Would You Wear It Over 50 Mid-Week Pop Up with Pamela & Jennifer

Would You Wear these styles on over 50 feeling 40

Welcome to Wednesday!  and the Would You Wear It Over 50 Mid-Week Pop Up with me and my friend Jennifer.  Yesterday’s post on capsule wardrobes is a great example of how we learn so much from each other in this blog community.  I want to keep that going with the Would You Wear It posts asking if you would wear styles Jennifer and I discover as we are out and about in our own cities.  We do not look for fashion displays we love or hate…we look for displays that make us stop and wonder what you would think.

Would You Wear It Mid-Week Pop Up on Over 50 Feeling 40

We ask that you tell us if you personally would or would not wear the styles and explain why. It is in the explanations that we can really help one another understand what other women think about styles, colors, fit, functionality, aging, etc.  So many tell us often that they learn a lot on the two days we post these looks.  

Would You Wear It Display on Over 50 Feeling 40

I have a family of three today for your scrutiny.  You may comment on all three or less…it is up to you.  But, please say more than just YES or NO…explain why.  So with your best discerning eye, tell us, ladies……..



RealHer Makeup on Over 50 Feeling 40

Settle down, girls….I am only talking about lip color here!  RealHer sent along their new nude lip palette for me to try and I really like it!  I am more into nude right now since I left the  professional world.  I found this grouping at Kohl’s and then some of their other products at Macy’s…check out our first slide show for today!  I really like how they name colors with affirmations!  I use their highlighter every day I wear makeup…I really like it for a touch of youthful glow around my upper cheek and outer eyes.


Going forward into fall, I want to include in the slideshows any great deals I see on cold weather clothing….so I did that today…and will occasionally toss them in.  I don’t want you to miss out on your dream coat if it is on sale!  Thanks for being here, everyone!  Now make sure you go over to A WELL STYLED LIFE to see what Jennifer has for you today!



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By Pamela Lutrell



  1. The dresses would be perfect if I were still working. With air conditioning I’d top them with a little linen open cardigan, maybe. The red top is pretty but makes me feel hot just looking at it. The white skinny pant might work with a cooler billowy top.
    Since I’m retired I might still buy one of those two tee dresses, but I’d prefer the one on right without the big bold stripes. I’m thin but still, it’s a but much stripe, I think.

      1. I enjoy and do wear this style of dress daily. I like the ease of knit dresses since they wash and wear nicely. I usually wear them with sneakers or Vionic flip flops. I own an outfit very similar to the red blouse and white pants. So, yes, I would wear these outfits!

    1. I really like both dresses – they look comfy for summer. Being neither tall nor slender, I would need to try them on to see how they look on me. I also like the styling of the red top and skinny jeans, but do not like the ties on the sleeves. I have purchased a couple of tops with sleeve ties, invariable they end up dragging in my food or coffee. Mabe it’s me??? 🙂

  2. I would wear it all with the exception of the red shirt. Red is not a good color on me and I don’t like the sleeves. Just too much going on with those sleeves.

      1. I love the dress on the left.
        I would not wear the big-striped one on the right. Stripes too wide, too attention-drawing. Just too, too.
        I would not wear the red top. Too much going on, too billowy. I, too, would scrape the ties in food or get them hooked on something. Also, poofy sleeves make my mid-section look too wide!

    1. I would wear the dresses but must be knee length and prefer a Breton stripe S it is not so wide. The red top would make my full bust look even bigger so that is a no.

  3. I like both dresses and would wear them if they were a few inches longer. Cute for a summer day. The red blouse is just too much. I don’t wear red and the sleeves are too volumous. I prefer white straight jeans. The pants here are too legging looking and need a longer top.

  4. I personally like all three outfits, but have not bought a dress in several years. I realize these are casual dresses to be worn bare-legged, but I do not like to bare my old age-spotted legs. I often wear red, but am suspicious of the cuffs and hanging ties at the cuff. I just realized I wrote a lot of “buts” which sound negative; however, I do like all of the display. Thinking of the lipstick trio, I never wear lipstick anymore because I’m wearing my mask the rare times I go anywhere.

  5. I like all three pieces. I’d purchase the dresses in misses so that they’d come to my knees. They look so cool and comfortable. I love red, and I like the shape, so I’d wear that as well, but not with those pants. I’d wear it with dark Jean’s, tucked in.

  6. Once again a situation where I like both dresses but they are too short for me. I would try on the red top……maybe alter it to remove the ties hanging from the sleeves.

  7. I love the dress on the left, it is a great classic style. The dress on the right would be perfect if the stripes were smaller. Like so many others have said the red top just looks too hot and I always end up with the ties on the sleeves in my drink or food! Love the white skinny pants, but would wear it with something softer, cooler and less peasant style. This is one of the best displays I have seen in a long time!

  8. The red top caught my eye immediately with it’s peasant style which I love to wear. Love the sleeves! The white pants are a too skinny for me; crops or wider long pants would work. My white long Chico’s necklace & matching earrings would jazz it up. The dresses are a no, won’t wear large horizontal stripes and the
    small print w/horizontal bands are just not my style but I do like navy and white together.

  9. I think all three outfits look very wearable, and the dresses would be great for hot days. The red top and trousers are a combination I have in my wardrobe – and wear – but I agree with Rose, in that I find that dangly bits do indeed get in the way, either in food preparation, or when doing the dishes,.

  10. There’s a lot of possibility in both dresses. Right away my eye was caught by the stripes, such a classic summer look, but the other dress is good in it’s own understated way. Either would be cool and look cute with sandals for a run to the grocery or other errands. And you could up the ante on them with a scarf (I’m thinking red, white, blue scarf for the stripe) or white light jewelry, especially for the darker print one. Easy to wear to a friend’s for bbq or drinks or even on your own porch or deck relaxing.

  11. Well, I guess for today I would pass by this display. The dresses are too short for me and the sleeves as well. The red top looks too hot, and I as well don’t wear that red. The really skinny jeans are not for me anymore. I do like the soft surroundings dress in the slide show, only the black is on sale, and I love the one shown.

  12. I am loving all of the t-shirt shift dresses that seem to be everywhere…short, midi, maxi. I, however, am trying to find one that has sleeves that hit at the elbow. Anything shorter, or sleeveless, I do not wear. The two dresses shown are cute, but don’t meet that criteria. Everything on the mannequins catch my eye because of the red, white & blue Americana vibe which is classic for summer. I love the red top because of the longer sleeve length (don’t care for the ties, they would be bothersome) and I would definitely wear it with skinny white pants.

    1. Happy Wednesday morning!! It’s blueberry picking day for me, and I could imagine wearing either of these little dresses with a lightweight cardigan to ward off the chill, and some cute sneakers. Many ladies mentioned the sleeve ties on the red blouse, and I just snip these off on the tops I’ve bought, and take a couple of stitches to tidy things up. With regard to the nude lip, I am a big fan. It creates a nicely finished, polished look if a more colorful lip is not what you want just then. I like a lip pencil for definition, and then the nude lipstick. It is a great summer look, in my opinion.

  13. All 3 are very cool and summery looking! Pretty but the dresses are not for me…I haven’t worn dresses in YEARS! And no to the horizontal stripes on me…wide hips.
    The other patterned dress is very pretty. I could see my 30-something daughter wearing these. I like the red/white top/pants combo – but NEVER do I wear a peasant style top – I just don’t care for it. All in all, very pretty and summery – but not for me!

  14. These outfits are fine but none of them make me feel excited. The print is ok but a little blah. The blouse is not super trendy but yet will be dated too soon, and the stripes are too wide on the third dress. You have striped dresses in the slideshow that would be flattering on more women than these, and if I were buying anything I would consider some of those. The dresses would also be too short for my taste. They do look cool and comfortable (besides the blouse) and could be styled with sneakers, espadrilles, and going a bit into cool weather, with a pair of ankle boots, tights and a denim jacket or long long duster, maybe in camel.

  15. A definite YES to the white skinny jeans as own a pair that get lots of wear. As for the other pieces the blouse a no due to numerous reasons so would not even consider trying it on whereas the striped T-Shirt dress with its warm weather practicality, feel the wide horizontal stripes would not be flattering on me regardless that I am slim. Last but not least, though love the fabric of the navy ‘n white blue dress it is more its colour than anything as I find since I’ve aged when I wear it, I feel VERY old whereas when younger I had a lot of navy in my wardrobe. Odd I know but it is due to that reason it is a colour I avoid unless it is in a small dosage even though it is considered a classic.

    Last but not least; since I have always preferred a natural look and with the introduction of gloss ‘n nude lipsticks, I haven’t worn anything else in years.

  16. The tee shirt dress is a staple in my wardrobe. Add a cute pair of sandals and a summer bag and I’m good to go. Jewelry is too much when it’s hot but if the temp was under 100 I would throw on a bracelet or two. I love the bold stripe and I would definitely wear; matter of fact, I think I own it in black and white. The print doesn’t appeal to me. The peasant style blouse is also in my closet in other colors. Nice, loose cut for this hot climate. Thanks for bringing a bit of the stores to us!

  17. I’m not a fan of either. I’d wear the tee dress on the right if the stripes wear narrower. They look out of proportion for the amount of dress 🙂 for my short self.

  18. I’d wear both dresses. They look short, but that usually doesn’t matter because I’m not tall and they’d come to my knee, I’m sure. I do like them both and would wear them often in the summer. I prefer skirts and dresses when it’s really hot out. The top in the middle looks like too much fabric, and I’m not really liking the sleeves, so I’d pass on that one. Nice color, but looks like it would work better for fall. Definitely would wear the dresses!

  19. The top is out of my comfort zone – way too bright of a red. I like stripes on others, just not on me. Outfit number one is the winner. I would style this with a jeans jacket and feel great in the outfit!

  20. The dresses are cute, but not for me. Twenty years ago I wore similar styles with white Keds. The red top is not my color, and the jeans are too skinny for our hot summer. I loved the slide show and put a couple items in my cart!

  21. I would wear the dress on the left. I love the color red but not the style of the blouse. The dress on the right has too wide of stripes for me. The white pants I would try on and see if they fit right. Overall, I love the color theme in this picture. Navy, white and red fit right into my closet.

  22. I love red, love the sleeves on that blouse, but dislike the gathered neckline. I would prefer it be a inset V like those shown on your scroll. I would wear a knee length striped dress but not one with wide high contrast horizontal stripes that would make me look bigger or like Charlie Brown. I’m discovering a tee dress and sandals are cooler in our 100 + weather than even shorts. I would choose stripes that are pencil thin more similar to the white and red V neck dress in the scroll. The navy dress with the striped hem, I might try on…if the price was right!

  23. The dress on the left is wonderful and I would definitely wear it. I like the mix of prints/stripes here — interesting and stylish but not overdone!

    I’d pass on the top — not my style and I shy away from brights.

    The dress on the right is cute, but I don’t think the big stripes would be flattering for my body type.

  24. I would not wear either dress as I am an inverted triangle and thus, the print or stripes– I feel even wider in. That style top always makes me feel dumpy. I don’t particularly feel I have to wear collared shirts but I don’t like that neckline or feeling dumpy.

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