, I know this article is from a publication about apartments and perhaps meant for a much younger audience, but doing a time like a pandemic, I thought you might enjoy a hack on how to keep those white sheets really clean.  Read: I COULD NEVER GET MY WHITE SHEETS CLEAN UNTIL I TRIED THIS 2-INGREDIENT COMBO.

I know so many adults over 50 who suffer with this problem, that I am hoping this article might provide assistance to someone in this audience.  From Very Well Health, read TOP 10 TREATMENTS FOR PLANTAR FASCIITIS.  

This was a very helpful one and I hope will help you too.  From Heathline, read 27 FOODS THAT GIVE YOU MORE ENERGY.  

I was excited to discover that I eat most of these regularly!  Well + Good shares with us the importance of spices…THE 8 BEST HERBS AND SPICES FOR BRAIN HEALTH ACCORDING TO EXPERTS.

I know I started with hot chocolate, but it is not the answer to this question.  What is THE ONE HOT DRINK YOU SHOULD HAVE BEFORE BREAKFAST BECAUSE IT SPEEDS UP METABOLISM.

This is absolutely NOT healthy….but lots of fun.  I can even add to the list yogurt and applesauce!  Enjoy HOW TO MAKE A BOX CAKE MIX TASTE HOMEMADE WITH 7 SECRET INGREDIENTS.  Does anyone have another to add to the list?

Yoga in the news on Over 50 Feeling 40

Let’s end on a hopeful note from CNBC, AN 80-YEAR-OLD DOCTOR AND LONGEVITY EXPERT SHARES HIS 5 HABITS FOR A LONGER LIFE…and it is never too late to start.


My husband and I are eating like Greeks three days a week with our Sun Basket Mediterranean diet meal delivery.  It is just one of the many meal plans they offer and you can find more information in the link below.  Please feel free to comment on one or all of these articles…would love to hear your thoughts.  


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Ulta New Arrivals



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Mr. B and I love our meals from Sun Basket!

Sun Basket on Over 50 Feeling 40


Sun Basket is a delicious, easy, fun home delivery meal plan


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Chamonix on Over 50 Feeling 40


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By Pamela Lutrell



  1. Love – and learn from – your posts! Just ordered Sun Basket meals from your link.
    Rethinking my closet with your 5 adjectives for daily wear. Using the good stuff!
    Reading Forever Chic by Tish Jett

    Thank you!

  2. You certainly have a lot of information here. I’m concerned about retail since that is my much-preferred method of shopping. I honestly detest doing returns and far prefer trying things on to either see that I’ve got a perfect fit, or if I don’t leave the item behind. You can’t do that online. I’m not going beyond this on this topic because I am practicing restraint these days! I really appreciated the article on introverts. This has been me since probably the day I drew my first breath, and the relief I felt when I found out what it is was tremendous. The judgment and name-calling by kids growing up, thought to be a snob, it was not good. I was challenged in my own family by my parents with various names. It’s a real thing. I can be as friendly and fun as the extrovert beside me, well, almost, but it takes awhile to recover from too much socializing. I have a good friend who is also introverted and we understand each other without even speaking – it’s fantastic! Glad to see I’m using the herbs and spices mentioned, and eating more vegetables and far less meat, because I’m witnessing acute dementia/Alzheimer’s first-hand and it’s frightening! Lots of good stuff here! Thank you for putting in all the work to find the articles!

    1. Thank you for sharing all this ,Karen! I bet your openness will help others who may read the comments! And, you are not alone as to how many miss in store shopping. I am so glad to have you here!

  3. Good Morning! I enjoyed reading the introvert article this morning, as my youngest son falls into this category. Introverts are so misunderstood by others, so I’m glad to see someone writing a sensible plea not to try and “fix” them! I’ll be trying the baking soda and vinegar method when doing the wash. I am a big fan of both white bed linens and white bath towels, and like the writer would prefer not to have the chemical scent bleach always leaves.
    I tried to look for a FAQs page on the Sun Basket, but didn’t see one so perhaps you can answer my questions: is this a service providing all the necessary ingredients, or just the recipes and sauces? If they are sending through perishables, do your boxes come with ice packs? We couldn’t have received the food deliveries up at the ranch, but now that we are back in town I would like to give this a try. It all looks amazing but I am especially fond of Mediterranean foods!

    1. Hi Connie, Glad the introvert article helpful. Sun Basket Questions: They send all ingredients and the recipe. So far, very easy to follow and it will tell you how much time each meal takes to prep. I have learned alot from them about cooking…expanded my horizons! They send everything in ice packed boxes and so far, it has all been fresh, organic and delicious. Sometimes, I add a salad or veggie to the meal if Mr. B is extra hungry. But, the portions for two have been perfect really. We needed to eat smaller portions and this has taught us how. Our deliveries arrive on Monday from Fed Ex, and we get three meals a week. We have really enjoyed it.

  4. Great post. I loved reading all the articles. I was wondering if you could or have done a post regarding the benefits that you see from the apple cider vinegar. Thank you!!

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